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Seeing his daughter's charming appearance, Tang youyou knew that she had guessed it. She gently held her daughter's hand and looked at her with a smile: "xiaonai is going to marry, too. Time flies fast."

Ji Tingyan looks at her mother and suddenly feels that fate is a wonderful thing. At the beginning, her mother took her and her eldest brother alone. Every day, she lived like a war. When she came back home, she ran into her father. Is that the destiny? I can't escape.

"Mom, I'll always be your daughter, whether I'm married or not." Ji Tingyan reaches for her mother and her eyes are slightly red. In fact, under the protection of her parents, she has not been wronged since childhood. She really appreciates them.

"Well, don't be sensationalist. It's the love period now. Go to find your tie ting." Tang youyou doesn't want his daughter to cry, so he pushes her away.

Ji Tingyan was also moved. When she heard that her mother said it was her tie Ting, she burst into tears and smiled, so she turned around happily and went out.

Ji Tingyan drives straight to the hotel.

Tie Ting has already got up to pack up and travel. Wang Cheng will arrive in the afternoon. They also decide to go to Cheng Yue's house in the afternoon to see the situation.

When Ji Tingyan came, tie Ting asked her nervously, "xiaonai, are your parents angry?"

Ji Tingyan shook her head and smiled: "no, my father is not happy, but my mother can understand me."

Tie Ting was relieved. He was afraid that his uncle and aunt would be angry with him and would not marry his daughter.

"You've packed up. I'll go back to pack up after lunch." Ji Tingyan whispered.

"Well, what do you want to do for half a day at noon? I'll be with you. " It's hard for tie ting to be free, but he's not at ease. Maybe he belongs to someone who must be busy. In his heart, he is the one who is in danger.

"Don't you want to take me to see your mother? Otherwise, you go shopping with me, and I'll buy some presents for your mother. " Ji Tingyan feels uneasy when she wants to see her future mother-in-law. As a junior, it's better not to lose etiquette when meeting her for the first time.

"I don't have to buy anything. I'm sure my mother won't mind." Tie Ting smiled and said that as a son, he and his brother often send a lot of things to his mother. He felt that his mother should have everything.

"No, you must buy it." Ji Tingyan insists.

Then they went downstairs and drove to the mall. Ji Tingyan called her mother and asked for advice. She bought all the clothes, bags and jewelry she liked at her age.

In the afternoon, Ji Tingyan went home and told her parents to pack up a big box and go out.

Wang orange also came back, he lost a whole circle, it can be seen how tired he played these days.

Tie Ting looks at him and asks him to take a bath and change his clothes first. Wang Cheng is glad to see the old man's love. He is also very happy for him. Someone takes care of him and accompanies him. His life will not be lonely.

In Wang Cheng's eyes, since he knew feting, he had been fighting alone. No matter in the company or in his life, he always went in and out alone, and his journey was just a handbag. Obviously, he had reached the age of starting his own business, but he always felt lonely until Miss Ji appeared.

Tie Ting has long forgotten what he said. He wants to be single and old, but in fact, he only lacks a woman who can get into his eyes.

A group of three people headed for Cheng Yue's home more than 300 kilometers away, a small city.

Gradually away from the prosperity of the metropolis, the ten million class car rushed to the high speed, Ji Tingyan sat on the copilot, holding the steering wheel firmly, Wang orange was holding his chin, dazed in the back seat.

No place to place the feelings, let him show the fatigue.

Near midnight, the three finally arrived at their destination. Cheng Yue was already anxiously waiting at the door of the hotel. She stood in the cold wind, wringing her fingers, unable to calm down.

The car stops, the door opens, Wang Cheng and Cheng Yue look at each other.

"Cheng Yue, see you again." A long journey made Wang Cheng seem to grow up overnight. He stopped calling Cheng Yue and called her by her name.

Cheng Yue's heart trembled. She was looking forward to his sweet calling for her sister. But in the end, he called her name.

"Yes, I heard you went on a tour." Cheng Yue is also informed by Ji Tingyan's message. Her mood is complex.

"Well." Wang Cheng lowers his head, but still doesn't dare to look at Cheng Yue directly for too long, for fear that his inner feelings will come out by himself.

Tie ting and Ji Tingyan also get off the bus, and Cheng Yue rushes forward to concern: "Xiao Nai, Mr. tie, it's hard driving all the way. I've booked a hotel for you. This hotel is the only one here. I hope you don't dislike it."

"Cheng Yue, how can you spend money? We can order it ourselves. " Ji Tingyan whispered.

"It's a guest. As the host, of course I'll take care of it for you. Let's talk inside. It's cold outside." It's winter time. The wind is biting. It's really cold.

Four people enter the hotel, Wang orange a person, Ji Tingyan and tie Ting directly equal each other.

Cheng Yue looks at their love. She has some envy in her eyes, but only envy.

"Cheng Yue, is uncle still in the hospital? Tomorrow morning, we'll go and see him. " Ji Tingyan cares in a low voice.

"Well, the doctor said he couldn't leave the hospital for the time being and didn't know when he would come out." There is sadness in Cheng Yue's eyes.

Wang Cheng sat by and froze. He didn't know what to say.

"Tie Ting, it's late. Let's go back to our room to have a rest." Ji Tingyan blinks at the man.

Tie Ting immediately understood and stood up: "Wang Cheng, you can talk to Miss Cheng."

Wang orange nodded.

After tie ting and Ji Tingyan left, the atmosphere in the room was very quiet. Both of them were breathing, obviously in a hurry.

"Let me get you a bottle of water." Wang Cheng stood up and took a bottle of water from the refrigerator for her. He unscrewed a bottle of beer and drank it on his head.

When Cheng Yue saw him drinking, he frowned and whispered, "Wang orange, you can have a rest earlier. I have to go back.

"Sister, can you accompany me again?" Wang Cheng suddenly reached out and grabbed her arm. Her eyes were red. They all said that men's tears were precious, just like gold under their knees. However, no matter how precious things are, they don't matter in front of the people they like.

"You Don't call me by name? " Cheng Yue doesn't look at him angrily. Just at the door, she wants to hear him call herself like this. He doesn't want to. Now there's no one. He calls again. She's itchy. "No, whatever it is, you don't pay attention to me. I went out for a visit these two days. I thought that if I looked at the scenery more, I would be calm inside. But I found that I was like a hiker, I just wanted to make myself tired every day, until my strength was exhausted, and the scenery didn't seem to be the same. Sister, why didn't you pay attention to me? What's wrong with me? "