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Ji Tingyan has sent her away, and it seems that she has no worries. However, he looks at his brother. If he can, he really wants to knock him out and send him back to China. Although he swore that the revenge would be avenged by two people at the beginning, he is eager to love her brother and is the elder brother. She really refuses to let him accompany him in the adventure, which is selfish.

In the end, he didn't dare to do so. He was afraid that his younger brother would blame him. The brothers who died with them this time didn't treat him badly. Everyone gave them a lot of money and they were very willing to work for him.

Wang Cheng is also relieved. Cheng Yue is here. He is also worried. Now that he knows she is safe, he has more fighting spirit. He runs through the life and death barrier with the eldest brother. He doesn't want to die. He wants to see Cheng Yue alive. At that time, he may not call her sister anymore. He wants to call her name and be a real man.

Tang weixinsuan is an expert in this field. The intercepting thing is that feting dominates everything. Tang Weixin and feting are waiting for his news to return. Wang Cheng directly uses the drone to track the whole process. Feting is staring at all this behind the scenes. He is worried about his brother.

When the three cars passed a corner, the tire in the front of the car suddenly leaked, and the people on the car immediately became alert. However, just at this time, feting took people to drive and surrounded the three cars. The gunshots were all in one piece. Soon, half of the criminals in the car had been killed, and several of them were alive. Feting directly tied them back Come on.

The cars were also towed to a place to hide.

Those people are habitual criminals. When they see Tang idealism and Jack, they look desperate.

"Oh, it's a coincidence that there is someone who can speak." Tang Weixin saw that one of the directors was the most powerful subordinate of Saxon. She looked happy. It seemed that she could start with him.

"Who gave you the clue." In Tang Weixin's hand, a scalpel is played by her very fast. The cold light and shadow make people feel scared. Even when she looks at it, her back is also cold. This woman has a good Dao skill.

"I don't know." The other side answers her angrily with native words.

"Oh, is it?" Tang only carelessly raised his voice. Next second, her knife fell directly to the other side's throat: "I'm a policeman, I won't kill people. You are the main culprit after the crime of Saxon. You're just an accomplice. It's not worth losing your life for him."

"You can't kill me." The other side's breath was tight and his scalp was numb.

"I won't kill you, but you have to say something I want to hear." Tang Weixin has a good way of scaring people. She plays psychological tactics. She has been trained, but the other side has not.

"I said, will you let me go?" The other side really didn't want to die. Besides, he knew that Tang Weixin would not kill him. At most, he would send him to be tried, but life was not like death.

"The man I want to catch is Saxon, not you. I know your ability, and you can't turn over the storm. As long as you help me catch Saxon, and then find out the inner ghost, I promise to let you go." Tang Weixin understands these people. They are greedy and afraid of death. Everyone wants to go out and get more money to go home. Death is also hopeless for them.

"How can I believe you?" There is a little hope in that man's eyes.

"You have no choice but to believe me." Tang Weixin sneers.

The little leader looked at Tang Weixin with a grimy face, and looked at the people around him. He had no choice but to say, "I know a woman named a Bao often comes to see the boss."

"Po?" Tang Weixin's heart ached fiercely. It was her best sister. This time, she played a trading merchant. She often had contacts with Saxon, but Tang Weixin never thought it would be her.

"Are you sure?" Tang Weixin gnashed his teeth: "if you dare to lie, it's not easy for you to die."

"I'm sure that she's had several deals with her, and she's got at least $10 million in water, as several of her followers know." The little leader said eagerly to set up a big head, for fear that Tang Weixin would not believe it.

Jack is watching. She feels sorry for her senior sister. She has helped Po with many things. She once made a mistake in principle, but she still pleaded for her and kept her position.

Tang Weixin closed her eyes and recalled the last time she met with PO. She smoked, burned her wavy hair, wore a pair of leather pants and leather clothes, and had exquisite makeup. While smoking, she told her that if she had money, she wanted to do business. She felt that the money was too fast to do business. That kind of money was in front of her, just like paper. Sometimes she was numb.

"Tie them up." Tang's heart is cold.

"Miss Tang, you said you would let me go." The little leader said with a desperate face.

"Don't kill you, don't let you go, wait for the rule of law." Tang Weixin finished and turned to go out.

In fact, he had doubted her before, but now after all kinds of things, he has more trust in her.

Tie Ting got up and went out directly after Tang idealism. Tie Xun also quickly followed him.

"Mr. tie, can I ask you something?" Tang Weixin turns around, pleads, and looks sad.

"What's the matter?" he said in a deep voice

"You make a deal with Chen Bao. I want to test her." Tang Weixin looks anxious.

"No problem, of course, if I can get you evidence of her betrayal."

"I'll help you kill Saxon." Tang Weixin said at once.

Tie Ting felt that the deal was worth it. He nodded: "OK, tell me the details of this one called a Bao. I can help you test her."

Tang Weixin closed his eyes and said sadly, "this time I begged her to come. She was very disgusted at that time. She said that she just wanted to be a good policeman. I was eager to make contributions and wanted to take her with me. At first, because she was playing a crude oil dealer, she had several cooperation with Saxon. She sold crude oil for private sale and made profits from it. She would take advantage of it Every account is handed over to one of our principals. I always believe in her, because she is a very responsible person. But this time, my identity is exposed and almost died here. I really don't want to believe that she did it. "

"I know what I'm going to do. I have a subsidiary here, which consumes a lot of oil. If I ask her to cooperate, I won't let her doubt it." Tie Ting nodded, this method is feasible.

"Thank you!" Tang said sincerely.

Tie Ting nodded, turned around and left. Tang idealist's arm was suddenly grasped by a big hand. Her eyes were beautiful and bright.

"How do you want to help us kill Exxon? Are you going to die? " Tie Xun angrily questioned her.