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C1276 waiting for him to marry her

The girl took a breath of cold air and felt that her heart, liver and lungs were all cold. The wound hurt when she looked at it. But why the man was still in the mood to play all kinds of jokes with her. She didn't take life seriously. She had to lie on him for ten and a half days.

"What's the matter? Worried about me? " The man saw her beautiful eyes filled with tears, staring at his wounds, he asked her with a light smile.

LAN Yanxi didn't speak, just turned his back, put up with the tears in his eyes, and then asked in a low voice, "what should I do? You teach me! " "

first disinfect my wound and then bandage it!" Ling Mo Feng looked at her and was really sorry for herself. He was also embarrassed to tease her, so he began to talk seriously. Blue

Yan Xi sipped his little mouth, nodded, found the disinfectant, picked up Nie Zi, touched the disinfectant with a cotton ball, and daubed it gently on his wound.

"Well!" The man's whole body was shocked. His big hands were clenched into fists and his brow was blue and tendons jumped up. It can be seen how painful it was. "

ah, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Is it too heavy for me to start? I'm lighter!" LAN Yanxi immediately took the responsibility to himself, and his pretty face was white.

"No, it's the disinfectant that makes my wound ache. Go on!" The man said in a hoarse voice.

Lanyanxi had to continue to disinfect him. The whole process lasted for a minute, and the man also endured it. Until the end, his whole body was relaxed, and his eyes became confused. It seemed that after using all his strength, he was obviously empty, reclined on the back of the chair, and slightly closed his eyes. Blue

Yanxi took the gauze slowly and wrapped it gently for him. At last, she didn't know how to tie it. She only tied a bow and tied it to him.

"Well, put on your clothes quickly, it's cold!" LAN Yanxi gently reminded him.

"Help me!" The man is really tired now, and his voice is weak.

LAN Yanxi didn't say a word, and immediately buttoned up his clothes.

"Would you like to go to bed and lie down, and leave tonight?" LAN Yan asked casually, but his nerves were stiff, and he wanted to hear his answer.

"Do you want me to leave?" The man does not answer the question, the quiet Mou also looks toward her.

LAN Yanxi quickly packed the medicine box. When he asked, she stopped working. Then she whispered, "if I let you stay, will you stay?"

"If you want me to stay, I won't go!" Men are still smiling at this time.

LAN Yanxi got up, put the medicine box back on the dressing table, went to the window, opened the curtain and sighed: "it must be very cold because of the heavy snow outside. Otherwise, you can stay here for one night!"

"Well, you go to my room and turn on the light. Tonight, I won't go!" Ling Mo Feng has a satisfied smile at the bottom of her eyes. Blue

Yan Xi was stunned: "you still want to go back to your room to sleep?"

"No, I'm going to sleep with you tonight. I'm asking you to turn on the light and hide some people's eyes!" The man snorted and thought of the bullet he was hit by. His eyes were very cold. Blue

Yan Xi shivered. The amount of information between men's words was too large for her to accept for a while.

What do you mean, sleep with her? "

Oh, I'll turn on the light. By the way, have you eaten yet? I haven't eaten yet! " LAN Yan asked him when he was going out.

"I didn't either. I wanted someone to send us something, but I didn't want anyone to disturb us, so I didn't. You can have a look at what else you can eat. Just have some!" Ling Mo Feng said with a chuckle. "

OK, wait for me!" After LAN Yanxi finished, she went out. She ran to the bedroom farthest from Ling Mo Feng and turned on the light. Then she pedaled downstairs and opened the refrigerator. It was full of food. In order to store the food for the winter, she bought many miscellaneous things. So, no matter how heavy the snow was, she could not be hungry .

LAN Yanxi thought that Ling Mo Feng was a little pale just now. She had to find a way to replenish her energy. There was fresh beef in the fridge. She went to the supermarket yesterday and bought it. So she decided to make him a bowl of beef noodles. Anyway, she would make just a few noodles. LAN

Yan Xi has been living alone recently. He has learned several delicacies according to the recipe, and he can just practice his cooking. After working in the kitchen for more than half an hour, lanyanxi took two bowls of noodles straight upstairs.

Push open the door and find Ling Mo Feng sitting there, talking to people on the phone, seems to be talking about some very important topics. See

when LAN Yanxi came in with a hot dinner, Ling Mo Feng hung up the phone a little in a hurry. "What is it cooked?" The man is interested in probe to see, finally praise: "very fragrant, when to learn to do eating?" "

in your absence!" LAN Yanxi answers naturally. She puts her face on a small glass round table beside the sofa. She also sits on the small single sofa on the other side: "how does it taste?"

Ling Mo Feng took a spoon to eat a spoon of soup first, and the taste was delicious. He praised again: "it's very good, Yan Xi, it's really wrong for you. It's clear that you are the eldest lady of the blue family, but because of me, you still need to cook dinner by yourself."

"I don't feel aggrieved, do it by myself, and have plenty of food and clothing!" LAN Yanxi said smilingly that she was also hungry. She gathered a bunch of noodles and put them into her mouth. However, because of the hot, her tongue was numb and numb. She shouted loudly, then stretched out her little tongue and fanned the cold air with her hands. "

don't be so anxious, eat slowly!" Ling Mo Feng looks at her lovely little action and laughs.

I don't know why, the time with her has slowed down. I don't want to waste every inch of my time. I just want to play with her and laugh with her. "

did you ask me to stay here for a reason?" LAN Yanxi suddenly asked him.

"Well, if someone would stare at my house, they would know how far away we are!" Ling Mo Feng whispered.

"People will think you hate me and let me live in the most partial room!" LAN Yan wants to nod his head. "

No, maybe others will think that you hate me, so they chose the room farthest from me." The man corrected her. "

well, no matter what, in the eyes of outsiders, our relationship may be incompatible!" LAN Yanxi said with a smile that she didn't even get angry or feel aggrieved.

"Yan Xi, would you blame me for not giving you a warm environment?" Ling Mo Feng blames himself. He wants to give her a sense of security, but because he loves him, she becomes insecure. "

No, the sunshine is always after the wind and rain. I'm very patient. When your career is stable, you must guarantee to give me a grand wedding and let me be honest!" LAN Yanxi seems to be joking, but her beautiful eyes are full of expectation and yearning. Now she dreams every night and has all the pictures about Ling Mo Feng. Sometimes, there are many things that can't be described. "I will, I promise you with my life!" Ling Mo Feng suddenly reached over and held her small hand beside the bowl. For fear that her words were not powerful enough to strengthen her inner sense of security, he used his hand to warm her.

Blue words and beautiful eyes brighten, smile on the corner of the mouth rises, and shyly lower his head: "well, of course, I believe you, you don't want to say so sensational!"

Ling found out that he was excited to be like this. The feeling of losing control for love was funny even when he thought about it.

Two people silently eating noodles, blue Yan Xi also put his bowl of beef clip to him, Ling Mo Feng handsome eyes a Leng: "why don't you eat?" "

I don't like meat. You know, I want to lose weight!" LAN Yanxi said with a smile. Ling

Mo Feng looked at the careful thought hidden in her eyes, and her thin lips also gently raised: "don't give me any more, you are not fat!" "

you can't eat too much!" LAN Yanxi felt that his mind had been seen through and his face was hot.

After dinner, lanyanxi cleaned up and heated up two cups of hot milk.

When I went upstairs, LAN Yanxi began to think about it again. Tonight, do you really want to join me?

Would she accidentally tear his wound open again?