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C1319 worse than anyone?

Ji Shangqing is like a sculpture. He sits on the floor. The notebook in his hand has been pinched in the palm of his hand. It has been pinched and changed. He didn't expect that his father would be so cold-blooded that he killed his daughter if he raised her first hand. If he wasn't his own son, would he die like his younger sister You know? Want to

on the day of Ji yunning's burial, his father stood in front of her grave and cried for a long time. Ji Shangqing only felt the fake at the moment. Even his life seemed to be distorted. He couldn't distinguish what emotion was real. If even his family can be erased, who can he believe?

Blue slightly opened the door, holding two bags of things bought from the supermarket, two tiny hands, both red and red, we can see how much she had to carry.

She shook her hand and wanted to make her numb fingers feel a little bit more conscious. He felt Ji Shangqing was not in a good mood these days. But when she asked him, he didn't say a word. Blue Weiwei was still worried about him.

So, as soon as she finished class, she came back directly and wanted to make dinner for him. She saw a light in her bedroom, so she walked over and saw the man sitting on the ground analysis. With a faint blue look, she asked quietly, "Ji Shangqing, how do you sit on the ground? It's so cold! "

What's more, she found that Ji Shangqing was not only sitting on the floor, but also wearing a thin gray turtleneck. In this winter night, when the temperature was close to zero, he could not stand it.

"Get out and leave me alone!" Ji Shangqing begins to doubt life at this moment. His heart seems to be distorted by people's abstraction. He can't distinguish the true from the false. He feels that there is no emotion in the world that is worth paying.

Blue slightly Leng for a while, hear the indifference in Ji Shangqing's voice, she stay in place for a while, don't know what to do. "

what happened to you? You can tell me... "

"Tell you? Who are you to me? Blue tiny, I let you out! " Ji Shangqing growls angrily.

Blue slightly trembled, a pair of beautiful eyes suddenly opened, unbelievable looking at the man who held her a few days ago and said that he wanted to be her boyfriend, at the moment, like a changed man, his character also changed, these days he was silent, slovenly, as if he had experienced a great blow in life.

LAN Weiwei can't touch the upper class society, so she doesn't know that it's Ji Laozi's death, or that it's all caused by his father Ji Lin. she's like living in two different worlds from him. She's living in the most ordinary and simple days. The only thing she can calculate now is three meals a day, plus her academic achievements, and everything else Don't worry about it. "

OK!" LAN Weiwei is a very informed and interesting girl. What Ji Shangqing said, she will listen carefully and will not cause any pressure to him.

Ji Shangqing just had a bad breath in his heart. Seeing her come in and disturbing her sadness, he was so embarrassed and didn't want anyone to see him. That killed her and let her out. Unexpectedly, she really went out. When the door is closed, the last thing inside Ji Shangqing seems to be gone, empty. He turned to look at the door which was closed by the girl. He suddenly got up from the ground. The next second, he opened the door and saw that blue Wei didn't leave with the bag, but opened the shopping bag, holding a cabbage and a fish. It seemed that he was going to cook dinner for him.

Blue slightly heard the door behind her was forcibly opened, which scared her. She looked at him so stupidly, forgetting that she still had a half dead fish in her hand. Two

individuals, looking at each other across the distance of a living room, both of them could not understand each other's emotions. "

can I have fish tonight?" Until the fish in blue Wei's hand wagged its tail to prove its existence, blue Wei was startled. His voice began to ring carefully and asked him. Season

still clear red eyes, eyes still rotating too late to press down tears, heard her most simple inquiry, he even subconsciously nodded: "OK!" Blue

a little relaxed, took the dish and went straight into the kitchen.

Ji Shangqing leaned against the door wall as powerless as he could, with his hands on his face, dragged his heavy body into the bathroom. In the mirror, was the man with all the scum really himself? Before

he paid most attention to image engineering. He had to change all the clothes, shoes and socks he wore for one day. But now, he has been wearing this suit for three days. The full short hair he used to take care of is also messy like a chicken coop. He is almost unable to find the high spirited and confident self. "

doesn't she dislike such me?" Ji Shangqing can't help murmuring. Lan Wei looks at him gently and gently. He's not scared away because of his sloppy appearance. He's like a mental patient these days. He has a temper every now and then. Even he hates himself like this. Lan Wei doesn't leave. Instead, she will come back to cook for him at noon. Even if he doesn't eat, she will do a good job Call him. Season

Shang Qing reaches for the scum of the pricking hand, and finally decides to make a change.

When he took a bath, looked at his face and hair, and then came out again, blue slightly surprised and asked him worried: "do you want to go out?" "

No, I just thought about one thing!" Ji Shangqing shook his head and laughed at himself. Blue

slightly stunned: "want to know what?"

"My dad's a total jerk. He's not good enough to die a thousand times!" Ji Shangqing suddenly gnashed his teeth and scolded. The scolding blue was slightly confused.

Ji Shangqing's face was covered with pain, as if he had no face to see another man: "do you know? Just a few days ago, my father forced my grandfather to commit suicide. " "

ah?" Blue slightly the whole person follows a quiver, can't believe unexpectedly on his body had such serious matter.

"I really don't want to accept this fact, but it's all true. Just now, I saw my father's diary, and he pretended to have killed my sister by accident." Ji Shangqing thoroughly shared his inner pain, and his eyes were red again. Blue

it's hard to believe that there are people in this world who are worse than themselves. "

after that, I will be really alone. I have no face to see my grandma again. I can only live alone!" Ji Shangqing endured the inner sorrow, but still fell tears, crying can not themselves. Blue

it's the first time for me to see a man crying, and it's still the kind of crying sound. Like a child, I've been wronged and want to vent. Blue

she is still cutting vegetables with a kitchen knife in her hand. At this moment, she has become a woodcarving. She quickly puts down the kitchen knife, afraid of hearing more amazing things, and shakes it off. "

Ji Shangqing, please forgive me!" Blue slightly know, say what all meaningless, he must bear this pain alone, until calm, indifferent.

"Weiwei, is my family terrible? Are you afraid of me? " Ji Shangqing deliberately went to frighten her with a gloomy face and wanted to see her true reflection.

"I'm not afraid of you!" Said blue, shaking his head slightly.

Ji Shangqing doesn't believe it and sneers at it deliberately: "do you already think about how to stay away from me?"

Blue slightly turned around, walked to his in front, her height only and the man's shoulder place, she raised the head, a pair of clear God's eyes straight looked at him: "you are the first to let me compensate for the warm man, I will not leave you, unless, you want to drive me away." "

what you said Is it true? " Ji Shangqing stares at her beautiful big eyes with some suffocation, and some can't believe her words.

"I swear, every word I say to you is true!" Blue slightly raised a hand and simply made an oath. "

why? Why are you not afraid of the mess in my house? " Ji Shangqing is ridiculous. Blue

but slightly raised his mouth and smiled: "that's because I didn't take you to my house. My house is much more disordered than yours."

"I don't mean the mess at home. I mean my family relationship." Ji Shangqing frowns. "

my family relationship is not simple!" Blue slightly shrugged her shoulders, indicating that she had never lost.