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C1729 crazy for love

The comfort of Luo Jinyu makes Yang ChuChu feel at ease for the time being. She leans against the man's arms. The road at night is not crowded, and the black car goes all the way to the downstairs of Luo Jinyu's apartment.

When their car drove in from the gate of the community, they did not find that, across the road, in a white car, a pair of jealous red eyes were staring at this side angrily.

Zhu Yuer used to have a very good job. Unfortunately, because of her standing in the line, she was found to have some disciplinary violations. Of course, this may not be a violation of discipline, but her loyalty to the old president is still an unstable hidden danger.

It's impossible for Ling Mo Feng to aim at a subordinate who is not very famous now. So, it doesn't matter much to Ling Mo Feng that Zhu yu'er loses his job. It's just that a person under Ling Mo Feng's hand is helping him to find out his dissident. He accidentally sweeps Zhu yu'er, and Zhu yu'er's job is lost.

Now, she has a new job as a salesman in a multinational company. The position is naturally not as decent and stable as before, but the salary is not bad.

Just a while ago, she happened to meet a few journalists. When Zhu Yuer heard that they were digging for stars, she suddenly had a mind.

In the past, her work limited her a lot of venting, but now, she has a sense of self release.

Not long ago, she saw the news of Yang chulin on the Internet that she was pregnant, which means that she will soon give birth to Luo Jinyu's child, and her identity as the youngest grandmother of Luo family is passive.

Zhu Yuer thinks of her life's vicissitudes, but Yang ChuChu is on the upswing. In the future, don't show up and laugh for resources. As long as she wants to act, Luo Jinyu will definitely praise her and support her behind her.

The world seems fair, but when it comes to its own interests, it feels that it is unfair.

Zhu yu'er spent some money to do something she didn't dare to do before.

In fact, let Zhu Yuer take this risk, is a period of time ago, she had a chance, met Luo Jinyu in a hotel entertainment.

Zhu yu'er's boss saw Luo Jinyu and had to bend over to say hello. The flattering look was deeply branded in Zhu yu'er's heart.

Zhu Yuer stood by with some shame, and Luo Jinyu came to say hello to her. At that time, she even forced out her smile. She didn't realize that she was qualified to match this man any more, so she was very ashamed.

Later, after Luo Jinyu left, the boss of her company immediately came to ask her. When she learned that she had a classmate friendship with Luo Jinyu, she wanted to use her line to reach cooperation with Luo Jinyu's company. Zhu Yuer refused on the spot, because she felt that she had no face to see Luo Jinyu again.

But the next day, she was promoted. She inexplicably replaced her boss and became the Department Manager. Later, at a banquet, Zhu Yuer learned that it was Luo Jinyu who said a few good words to her behind her back, and the boss proposed her position.

Sometimes, power is so easy to use, so full of charm.

If Luo Jinyu didn't help her behind her back, she might have to struggle for at least a few years in that post before she could get a lucky promotion.

But now, Luo Jinyu's understatement gives her infinite possibility to rise.

She was really moved. After several nights of deliberation and suffering, she decided to play a trick.

What's the point of living if you can't go crazy for a man you like?

Zhu Yuer's mobile phone rings. She looks down and answers quickly.

"How is it?

Have you got any useful information? "

Wish rain son to ask immediately.

"We were beaten and almost didn't get beat up. I wish Yuer, what kind of work are you doing? We've never been beaten so miserable before."

Opposite came the man pain low howl, obviously, is really hurt.

Zhu yu'er immediately hung up the phone and drove to the location of the reporters.

When she hurried by, she saw that all three men were injured in varying degrees.

"What happened?"

Wish rain son black face ask them.

"What happened? We just asked Yang ChuChu about it. Luo Jinyu asked his bodyguards to beat us."

The men said with a resentful look.

"He's paying for our medical expenses. He's really rich, half a million."

One of the men was still holding a check, which was thrown to them by Luo Jinyu's assistant. When they saw it was money, they took it quickly.

Wish rain son facial expression more uglier, she suddenly felt that oneself does this to have the meaning in the end.

But when he asked Yang ChuChu some questions, Luo Jinyu was furious, which fully proved how important Yang ChuChu was in his mind.

"What did you record?"

I wish rain would ask at once.


The man handed over his cell phone, wished Yuer to turn it on, and heard Luo Jinyu's warning. Her face turned white instantly.

"I wish you miss, this man, we can't get into trouble. Otherwise, let's forget about it. If you pay us some more money, we won't say anything."

Those three men are no longer in a mood to toss. Even if Zhu Yuer tells them that she is likely to replace Yang ChuChu and become a woman of Luo Jinyu, they dare not cooperate with her.

"Do you want to cross the river and demolish the bridge?"

Zhu yu'er is not an ordinary woman. She is brave and aggressive. Seeing these three people, she will give up and get angry at them immediately: "my goal has not been achieved. You can't give up."

"Wish you rain, are you crazy?"

"Yes, we have no obligation to take you to the position of Luo's little grandma."

"That's right. We don't dare to die."

Three men protested immediately.

Wish rain son immediately sneer: "how?

Do you think it's OK to give up now? "

"Wish you rain, you threaten us?

We've been beaten like this. Do you want our life to be done? "

"Of course I won't kill you, but you have to help me."

Wish rain son now face ferocious rise, frighten these three men to be afraid.

Sure enough, women are ruthless. Even men are not rivals.

"How can we help?"

Three men look frightened.

"You can find Yang ChuChu's previous gossip for me. As long as there is something unclear about her and other men, you must go online. I will give you money for every gossip."

I wish rain or decided not to give up.


"If we don't agree."

Wish rain son sneer: "do not agree to let Luo Jin Yu to break your leg."


The three men looked frightened.

"Do you think Luo Jinyu will let you go?"

One of the men asked her angrily.

"I have a classmate relationship with him. Even if he is angry with me, he will ignore me at most. But you are different. If you provoke him, he will not let you go."

I wish rain finished, open the door and leave.

Three men look at each other, feeling that this is blood mold, ah, meet such a difficult woman.

Wish rain son to drive the car, open the window, the wind pours in, she tears.

If everyone's love is smooth, why use these means to strive for it?

She felt that she had done nothing wrong. In this world, a lot of things have to be fought for. As far as she knows, many women have to have means to marry into a powerful family. There are not many women like Yang ChuChu who marry by life.

Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu arrive at the door of their home. Yang ChuChu sneezes and gets a lot of chicken skin.

"What's the matter?"

Luo Jinyu asked her about it.

Yang ChuChu wiped his nose with his finger: "nothing."

"The doctor said you should pay attention to your health now. You can't have a cold. The air conditioner can't be turned on too cold at night."

The man got nervous for fear that she would catch cold.

"You can't sleep without turning on the cold."

Yang ChuChu whispered.

"I'm fine. Don't worry about me."

Luo Jinyu is a man with a hot constitution. Yang ChuChu is pregnant and has been afraid of cold.

"Why don't you sleep in the next room at night? Let's split up."

Yang ChuChu doesn't want him to bear these little things for himself.

"Separate beds?

What does it mean to separate beds, don't you understand? "

The man's voice sank in a flash.