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Ji Yueze returned to the company and found that Bai Yiyan didn't know when he came. He obviously left her at home. It seems that she can't stand alone.

"Miss me?" Ji Yueze stood proudly in front of her, grinning.

Bai Yiyan froze slightly, then nodded shyly: "I'm so boring at home!" "

Now that you're here, keep watching your script and try to figure out your character! "Ji Yueze walked to his office chair and sat down. Bai

Yiyan asked curiously, "Where did you go just now?" "

I went to see my grandpa! "Ji Yueze thought of his grandfather, and his heart filled with sadness inexplicably."

Father is okay. He went to see him last time, and his face seemed a little pale! Bai Yiyan just asked casually.

Unexpectedly, Ji Yueze's eyes became red instantly. In the next second, he held one eye with one hand, as if he didn't want Bai Yiyan to see his uncontrollable sadness.

"He's not very good!" When Ji Yueze answered, he realized that his voice was choked. Bai Yiyan got up, walked in front of him, and saw his eyes red.

"What's the matter with you?" Bai Yiyan's scared expression was a bit blank. She had never seen Ji Yueze look like this. He had always given a firm and strong feeling. rare. "

All right! Ji Yueze shook his head and didn't want to tell her too much!

Bai Yiyan twisted her eyebrows, feeling that he was sad for the old man, and his heart was a little stunned. Isn't the old man's physical condition really bad? White

Yi Yan didn't dare to ask any more questions, and stood beside her. season

Shizawa took the paper towel next to him, wiped the corners of his eyes, and looked blankly out the window.

Bai Yiyan has never seen him let himself down like this, and for a moment did not know what to do. only

Feeling distressed! "

Bai Yiyan, are you disappointed in me? Ji Yueze asked suddenly, then his eyes slowly turned to her.

Bai Yiyan froze and blinked: "Why do you say that?"

I'm not good for you, I know, I'm like an immature asshole, and I know, you tell the truth, I promise not to be angry! "Ji Yuezejue's time for Tancheng to each other. Bai

Yi Yan glanced at him secretly, and asked carefully: "Can you really tell the truth?"

"Say!" Ji Yueze's tone was slightly strong.

Bai Yiyan took a deep breath, and then she bit her lip and said, "I have been full of hope for you, I have never been disappointed. I am very clear about your position on me and you have done everything to me The patience is also very good! "

Ozawa flashed in amazement, and then rejoiced: "This is really yours!"

"Yes, that's what I think in my heart, although you sometimes have a bad temper, as stubborn as a child ..." "

Well, let's not talk about these, I know for myself! "Ji Yueze raised his hand and stopped her. Bai

Yiyan: "..." this

A man only listens to good words? can

Just now she said what she wanted to do, she didn't count. "

Seeing that your aunt's attitude of admitting and correcting errors is pretty good, I decided to get engaged to you! Ji Yueze stared at her shamelessly.

"Ah!" Bai Yiyan was completely frightened by him. season

Yoshizawa raised his eyebrows, and a smile arose from the corners of his mouth: "Don't tell me, are you scared?"

"You ... Are you serious?" Bai Yiyan remembered that he had said he was going to be engaged to her before, but for various reasons, there was no more text in the end. "

Yes, this time it is true! Ji Yueze stood up, walked in front of her, stretched her arms around her waist, and held her head in her arms with her other hand. Bai

Yi Yan seemed to be dreaming and did not dare to take it seriously. can

The leaning embrace was warm, and she had to accept the joyful fact.

"Well, if you say it is true, I believe it is true!" Bai Yiyan really didn't have any thoughts at this moment, and her heart followed him completely. season

Ozawa whispered hotly in her ears with thin lips: "I'm so out of credit?" Bai

Yiyan broke free from his arms, lowered her eyelids, and whispered, "The person I believe most now is you!" Ji

Ozawa liked this answer, and his mood was getting better again.

Just when the two were feeling affectionate, his assistant sent an envelope in. season

Yosawa took a split look and his expression turned dark like iron instantly. "

Wu Chang actually owns 30% of the shares in Nebula Media? Moreover, here are photos of him secretly interacting with the person in charge of Nebula Media, which he hides really deep! Ji Yueze gritted his teeth with anger.

Bai Yiyan also hurried over and took the photos to see that it turned out that the vice president Wu Chang was talking with the person in charge of the nebula while eating. The two looked at the relationship well, and he was relaxed.

"Who sent these photos and this information?" Bai Yiyan asked in surprise. season

Eze Zehan said with an expression: "It was collected by Luo Jinyu for me. My people, Wu Chang almost all knew him. Even those of my elder brother, he had seen some of them, so Luo Jinyu took the initiative to help I investigate his whereabouts! "

"It's Yang Chuchu's boyfriend, no wonder!" Bai Yiyan knew that Yang Chuchu was a very good girl, and she gave her heart and soul to the company. "

Wu Chang owns 30% of the equity. In addition to his mastery of various trends in the entertainment industry, it is no wonder that Nebula can develop in a short period of time. The stars he dug past are also relatively close to him. Yes, does he want to take my company up? Ji Yueze said, the more chilling he was, he really did not know what he knew, he usually showed respect to him and made him show him. His heart was already rotten and bad.

"It's terrible!" Bai Yiyan's face also shook a little pale, it was really hard to imagine that when she saw her in her weekdays, she gently said hello, and Vice President Wu, who was concerned about her, was associated with this bad guy.

"He is a smiling tiger, and he ca n’t laugh anymore!" Ji Yueze slammed a punch on the table, "I have so much evidence to see how he lies!"

"Are you going to find him now?" Bai Yiyan asked quickly.

"Yes, I can't put any more poisonous snakes in my company!" Ji Yueze couldn't stand the tumor.

Bai Yiyan nodded: "You are right, you have already vacated his position. It is the best time to ask him for guilt, but I will go with you!"

"No, you don't get involved!" Ji Yueze whispered. "

But I don't trust you to see him alone, what if he treats you badly? Bai Yiyan said worriedly.

"He doesn't dare to do anything to me, it's him!" Ji Yueze frowned. "

People's hearts are separated. Who knows what kind of person he is? Bai Yiyan was still uneasy.