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Luo Jinyu's answer to Yang ChuChu was that he had no words to ask heaven.

How can the little boy's and the mature man's be the same? This simple little fool, Luo Jinyu really admire her intelligence.

Yang ChuChu is flustered by the man's dark and obscure eyes, and her hands tremble. She can't help biting her lower lip and muttering: "why do you stare at me like this? Am I not right? "

It's all men. It's the same.

Luo Jinyu reached out and touched her red face. Looking at her innocent and lovely look, he really wanted to hold her in his arms and love her.

"No, you're right. That's all!" Luo Jinyu nodded with a gentle smile.

I don't want to blow her imagination.

"Well, since it's all about the same, I'll help you to the bathroom. I think it's OK." Yang ChuChu immediately asked with a smile.

Luo Jinyu reached out his hand and stroked his forehead. He really didn't know how to refuse his unreasonable request for this little thing.

"Luo Jinyu People are curious! " Yang ChuChu starts her best performance with a small mouth.

Luo Jinyu looked at the two white hands on her sleeve, and he had to gently advise: "be clear, don't make trouble, don't look around, I'm afraid you will There is a psychological shadow. "

"How can it be? Is it really ugly?" Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes turned a little cunningly, and then she covered her mouth and laughed.

When Luo Jinyu heard that she said it was ugly, Jun's face turned red instantly.

Well, he has to admit, it's not very nice.

"What are you laughing at?" Luo Jinyu is so angry that she laughs. She's very happy.

"Last time I searched the Internet for a post about it, many people said it was ugly like a caterpillar," Yang ChuChu said

Luo Jinyu was shaken by her words again. It was a long time before he came back to his mind. He pulled her into his arms and firmly circled her. His thin lips fell on her dishonest little mouth. He bit her with punishment: "Yang ChuChu, how old are you? Your mind is not pure."

"Why, human beings can progress just because they are full of curiosity. I'm curious. There's nothing wrong. I don't believe it. You haven't seen women." Yang ChuChu said, and began to smile.

Luo Jinyu just promised Cheng Ying that he would take good care of her and educate her. Now, he has to say that he can't teach this bad student. He's afraid that he will bring him bad.

"Clearly, you need to focus on your study now, not on your imagination."

Yang ChuChu immediately shook his arm and said, "Oh, I'll tell you the truth. I can't learn at all. I don't like learning. I like eating, drinking and playing."

Luo Jinyu has never heard such a bold answer.

Yang ChuChu was shocked to see his expression, and immediately asked weakly, "Luo Jinyu, won't you dislike my low education?"

"No!" Luo Jinyu doesn't care about her education at all. He only knows that he loves her and likes everything about her.

His life, because of her appearance, makes his life rich, young and vigorous.

Yang ChuChu immediately raised her mouth happily. Suddenly, she looked forward to asking, "when shall we go abroad to play?"

"If you want, we'll go tomorrow!" Luo Jinyu also wants to take a long vacation. After working for so many years, he has been busy all the time, but he doesn't seem to stop well and enjoy the beauty of the world with a relaxed mind.

Now, with such an opportunity, you can take your beloved woman out to play. Luo Jinyu is also full of expectation.

"Well, I'll go back and prepare later!" Hearing this, Yang ChuChu immediately smiled happily and became a little flower.

Ji Xiaohan pushes open the door of the ward and sees Tang youyou lying on the bed looking at her cell phone. Her injuries are better and her activities are not limited.

"Are you sure you want to leave tomorrow?" Ji Xiaohan went to the hospital bed and sat down and asked her softly.

Tang youyou put down his mobile phone, looked at him with beautiful eyes, and nodded firmly: "well, I don't want to stay here, I want to go home!"

She has been here for more than a week. She really doesn't like it.

"But the injury to your head will be removed tomorrow. Don't you need to observe for a few more days?" Ji Xiaohan is still worried about her.

Don youyou shakes his head: "I will come to check on time. Don't worry. I'm sure I'm ok."

Ji Xiaohan looks at her eyes, which are as clear as water, and her mind seems to disperse a lot.

No matter what the result of the investigation is, Ji Xiaohan always believes that Tang youyou absolutely loves him.

One's eyes are the window of one's heart, which can't deceive people.

The way she looked at herself was full of affection and dependence.

"Well, since you don't like living here, we'll go home, but in the last month, you don't want to go to the company anymore." Ji Xiaohan is really worried about her safety, so she strictly forbids her freedom.

"Well, I'm not going. I can work at home!" Tang youyou is still free in this kind of work. She just needs to give the manuscript to Ganma on time.

"I hope you can give up your work and have a good rest." Ji Xiaohan loves her and doesn't want her to be so tired.

"I like drawing, don't stop me, will you? I will definitely put my body first. " Don youyou comforts him with a smile.

At this time, someone knocked twice outside the ward. They turned around and saw Liu Xi standing outside with a fruit basket.

She had just flown back from abroad, when she heard the news of Tang youyou's accident, she was scared to death, and rushed back after finishing the work.

"Here comes my godmother!" Tang youyou is very happy.

Season owl cold nodded, got up: "you chat."

Liu Xi salutes Ji Xiaohan respectfully: "Ji Zong, didn't disturb you."

"No!" Season owl cold light contain head, walked out.

Liu Xi patted his chest and looked worried and panicked: "my God, you are trying to scare me to death. You don't know. When I received this call, my brain was fried. How could this happen?"

"Ganma, thank you for coming back to see me in such a hurry. I was too careless. You reminded me last time to be careful of Tang Xuerou, but I was killed by her once." Tang youyou laughs at himself.

"Did she really find someone to do it? This woman killed by nature, she will definitely have retribution. Does Ji always send her to prison? " Liu Xi was furious at once.

"She's gone mad, and she's been punished." Tang youyou sneered. "Crazy? That's what she deserves. She always wanted to hurt you. " Liu Xida was shocked. Unexpectedly, Tang Xuerou was driven mad by herself. It seems that one's ambition should not be greater than one's ability, otherwise, he will be driven mad by pressure.