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C788: love and anger

The man's strong body, not tight and not heavy, clings to Yang ChuChu's body lightly, across a layer of quilt, but still can feel the man's solid chest like a wall stone.

Yang ChuChu's expression was numb for a while, but she didn't expect to hear him say such words, afraid of her leaving?

No, no, he thinks more!

But she decided to stick to him for the rest of her life and not go anywhere. Luo Jinyu looks at the lovely and sweet little face close by, just like the size of palm, with delicate facial features arranged on it, which can't be said to be beautiful. When she toots her mouth, she catches a little mood, as if the whole face is vivid, a pair of big eyes that can speak, with gilded

light and color, beautiful and let people rest, reluctant to move their eyes.

Thin lips were close to her, and they were about to kiss her on the forehead.

Man's arm, but suddenly forced, want to support up.

But the next second, from the quilt out of two slender arms, his neck a hook, pink like fire mouth, has been more active than him to paste in his thin lips kiss.

Later, the small hand was reluctantly released. Although Yang ChuChu is now bold and knows how to be measured, he was very angry that night when he was abroad last time. Now, she dare not be bold.

Luo Jin's eyes became very dark, as if they could not show a ray of light. She firmly locked her shy and timid eyes, just like a black hole that can eat people, and stared at her for a long time.

"Do What! " Yang ChuChu is a little afraid. If he gets angry again, he will be kicked out tonight.

Luo Jinyu's sexy Adam's apple rolled for a while, and then he stood up difficultly: "nothing, you go to sleep, and it's not too early!"

"Are you not together?" Yang ChuChu thought that what he said just now confirmed their relationship.

Unexpectedly, he still has to leave himself alone. Alas, is it so difficult to be a warm bed person now?

If you change a man, it must be very easy, but Luo Jinyu is different.

His heart at the moment is very contentious. Just now, a tentative kiss from a little guy has made his body burn like a fire. He doesn't know whether the consequences of his indulgence will hurt her as if he were abroad that day.

"No, I'll go back to the company!"

"Don't go!" Yang ChuChu is going to be driven crazy by this man. She just cried and begged him not to break up. But now, he is going to leave again, which way to play.

Luo Jinyu heard the light footsteps behind her again. Looking back, she ran out barefoot again.

"Well, you're not obedient at all!" Luo Jin resists the slight annoyance and blames more.

Yang Chu looked at him tearfully: "I'm not a puppy, I'm not so obedient."

Luo Jinyu's stern expression was almost broken by her words.

Inexplicably compared her with the dog, found that she and the dog have a lot of common, sticky, lovely, and likable.

Luo Jinwu is still wearing his suit and coat. At the moment, he sighs and goes to her.

His coat came down again and covered her slender body tightly. Yang ChuChu jumped into his arms and cried, "Luo Jinyu, can you stop going? I can't sleep these days. I've been having nightmares. When I wake up, I'm in a cold sweat. I want you to stay. I don't want you to do anything bad with me. I want you to accompany me. Really

! "

Luo Jin is stunned. Can she have a nightmare?

"Well, I'll stay!" The man's voice is as deep as the water. Next second, he hugs her horizontally and doesn't let her step on the cold floor barefoot.

Yang ChuChu buried his face deeply in the man's arms and didn't want to lift it for a moment.

Gently put the little body back on the bed, and cover her with the quilt again.

"Don't get up again!" Just now when I touched her, I found that she was cold all over.

"Well!" Yang ChuChu was obedient this time. She knew that Luo Jinyu said he would not leave, that is, he would not leave.

"I'll go out for a drink. Do you want water?" Since he decided to stay, Luo Jinyu would not fight for it.

"Yes, pour me a warm one!" Yang ChuChu is happy like a child, with smiles on his eyebrows and eyes.

Luo Jinyu really had no way to take her. He turned around and went out. After a while, he brought in a cup of warm water.

Yang ChuChu slightly propped up and sat up. With two small hands, the man gently handed over the cup and fed it to her.

"Thank you husband!" After Yang ChuChu finished drinking, the evil spirit smiled, and the next second, she said to let Luo Jinyu, the eternal handsome face, swell red!

No mistake. Luo Jinyu, whose heart is as deep as water, blushed when he heard her call her husband!

"Nothing serious!" The man low scolds, but on who listened, will discover, this is dotes on, dotes on to the human God common indignation that kind.

Yang ChuChu is even more proud. His big eyes are as bright as snow. He catches the red face of the man after he leaves. He laughs more happily.

Luo Jinyu only feels that the tense cells in recent days are relaxed, from head to toe, all of them are relaxed.

Let those shackles go to hell. Why does he torture himself and his loved ones?

Luo Jinyu reaches for a glass of wine. Later, he will never let go of anyone who dares to report his personal feelings.

Yang ChuChu in the bedroom happily hummed a song, where still can sleep, immediately picked up the mobile phone to see.

Luo Jinyu leans against the bar, drinks wine slowly, and hears the singing of the little thing in the room. He only feels that the gloomy snow night is not so annoying.

After drinking a glass of wine, Luo Jinyu felt better.

So he walked towards the bedroom.

Sure enough, I saw Yang ChuChu leaning on the bed, showing two white arms, and constantly brushing his cell phone.

"It's so late. It's not good for your eyes to see your cell phone!" Luo Jinyu frowned, thinking that her big eyes of water spirit would be hurt, he reached out and grabbed her cell phone.

"Don't do that!" Yang ChuChu shouted. She was just seeing an interesting news.

"Tell me, what's the matter with Ji Yueze?" Today's reason for Luo Jin's rage is that he saw the untrue reports. He knew that they were all nonsense, but he could not help being upset.

"What's the matter? Of course, I can't be more innocent with him! " Yang ChuChu was shocked. Unexpectedly, he asked this question. He felt wronged in an instant.

"But why did the reporters say you were his predecessor?" Luo Jinyu is still calm and handsome, sour. Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes flashed and immediately laughed: "you Jealous? "