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C503 lost her and him

Tang youyou's heart seems to have been hollowed out. The warmth and love that she has stored are gone. She looks at the handsome face that suddenly becomes cold in front of her eyes with reluctance and despair. She wants to cry, but she wants to laugh more. Fate once again plays a joke on her. This time,

pushes her to a deeper abyss.

Ji Xiaohan looks at the broken expression on the woman's face, and the starry eyes dim little by little. His heart is also extremely sad. Every word that hurt her is like cutting his flesh, which is so painful that his blood is dripping.

However, he has no other choice now. The persecution of grandma, the hatred of Xia Weiwen, the guilt for his father, each of them is enough to make Ji Xiaohan feel powerless. Maybe, at present, pushing her away from her is the best choice.

Only one-time push her far away, so that they no longer have any chance to hurt her, is the greatest protection for her.

But, already moved the sentiment heart?

No matter she is in the end of the world, Ji Xiaohan knows that he can't put it down in his heart. He still thinks of her and cares about her.

Tang youyou is like a frozen sculpture, standing with Ji Xiaohan. She thinks she can be as cold as ice and as cold as the air. Isn't that breaking up? She can share.

She can play a love game without money.

But why? It was so painful inside that she couldn't speak.

"I thought I could keep this secret all the time, but I didn't expect that there would be pictures in your mobile phone, let alone that my grandma had seen this jade pendant with her own eyes. Yuyou, that's it. Our fate, we will go to this step, later... "

"Well, that's it. I agree!" Tang youyou is trying to suppress the mood that is about to collapse. She understands that Ji Xiaohan would not say such words calmly if he didn't really have no way to go. As a woman who loves him, Tang youYou can only choose to be simpler.

Ji Xiaohan stared at her deeply and saw the deliberately tense expression on her face. He really wanted to go and hug her.

"Don't you have to tell the children about it?" Suddenly, Tang youyou opens his mouth and pleads with him.

Season owl cold brow slightly wrinkled! Tang youyou suddenly laughed at himself: "before, I didn't want to give you children, let alone cultivate feelings, but now I have changed my mind. The growth of children can't be separated from you and my company. I will let the children choose freely. I can't let their growth environment change because of our separation."

When Ji Xiaohan heard her words, he felt a pain in his heart, but he was more moved and grateful. He felt that Tang youyou was still a reasonable person, and he was very kind. His love for children was more selfless and great. As a father, he also felt ashamed.

"Well, I won't stop the children from seeing you. As long as you want to see them, you can give them to me Call uncle yuan and ask him to send the children to him. You don't have a place to live. I can give you a suite... "

"No need. Now that we've broken up, we'd better figure out the money." Hearing that he wanted to send his house, Tang youyou instinctively refused. She didn't want to lose her last bit of self-esteem.

Ji Xiaohan is rich, but that's his, she won't want it.

When Ji Xiaohan saw that she refused to accept her gift, his deep eyes flashed a trace of pain.

He knew that Tang youyou would definitely refuse, but he still mentioned the matter, because he hoped that she would not refuse.

Ji Xiaohan's expression was a little stiff and silent for a long time. He nodded his head. Jun's expression was not natural. He bit his thin lips and said, "OK, if you don't want it, I can't help strengthening you."

Tang youYou can see that Ji Xiaohan seems to want her to accept his gift, but she is stubborn and doesn't want to take anything from him.

A fool like her is really rare in the world.

When other women break up, they will more or less accept some compensation from their ex boyfriend. However, she would rather not take anything and take nothing. If she wants to share, she can share it cleanly and without dragging the mud. In this way, she can feel more at ease. "If you really want to compensate me for something, I hope I can continue to work in your company." Tang youyou thought about it and said that she just didn't need his money and other things, but she wanted to work. Because she didn't take his salary for nothing, she would try harder to do her own work, which was earned by her ability, and she could take it with ease.

After hearing this, Ji Xiaohan slightly relaxed his eyes and nodded: "of course, we just broke up, not to be enemies. Of course, you can continue to work only in Italy. This is a business that you can build by your own ability, and you can enjoy your power."

Tang youyou looks at Ji Xiaohan once again, and she sips her lips: "that's it. I'll go first. I'll call uncle yuan about the children later."

"Wait a minute!" Season owl cold voice is a little anxious.

Tang youyou turns around and steps away. Suddenly, he has a little more expectation.

However, the voice of the man asked coldly, "how are you going to tell the children about your move out?"

Tang youyou said lightly: "don't worry, I have my way. I believe my children are very receptive. No matter what I say to them, they will understand me."

Season owl cold brow light wring, began to wonder how the man in the end intends to explain this matter to the children.

The ray of expectation in Tang youyou's heart died out, and she stepped out of his office more firmly and more quickly.

Ji Xiaohan looks at her figure and feels the pain in his heart. The big man feels his eyes are very sour. Next second, tears slide down his face.

His fingers were stained with his own tears. It's hard to believe that he cried.

But, the heart is really painful, lose her, why like lost the whole world, henceforth, his world will no longer have the color, all is a dark, no one can be like her, like the most brilliant sunrise, warm his heart, no longer will have.

Tang youyou lies on the wall of the elevator, his legs are unable to support his body, and the tears in his eyes are almost broken.

However, she doesn't want to cry here, because it's still his territory.

She didn't want to look so vulnerable.

So, she will never cry, just don't cry to show him. Tang youyou walked out of the hall, almost running out. As soon as she got into the car, the whole person couldn't control himself any more. Tears rushed down and cried loudly.