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LAN Yue looks at Xia Weiwen with gentle eyes. Xia Weiwen whispers, "thank you for taking care of you so well."

LAN Yue chuckled, "your daughter, I will treat her as my own daughter. What's more, she is pregnant with our children. I should take care of her."

"My company's business is almost cleaned up. I want to go back to live in China."

Xia Weiwen sighed. He really didn't want to live in a foreign country alone. When he knew that he had a daughter and a pair of lovely grandchildren, he was really excited and pleased. He was old and didn't know how many left. He always wanted to spend time with his family.

"If you want to come back, you can come back. Have you told youyou?"

LAN Yue also hopes that he can live closer to himself.

"Not yet. I'm going to talk to her later. I don't worry about you. I'm afraid your two sons will disagree."

Xia Wei Wen wryly smiled, his biggest consideration is a pair of sons of LAN Yue.

"I will persuade them."

Said LAN Yuewen.

"OK, please. I'll go and say hello to you."

Xia Weiwen felt warm in his heart, even though he had no love, but at least he had family affection. When he was this age, he wanted nothing else but the health and safety of his family.

"Mummy, it's grandpa."

Ji xiaonai looks around with a pair of eyes, and finds out Xia Weiwen at the first time. He shouts happily immediately. Xiaojiaoya can't wait to run towards Xia Weiwen.

Tang youyou saw his father coming, and his face was very happy. He walked quickly: "Dad, when did you come? I didn't pick you up in time."

"I'm not a kid. I need you to pick me up. Just take care of yourself."

Xia Weiwen looks at his daughter and Weilong's body. He is both happy and worried. A woman gives birth to a child, which is like walking through the gates of hell. What's more, it's found that she is pregnant with a twin. When Xia Weiwen heard the good news, he didn't sleep all night. He is always worried and full of joy.

Tang Youle said twice: "Dad, sit here. I'll ask xiaonai and Xiaorui to take some food for you."

"OK, Grandpa, what would you like to eat?"

Ji xiaonai has been very good, she immediately happily accepted the arrangement of Mommy.

"Just take whatever you like. Grandpa has a bad mouth. Don't take anything hard."

Xia Weiwen is so happy that he can't close his mouth and enjoy the blessings of his grandson.

"Come on, brother."

Ji xiaonai immediately grabbed his brother's hand. Ji Xiaorui grew more and more shy. He could only let his sister lead him to get delicious food for Grandpa.

Ji Xiaohan is chatting with several good friends in another box. LAN Yue finds him. When he hears his father-in-law present, he comes out to say hello.

Although he turned his mother away, after a period of forgetting, Ji Xiaohan felt more inclined to please him. After all, he was related to the harmony between him and Tang youyou's husband and wife.

"Dad, you're here."

Ji Xiaohan comes to say hello.

When Xia Weiwen heard him shouting, he was shocked for a moment. Tang youyou also looked at Ji Xiaohan gratefully. Unexpectedly, he completely relieved his old resentment.

However, Ji Xiaohan has a problem in his heart. Anyway, the facts can't be changed. The two children like Xia Weiwen very much. Xia Weiwen wrote all his wills and gave them directly to his two children. He can't and dare not ignore this kindness. He really doesn't mind calling for his father to exchange for family happiness.

Xia Weiwen's eyes were slightly red, and he nodded excitedly: "Xiao Han, you are willing to call me at last."

"You take care of me. I'll go in and discuss the wedding with my brother."

Ji Xiaohan is still a little embarrassed. Maybe all the sons in law have some obstacles in communicating with their father-in-law. They are afraid that their performance is not good enough to satisfy their father-in-law.

"Well, go ahead. I'll talk to my father."

Tang youyou is also very happy.

Xia Weiwen and Tang youyou put forward their idea of moving back to live in China, and Tang youyou agreed very much.

"Dad, I've already asked you to move back. You don't give me a reply. Now you've finally figured it out. Then I can often bring my children to see you later."

Tang youyou's face is full of joy.

"Well, that's what I think. I'm at ease when I'm closer to you."

Chaveen was relieved to have his daughter's support.

Lohnin and Mushi were shuffling cards at night. When they saw Ji Xiaohan coming in, they couldn't help teasing him: "so soon?

Don't talk to your father-in-law more? "

"I don't know what to talk about."

After Ji Xiaohan came in, he wanted to light a cigarette. He took a look at Pei Anxin sitting next to him. He quickly put the cigarette back. With the child nearby, he could not smoke in a depressed mood.

"Everyone is the same, I can understand."

Lohnin said with a smile.

"By the way, why didn't your elder brother bring her little wife to play?"

The night of mooch asked curiously.

Lohnin shrugged his shoulders: "I don't know. My eldest brother now treats Yang ChuChu as a treasure. Because she is pregnant now, she is not allowed to walk around. She is very careful."

