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C1707 the purpose of man's evil

The familiar breath makes Ling warm and tense. She doesn't need to look up to know who she hit. However, it's too late to be happy. She grabs the man's arm and wants to run with him.

But at this time, her arm was pulled hard by the man, because of inertia, Ling wennuan fell into his arms again, her eyes widened in amazement.

Then she heard Mu's deep magnetic voice in her ear: "big black, OK, you scared her."

Ling's warm and tense nerves broke. He turned around angrily to look at the big black dog with two claws on the ground. His fierce eyes just now seem to have human feelings. They are cute to her.

"Your dog?" Ling wennuan finally realized that she had been fooled by this man and a dog. She immediately pushed away Mu Weicheng: "you bastard, you scared me for half my life."

Mu Weicheng is pushed hard by her. He steps back two steps. Next second, he takes a step forward with his long leg. His long arm wants to take her back to his arms. But Ling warm's cells all over his body are condemning his behavior. He twists his waist and doesn't let him hold him. He looks at him angrily: "I didn't expect you to treat me like this. Mu Weicheng, I want to break up with you."

The handsome face of the man changed, and then he found that the joke was too much. He apologized quickly: "warm, I'm sorry, I didn't expect that the joke would be so big, big black is trained, I only let her catch up with you, he only bit the bad guys."

"Who wants to believe you." Ling wennuan saw that his apology was sincere. He stared at him angrily and asked, "why do you let it chase me?"

"Because you are lovely." Mu Weicheng rarely said a few sweet words.

"I hate it!" Ling wennuan wants to get angry, but he can't get up again. He can only stare at him angrily again. Then he turns to face the big black one sitting on the ground, stretches out his tongue and flows saliva. Angrily, he warns it with his eyes: "I will boil a pot of water one day, stew you, and make you bad."

Big black blinked with big eyes. He looked at her pitifully and at the master.

Mu Weicheng can't help but be amused by Ling's loveliness. He quickly and gently takes her small hand: "well, don't scare it."

"It can understand people?" Ling warm a Zheng.

Mu Weicheng was speechless for a moment. He photographed the SUV beside him: "is there any class in the afternoon?"

"Why? Ask me out? " Ling wennuan asked knowingly, squinting her eyes with a little interest.

"Yes, I want to ask you out for a round. I don't know if you are free." When Mu Weicheng saw her tugging, he immediately asked in a cool voice.

Ling warm small mouth a turn: "pure date I do not go, unless you have other surprises."

"What else do you want?" Mu Weicheng is stunned.

Ling Nuan immediately, like a female bandit, reached out and thumped the man's tall and strong body wall on the door: "hold your heart for me, I will steal him."

Mu Weicheng hasn't seen Ling wennuan look so domineering. At the moment, he is shocked.

Sure enough, the girl who was quite unreasonable grew up with such a strong character.

Mu Weicheng immediately softened, grabbed one of her hands and pressed it to the place where his heart beat: "if you can hear my heart talking, it must be whispering your name day and night."

Ling wennuan is only joking. Unexpectedly, once a man is serious, she counsels. As expected, a serious man is the most deadly.

His deep and charming eyes almost made her hand over her heart.

"Let go of me!" Ling warm heart in the acceleration, white face is also a blush.

Mu's thin lips raised a smile: "didn't you start first? Why don't you play again? "

"I'm not as cheeky as you are. I don't want to play with you until I lose." Ling wennuan immediately turned his head and covered his embarrassed face with long hair.

When Mu Weicheng hears her explanation, he can only look at the sky without words. Can this little thing make sense?

"Get in the car!" Mu Weicheng opens the door for her.

Ling wennuan sat in the passenger seat. Then, he opened the back seat, and big black rushed up.

Ling wennuan turns his head and stares at big black. Big black makes a few voices when children admit their mistakes. It's very inconsistent with his huge size, but it's a little more lovely.

Ling wennuan was amused by it, so he decided to let him go. If he wanted to blame, he would blame his owner. He came up with such a bad move just to see her embarrassment. Hum, she must remember this account and return it to him later.

Mu Weicheng has set up a pair of sunglasses. Today, he is wearing very casual clothes, driving a cross-country vehicle, driving on the path in the mountains. The clear wind blows from the valley in the distance. Ling wennuan can't help but lean her face out of the window, and her hair is lifted by the wind. She feels very reverie.

Squinting at the sky, the sky is blue as the sea, the sun is bright, the window is green mountains and green water, and the side is the most beloved man. At this moment, lingnuanjiang's life has reached its peak, and she wants to enjoy this moment.

Mu Weicheng wants to take Ling Nuan to a natural explosive cloth. It's a beautiful scenery hidden in the deep mountains. It's pure and natural, without any artificial trace. It's amazing that it's made of uncanny workmanship.

"What's the sound? It's rumbling. " Ling warm has been able to hear the strange voice, she immediately listened to.

Mu Weicheng only laughs but not talks. His speed is speeding up.

"Is it a waterfall?" Ling warm really guessed right.

Mu only then nodded: "yes, a huge explosive cloth. When you come to it, you will find out how spectacular he is and how loud his voice is."

"I didn't expect that there was such a beautiful scenery here. Just in time, I took my mobile phone with me. In a moment, I must record it." Ling warm and happy.

After driving for more than half an hour, finally, the sound of the water hitting the ground was deafening. Ling was excited. When the car stopped, Mu Weicheng took her hand and walked along a path.

Behind him, big black seems to find that he's like a lamp bubble. He flashes into the grass to catch butterflies and rabbits. He just doesn't want to eat this bowl of dog food here. It's too greasy.

"And big black?" Ling wennuan turned around and found that the big black was gone. She immediately attached it to the man's ear and asked.

Mu Weicheng attached to her with a smile and replied, "Dahei is a sensible adult dog. He may not like to see us get along so well."

Lingnuan listens and laughs directly. Unexpectedly, Mu Weicheng can still say such immature words. However, she likes listening.

"Did we hurt it?" Ling wennuan continues to talk about this boring topic.

"Not yet. Wait a moment, maybe." The voice line of the man suddenly became hoarse, and she was close to her ear root, almost close to her. The hot breath could burn her skin.

Ling's warm ears could not be blushed at once. She pretended to bow her head to gather her long hair, but her smile never disappeared.

Turning a corner, the scene suddenly opened up. Huge water flowers smashed on the rocks, and countless water flowers broke out. Ling warm only felt so far away from the station, but it was still drizzled and hazy. There was water mist on his face.

"What a spectacle, what a spectacle." Ling wennuan's face was startling. Unexpectedly, there was such a strange scenery in this deep forest.

Mu Weicheng turned his face and looked at her surprised expression. He had seen the waterfall countless times before, but the people around him seemed to see it many times before he could feel it. There was scenery in her eyes, but in the eyes of men, she was the most beautiful scenery.

"Mu Weicheng, is that a rainbow?" Ling warm eyes of the discovery, in the mist, there is a curved colorful bridge, looming, but not beautiful, she is some excited to grasp the man's hand. "You are so lucky that not everyone can see the rainbow." Mu Weicheng also saw it and couldn't help chuckling.

Ling warm more happy, she has always felt that she is lucky, there are so many people in care of her, love her.

"Your hair is going to be wet!" Mu Weicheng found that the woman was dishonest and walked forward several steps. At this moment, the sound of water splashed and her long hair stuck on her forehead.

Ling wennuan Er, looking back at him, saw that he was reaching out to open her hair. She was in a daze. Suddenly, the man held her face and kissed her.