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Nangong Yao saw that she asked so directly, and he didn't hide any more. He nodded seriously: "yes, I really want to repay you. You saved my grandma. She is a very important person in my life. I am willing to do everything for her. You saved her life, and I am willing to do everything for you."

Mu Yun's heart trembled for a moment. The man's serious expression made her feel embarrassed to smile. She had to calm down and say, "you're so polite. Actually, the scene was so chaotic. I didn't think much about it. I only heard your grandmother call for help. I felt that I had a chance to rescue her and rushed in. I came from this completely Yes, I didn't want you to repay me. "

"The spirit of salvation is already precious. Maybe you never thought that one day, the grandson of the old man would come to you to repay you, but I found you right away. In this case, you must know something."

Nangong Yao's eyes become a little deeper, and his thin lips nibble twice. A good-looking man can only score points for his beautiful face if he makes any expression. Therefore, the picture of Nangong Yao biting his lips has a visual impact on Mu Yun.

Her heart suddenly jumped wildly. This man is not trying to seduce her, is he?

Dammit, isn't she uninterested in men?

How can I feel that Nangong Yao's lip biting look is damn good-looking.

"I think it's better to forget about it. It's no need to mention it. After having today's meal, I'll finish your love."

Mu Yun smiled politely and immediately wanted to write off the matter with him.

"It's not enough. Today's meal is just the beginning. I will stay in China for several months. In these months, I will send you one thing every day. If you want something, you can tell me that I can do it within my ability. If you don't want something, I will make my own proposal to help you choose it."

Nangong Yao didn't want to finish his gratitude. He wanted a lot of things. He was greedy.


Mu Yun was shocked by his words. Then, she also said in a disorderly way: "your niece said you like me, it should not be a fake."

"Of course not. It's true."

Nangong Yao looked up and locked her tightly: "a few years ago, when I went to school to find you, she knew that you existed. At that time, I told her that I wanted to find a girlfriend to take care of her. After she listened, she had a strong reaction. She cut her wrist that night, and I sent her to the hospital overnight. That day, I called you to cancel the meeting at night. I watched her in the hospital all night 。”

Mu Yun is to have seen that little girl's fierce, she light smile: "you are really a good uncle."

"I just want to fulfill my oath. Before my big brother left, I promised him to take good care of Siqing."

Nangong Yao sighed: "maybe I was too doting on her when I was young, which led to her strong dependence on me."

"And her mother?"

Murunjue was a little strange. When his father left, his mother was responsible for raising his children.

"Her mother had a strong sense of career. When she was very young, she left her every day and ran to work. The nanny took her with her. Sometimes she couldn't see each other for half a month. Siqing cried every day. Her voice was hoarse. I was still reading at that time. After class, I would go to take care of her. Later, I took over my grandfather's work and I directly took her to live together. Please People take good care of her. "

Nangong Yao is very happy to share his life experience, because he also hopes that the woman in front of him can know more about his own things, and he will not hide it, but he also hopes that she will not abandon it.

"How do you like me?

Do you know me? "

Mu Yun is still very emotional about his experience. Sometimes, the quality of a man can be seen in details. She feels that nangongyao's personality is OK.

"Yes, I know a lot about you. You study abroad, your school, your residence and your family members. Sorry, I just want to know what kind of person you are and what kind of environment you grew up in. I have no other ideas."

Nangong Yao finds that he seems to have said too much, and the face of the woman on the opposite side is a little frozen. He quickly stops talking.

"You You know me so well without my consent? "

Mu Yun is a little depressed at once. She still thinks that she lives in a low-key and mysterious way, but now she finds that someone has been staring at her.

"Muyun, I know you will be angry. I really hope you can give me a chance. If I am not your type, I will quit. I will not disturb your life."

Nangong Yao lowered his voice with a hint of entreaty in his tone.

"You are so pitiful. If I don't agree, it seems cruel."

Moyun light ridiculed up, took a glass of water to drink two slowly: "how old are you this year?"

"More than thirty."

"Bigger than me?

I thought you were younger than me. "

Mu Yun just glanced at him and found that he looked really young and handsome from some angles, which made people can't guess his age. Now, she has a little balance in her heart. If she is playing in brotherhood, she has no interest.


I'm three years older than you. "

Nangong Yao chuckled.

"In fact, I'm also worried about my life events. Everyone said that I should find a boyfriend. I didn't realize that I was old enough to worry about marriage. But now many people around me are in love and married, and some still have children. I can't go on alone. If you want to try whether we are suitable, you can."

Muyun is not a fairy who doesn't eat fireworks. She just lives soberly and has her own ideas. She has been doing the work she likes, the life she wants, the love and marriage. She feels far away from herself.

"You look so beautiful, do you still worry about marriage?"

Nangong Yao was amused by her.

"I have many pursuers, but they are driven back by my indifference. I am not very enthusiastic, so I don't know if you can adapt to my character. I said in advance. If you think I'm not suitable to be a girlfriend, you have to tell me in advance not to hurt me too much. "

Moyun laughed at himself.

"Let's eat first. Would you like to have some wine?"

Nangong Yao was once again amused by her words and wanted to feed her quickly.

"Have a bottle."

Moyun did not refuse.

Nangong Yao called the waiter, ordered a lot of delicious food, and ordered a bottle of red wine. The two started to talk while eating. Most of them were Nangong Yao's questions, murun's answers, and the atmosphere was harmonious.

"If we do, your niece won't be in a mood again?"

Moyun suddenly asked.