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C1123 relapse into crisis

This scene really surprised people. Almost everyone would scream with fear when they jumped down. No matter men or women, many of them would start to regret when they just stood on the platform. They would not go further if they were dead or alive, for fear that they would fall to pieces. Bai Yiyan is young, but she is like a moth fighting a fire. She is not afraid of life and death. When one can overcome fear, she is either strong or desperate.

The man holding the mobile phone video next to her also stayed away, but she admired Bai Yiyan for her courage. "

she must have been in love with Ji Yueze. After she was abandoned, she was not afraid to die." "

I hated her before. I always felt that she couldn't deserve to be better last season, but now, I admire her a little bit."

"Otherwise, let's put this video on the Internet and let others see Bai Yiyan's death-seeking heart. Maybe there will be fewer people who hate her. She's so miserable. It's no fun to hate her any more." "

I agree with your decision. Go online quickly and let Ji Yueze have a look. There is a woman who has overcome the fear of death for him." Another girl nodded in agreement. Bai

Yi Yan just wants to challenge the limit once. I don't know that her jump just now will move the hearts of several girls and put her video on the Internet.

The door of jiyueze hotel was clapped by Liu Xiaoxing.

When Ji Yueze opened the door, he was out of his wits. His handsome face was pale. For two days, his usually clean and smooth chin also showed blue scum, which made people feel sad. "

season Young master Ji, pack up your things quickly. There's news from Xiaoyan! " Liu Xiaoxing is excited and speaks incoherently. "

really? Where is she? " Ji Yueze thought that she must have come to comfort herself again, but unexpectedly, it was such good news. "

watch this video." Liu Xiaoxing hurriedly handed over her mobile phone, and then said happily, "someone posted it on the Internet. Fortunately, I brushed this video at the first time, but Xiaoyan is so timid, how dare she jump down?" Season

Yueze has opened his eyes, and there is a cold feeling behind him. When he watched the girl jump to the terrible cliff, his heart broke. "

she Why is she going to do this? " Ji Yueze's eyes were inexplicably hot, with an indescribable sense of melancholy. Although she didn't see her positive expression, just by jumping down on her own, it showed that she was loveless. "

let's not talk about it. Let's start now. I've only uploaded this video for a few minutes. As long as we hurry, we may find her." Liu Xiaoxing hurried. "

thank you, Xiaoxing. If it wasn't for you, I'm afraid we couldn't find her in the first place." Ji Yueze is grateful to open his mouth.

"She is also my friend. I also want to find her, not for others!" Liu Xiaoxing thought of Ji Yueze this time also with Yang Siyu, a sudden heavy expression.

Ji Yueze can see that Liu Xiaoxing and lengfei have opinions on the arrival of Yang Siyu, but he can't explain anything to them, so he has to smile.

Half an hour later, a line of four people appeared at the airport. Buy the earliest flight, four people are waiting to board.

Yang Siyu went to the bathroom. When he came out, he saw Liu Xiaoxing washing his hands.

Yang Siyu also went to her side and opened the water tap, saying nothing.

Liu Xiaoxing was so angry that she turned to her and said, "Miss Yang, I don't know why you want to come with young master Ji. If you want to show off your sense of existence, I think you are really redundant. Xiaoyan has already made room for you. Can't you keep a low profile?"

Yang Siyu was stunned for a while, then she mended her lipstick in the mirror and said in a light tone: "I don't need to explain anything to anyone about Ji Yueze. No matter what you think of me, I will go with him." "

Miss Yang, it's time to have a degree of bullying. You're obviously too much." Liu Xiaoxing said angrily. Yang

sighs softly: "I didn't bully anyone. I was just doing something I thought I had to do. Bai Yiyan must be a very good person to make such a sincere friend of yours."

"Since you know she's good, why do you..." Liu Xiaoxing was about to say something when lengfei came in and said without expression: "it's about to board the plane, let's go!" Liu

Xiaoxing had to swallow all he had to say, gave Yang Siyu a look, turned around and went out.

Lengfei also took a cool look at Yang Siyu and didn't want to talk to her.

Yang Siyu shrugs his shoulders and shows his hands: "how annoying I am!" Bai

Yiyan takes a car back to the hotel. At the gate of the hotel, she suddenly feels someone staring at her.

Bai Yiyan's vigilance is better because she has paid for the two previous kidnappings. When she found out about the incident, she immediately turned around and stopped a taxi to leave.

She looked out of the back window, and sure enough, saw the scattered people, who were in a black car in a hurry, and followed her taxi. Bai

Yiyan's heart is thumping. Is she being stared at by bad people again?

It's not that Ji Lin wants someone to catch her again, is it? One

Bai Yiyan was afraid of the man who framed his mother and took her as a ghost.

In order to protect herself, Bai Yiyan quickly told the driver to take her to a crowded place. She did not dare to go to the police station because she was not sure if Ji Lin was able to bribe the police station. So she had to find her own way to escape. Fortunately, her cold is cured. Otherwise, if she drags a sick body at this time, she will really die.

The driver sent her to a pedestrian street with many people. Bai Yiyan gave him two pieces of cash directly. The driver wanted to find her money, but she had gone down and rushed into the shopping mall with the most people. Bai entered a women's underwear store directly, and then took several products into the fitting room. She had just seen the men get off in a hurry and come after her.

"What to do?" Bai Yiyan has no master. Who are those strange men? Why arrest her. She saw the men running through the curtain. White

Yi Yan comes out again, grabs a woman's dress, goes in and changes it. After changing the clothes, she pays the bill directly and sneaks out of the shop. Fortunately, her courage has grown and her temperament has become calm, so she can easily throw her partner off.