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C797 dreams come true

Tang youyou didn't know what the man wanted to do, but when his thin lips kissed, her brain was suddenly blank, all thoughts seemed to be blocked by him, only the senses could feel the deeper he kissed the thin lips, and he was domineering and gentle.

A few seconds later, the two people's breathing was slightly disordered. Tang Youyou, like a fish lacking water, looked at him with a pretty red face, frightened and angry. He didn't know what he wanted to do with such a disorderly kiss. Obviously, it was not time to go to sleep.

"I'm in a better mood!" The man saw her startled appearance, thin lips raised a smile, patted her face lightly: "go downstairs!"

Although Tang youyou didn't know the cause of his bad mood, since he said he was in a good mood, she didn't care about what he had just done. She blushed and went downstairs step by step.

Ji Xiaohan changes a set of home clothes, the old lady sits on the sofa anxiously, and Joe initially helps uncle yuan prepare dinner in the restaurant.

"Grandma!" Hearing the voice of Ji Xiaohan, the old lady instantly swept the sadness on her face and smiled at him: "are you busy with your work recently? Don't be too tired, pay more attention to rest, no matter how much money you earn, it's useless to cross your body, you know? "

Ji Xiaohan's heart is sad. He seems to understand another meaning of grandma's words. It must be grandpa's health is not good, so grandma should advise him to pay attention.

"Don't worry, grandma, I keep practicing every day!" Replied the season owl in a cold and warm voice.

The old lady just pulled a smile, then murmured: "your uncle doesn't know when to come back!"

Ji Xiaohan is shocked. It seems that grandma wants uncle to come back to see Grandpa.

"If grandma wants to see him, I can give him a call and let him go home early!"

But the old lady sighed bitterly, "well, let him alone. When will you let Shangqing and Yueze go home for dinner? Otherwise, I will arrange it tomorrow noon!"

Ji Xiaohan listens to grandma's arrangement. He is in agony. The more he listens, the more he seems to be arranging the future affairs. He looks inexplicably sad again.

Originally, he wanted to ask his grandmother about the matter that he asked him to investigate Bai Zhen last time. But at present, seeing that her spirit is poor and her face is sad, he had to decide not to ask today.

Luo Jinyu finally ate Yang ChuChu, the little goblin grinding people, when he was sober.

Yang ChuChu was thinking of repaying the taste of being torn again, but unexpectedly, it turned out to be the opposite.

It turns out that the gentleness of a man is not just a matter of speaking, but a matter of fact. He is so gentle that he makes her wake up in the morning and continues to aftertaste it for several times. Well, finally, he knows why a woman will take the initiative to get along with a man who looks handsome, has a good figure and has a good temperament.

Yang ChuChu lies in the quilt and watches the man come out of the bathroom wearing a suit of nightgown. The man's crazy breath is hard to hide and show.

Yang ChuChu secretly glanced at it for a long time. Looking back at the rolling pictures of two people last night, her shy little face was red.

"It's over nine o'clock, aren't you hungry?" Luo Jinyu has long seen those big eyes with shame and smile under the quilt. With a deep smile, this little thing really has the habit of lazy bed.

In normal times, Luo Jinyu has already finished the morning meeting, processed nearly half of the documents and ran for a walk.

But because of the lovely little woman in the quilt, he seldom sleeps in today.

I found that sleeping late may also be contagious.

"Well, if you don't say it and don't feel it, you're really hungry!" Yang ChuChu sat up, the quilt slipped from her body, a tight white skin.

The fireworks just subsided at the bottom of the man's eyes, when he saw such a beautiful scenery, instantly reignited the dark color.

The next second, the man took a thick robe and put it in front of her: "put it on quickly, don't freeze!"

Yang ChuChu put on his hands lazily, got out of bed, reached out and hit a haha on his mouth: "so tired!"

It's really tired, she didn't sleep well last night, because her mind is full of romantic dreams, one after another, endless.

Luo Jinyu saw that she was like a lazy kitten. She didn't even walk naturally. At that moment, she thought of something. So she asked in a low voice, "is it hurt again?"

"No!" Yang ChuChu thought that last night when he even wanted to check her in order to care about her, she immediately rushed into the bathroom and closed the door.

Luo Jin Yu Jun's face is slightly Zheng. What is this little thing shy about? Haven't you done all the things you shouldn't have done?

Of course, Luo Jinyu doesn't realize what's wrong, because he really cares about Yang ChuChu. No matter where he is, he is willing to care about her. However, he doesn't know that girls have thin skin. Even if it hurts, he absolutely dare not let his beloved men care too much.

When Yang ChuChu came out, he found that the man had already been dressed in suits and shoes, and he had recovered his serious appearance of strong asceticism. He was tall and upright, standing at random, and had his own momentum.

At the beginning, Yang ChuChu was attracted by Luo Jinyu's rigorous and mature appearance. At that time, she even felt that this man was the husband she was looking for in the future.

Now think again, she laughs incessantly.

Because, her dream came true, which is not everyone can make a real dream.

"What are you laughing at?" Luo Jin Yu you Mou a turn, fall on her small face, curiously ask.

Yang ChuChu immediately stopped giggling and shook his head: "nothing, I just want to say, you look so handsome in a suit!"

It's not the first time that Luo Jinyu has been praised face to face. However, it's said by Yang ChuChu that Jun's face is still blushing.

"Don't you cry hungry? Change your clothes quickly and I'll take you to eat! " Luo Jinyu is still embarrassed.

However, I have to admit that being praised by others is good-looking, and he can remain loyal, but being praised by Yang ChuChu, that mood is naturally different, and it is certain that he is floating.

Yang ChuChu came out with a set of pure women's clothes. Her long hair was tied behind her head at will, revealing the whole delicate face. It was very sweet.

Luo Jinyu looks at her face for a while, and thinks of her soft and soft voice last night. When the whole person shakes, he instantly erases the picture in his mind. What is he thinking?

Luo Jinyu takes Yang ChuChu downstairs, drives, and decides to find a place to have breakfast first.

Yang ChuChu leaned on the copilot with a satisfied face and asked softly, "I may leave for a while. I have a new play!" "Well, where to shoot?" Luo Jinyu knew that she had received the new play, so he asked in a low voice.