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After seeing off lanruona, Pei Anxin was relieved. She turned around and looked at these things sent by the expectant mother-in-law, many of which were valuable treasures. Although the mother-in-law was straightforward, she did things really, and gradually became more generous to her. It was really a great gift before marriage. "

has my mother left?" Hearing the sound of the car starting, Mu shiye immediately walked down with his daughter in his arms and saw Pei Anxin standing there in a daze. His face changed and he asked nervously, "you can't Are you fighting again? " "

if so, who would you help? Are you on my side or your mother's side? " Pei Anxin saw his worried and serious face, and couldn't help trying to tease him.

As expected, hearing this sentence, Mu shiye's handsome face was in a dilemma for a while and was at a loss. "

Anxin, you can rest assured that when we get married, I will definitely say more good things in front of my mother, and I will never embarrass you!" When she was in love, she spoke nervously, for fear that Pei Anxin would change his mind the night before her marriage. If she wanted to repent, wouldn't he lose all his face? He doesn't want to be the laughingstock of the whole audience. Besides, he really loves this woman and wants to get along with her for a hundred years. "

yes?" Pei Anxin couldn't help smiling. With her hands behind her back, she walked leisurely to his face, raised her eyes, looked at her sad face. Then she held her chin in one hand and thought: "if you like, I'm not against it, just Your mother didn't come here to quarrel this time. She told me some of your childhood embarrassments. " "

what?" Mu shiye Jun's face changed a lot, and then he became slightly red: "how could my mother betray my childhood embarrassment?" "

it's true. I didn't cheat you. Your mother said she would make up with me, and then..." "

and then what?" When I heard the words "harmony" at night, the worries in the eyes disappeared and the whole person became happy. "

and then I agreed!" Pei Anxin deliberately hung him, and then burst out laughing.

"Good, play with me?" The night of mooch is going crazy. How could I not find that this woman had such a bad side before? There's a penalty. Mu's long arm hugged Pei Anxin, who was unprepared, directly to his chest. Then his thin lips quickly blocked her deceptive mouth.

Let her dare to play tricks on him, not to give her some power, really forget who is the head of the family?

"Don't bully my Mommy Let her go, Daddy

When Mu shiye wanted to announce to be the head of the family, beside him, a little thing with only his knee up was taking her two small hands and two calves, kicking and hitting him again and again. She was sucking to help out her mother.

Mu night a stiff body, and he was tightly in his arms Pei Anxin, but still smiling.

"Your daughter is watching. Are you sure you want to teach her bad?" Bei Anxin was bitten by him. Naturally, she was not convinced. She pointed to the assistant beside her.

Mu shiye found out that he was so proud of himself that he forgot the little baby.

"Daddy's a bad guy, a bad guy. Don't pay attention to orange!" Now the little guy is more and more eloquent, and can express his little mood. The baby is not happy, and even dare to bully her mother in front of her. When he was admiring

the whole body of the night, he was so angry that he could not help squatting down and reaching out to hug his daughter. Unexpectedly, the little orange pushed him away directly, snorted like an adult and turned away.

"Well, I don't want the position of the head of the family. Let me give you this little thing!" When Mu shiye found out that he was the most unsubstantial in the family. He was a mother, then a sister, and now a daughter. It seems that he could only show off his man's authority in the evening.

Seeing the man running after his daughter, Pei Anxin's smile deepened. This is a big family, sometimes it makes people feel very empty, but as long as there is the picture of the father and daughter together, Pei Anxin will feel that this family is still very warm.

The wedding ceremony of mushiyi was held as scheduled. She was nearly six months pregnant and attended the wedding ceremony. Beside her, lohnin was dressed in a handsome suit, which faded the temperament of the big boy and became more and more masculine.

Worthy of being the Queen's man, lohnin has become more and more responsible not only in work but also in life recently.

"Mulin, sit down quietly and be careful of the children!" Lohnin is such a handsome young man. What he cares about most is his wife's behavior. "

it's OK. The baby is OK!" Maureen may be used to being a pregnant woman. Even if she is pregnant, she doesn't treat herself as a pregnant woman at all. She has to go to work when she has to go to work. She will never be absent from the meeting. It's hard for lohnin. She worries about the safety of her mother and son all day long. Alas, it's said that her father is hard to do, but lohnin feels that her husband's identity is also difficult. Now, there are many guests in the audience. As the chief female president of Mu's family, Mu Lin is now her brother's wedding day. Naturally, she has to come out and help some guests. Lohnin gently stands on her side and accompanies her to do these works. When she feels that her back hurts and her legs are sour, she helps her to sit down on the chair at the right time. The two tables in front of the most

except for the elder relatives of Mu family, there are only iron friends of Mu shiye. Season

Xiao Han and Tang youyou came together. Then, Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu were also present in public for the first time, and they no longer kept away from others. The media reporters who came here saw the split and combined pair in the rumor, naturally, took the camera quickly and wrote a feature from various angles.

Ji Yueze didn't come here, but his gift was brought by Ji Xiaohan, which also shows his heart. Pei

Anxin nervously waits in the dressing room. Her fingers gently pull out the flowers in her hands, and her mind drifts away.

In the memory of the campus, Mu shiye often takes snacks and some cute gadgets to block her way, forcibly shoves them into her hands, and then says some self righteous words. At that time, Pei Anxin was just a good girl, and her family didn't allow her to love early, but her heart was stolen by Mu shiye bit by bit. She scolded him for being bad, but she secretly coveted his bad. She clearly remembers that for more than a week, when Mu shiye didn't come to school, she secretly went to his home to see his situation.

Although she saw nothing at last, it also proved that her heart was already filled with that proud and uninhibited youth. For example,

Pei Anxin would like to come. Maybe during that time, there was something wrong with Mu shiye's family, that is, his parents were in a period of discord. Later, Mu shiye returned to school, and the whole person was silent, and the colder and colder he was. Pei

Anxin summoned the courage to ask him out, put his love letter into his hand, and a small gift she gave him. It was in that afternoon that Mu shiye held her face and kissed her clumsily and astringently.

It was an autumn evening. Maple leaves fell behind the school. Pei Anxin could never forget that when she kissed her at night, she cried.

Later, she asked him if he was moved to cry. Mu shiye just touched his head and smirked.

"Anxin, are you ready? It's time to move in! " Outside the door, the voice of a family member interrupted Pei Anxin's memory. She suddenly woke up and found that she had a wedding ceremony.

"I'm really going to get married. How can I feel that I have lived so long with him?" Pei Anxin laughed at herself.

Maybe she fell in love when she was young. In a twinkling of an eye, it has been eight or nine years since then. But now they are only in their twenties. There is still a long way to go. Don't be in a hurry, walk slowly, the roadside scenery should be more wonderful, brilliant, and there will be better things in the future memories.