Ji Xiaohan understood his mood very well: "your elder brother is worried for a reason. Pregnant women should be very careful when going out. If it wasn't for my brother's marriage, I wouldn't let you walk around."

Now all the tables are milk dads, but they all understand the mood of being a father. In their mind, children and wives are the first.

In Luo Jinyu's private apartment, Yang ChuChu is peeling an orange and watching the entertainment news on TV. Now someone is talking about Ji Yueze's wedding. She can't help but shake. If she wasn't pregnant, she would surely be there to send her blessing.

Luo Jinyu takes a bath and comes out. His tall body is very attractive with a simple pajama.

"If you don't show up, my big red bag has been sent. Don't worry, Ji Yueze will understand us."

Luo Jinyu walked behind her and gently circled her body. Her thin lips could not help kissing her ear.

"How big a red bag did you send?"

Asked Yang ChuChu in surprise.

"It's bigger than you think. I didn't give it to Ji Xiaohan when he got married last time."

Luo Jinyu smiles softly.

"If you send it like this, what if his eldest brother cares?"

Yang ChuChu couldn't help laughing.

"There's no way to care. I'm cheeky and I'm not afraid to investigate."

Luo Jin is a ruffian.

Yang ChuChu can't help him. He sends the peeled orange to his mouth, but the man willfully refuses to eat it: "give it to me in another way, and I will eat it."

Yang ChuChu's eyes were dazzled, and he thought to himself, my mother is kind enough to feed you, but you are still flirtatious, aren't you?

"Forget it. I'll eat it if I don't eat it."

Yang ChuChu immediately put it in his mouth, the man next second, but hold her small face, thin lips on her lips on the orange paste past.


Yang ChuChu is angry and annoyed. He can't even laugh. This man is really bad.

Luo Jinyu replied seriously, "repay your taste."

Yang ChuChu can't be ashamed for a moment. He pushed him hard: "don't try to lift me, be careful I can't control it."

The man looked shocked, and quickly let go of her big hand: "you take it easy, be careful of the children."

"I can't. If you keep teasing me like this, I'll do what I want."

"Well, it's not a mess."

The man was frightened by her words. He dare not go on joking.

Yang ChuChu finally found a way to cure him. He couldn't help laughing twice: "Luo Jinyu, you will feel aggrieved when I bully you?"

"I don't know."

The man shook his head intensely: "I'm very happy."

"You lied."

Yang ChuChu exposed his lies.

"Even if it's a lie, it's a good one."

The man immediately raised his thin lips and laughed.

Yang ChuChu gave him a white look and said seriously, "if you lied to me for my sake, I can forgive you, but if you lied to me in principle, I will completely disappear with my children."

The man handsome face a stiff, immediately sit to her side, nervously hold her small hand: "clear, you still have no trust in me?"?

If I really want to betray my marriage, I won't wait until I'm 28 to meet you. I've been married for a long time and have children. "

Yang ChuChu's eyes flashed and looked at him stupidly. Next second, she encircled his arm and said, "no, you can't marry anyone except me."

The man couldn't help laughing. The woman is really a vexatious creature. One second, she is still talking hard. The next, she can become gentle and lovely. He really can't help her.

Ji Yueze's wedding ceremony, Ling Mo Feng also sent a congratulatory gift, although others did not show up, but the gift is also considerable.

Romantic seaside, the night is charming, it's late at night, many people have gone to sleep, LAN Yue with two children also early to sleep, Tang youyou but can't sleep, she stood at the guardrail, listening to the sound of the sea, blowing the wind, dazed.

Season owl cold tall body, quietly stood to her side, although Tang youyou didn't hear his footsteps, but felt his familiar breath, the foot is stepping on the high carpet, the voice is very subtle.

"You see, the sea view is beautiful."

Tang youyou murmurs.

"We also have a sea view. Are you tired of it?"

Ji Xiaohan has no such poetic mood.

"No matter how beautiful the scenery is, it's unchangeable. I'm tired of watching it for a long time. It's strange here. It's a new scenery."

Tang youyou explains forcibly.

"Just say that you have a love for the new and for the old, will you?"

The man shrugs his shoulders and looks at her bitterly.

Tang youyou turned around and gave him a white eye: "would you chat?

People talk to you about the scenery. Why do you involve me?

Is it just women who are happy with the new and loathe the the old?

You men are not the same. "

Ji Xiaohan didn't want to quarrel with her, but accidentally provoked her anger. At this moment, he can only laugh and explain: "I don't mean anything else. I don't blame you for being new and tired of the old. After all, every morning when you come here, you are a new me. You will never tire of seeing it."

"Not necessarily."

Tang youyou said angrily.

"You are holding my