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C807 the storm is back

Ji Xiaohan is busy looking for Bai Zhenzhen's whereabouts, but unexpectedly, something more serious happened.

At the edge of the sea, the newly developed high-grade residential buildings have already erected eight high-rise buildings, each of which has 56 floors, towering straight into the sky. Looking from afar, they are spectacular. The bay here is beautiful and the beach is crystal clear. It is close to a wetland park nearby. It is only half an hour's drive from the downtown center. The geographical location is very good. At the beginning, the land was marked by jixiaohan. Fortunately, the real estate market is hot and the price is rising steadily. The profit of Jishi group has been doubled.

The real estate here has been sold out for a long time, and the supply is in short supply. We are in the process of finishing up.

In the early morning, someone screamed. Then, a famous construction worker fell down from the 10th floor, fell directly on the hard floor and broke his breath on the spot.

This incident directly wakes up Ji Xiaohan from the warm quilt.

After receiving the call from Lu Qing, his assistant, Ji Xiaohan's face changed dramatically.

"Appease the family first, I'll go right away, and don't let it go out in the open." Ji Xiao's eyebrows are cold. It's a coincidence that this happened, which makes him suspicious.

"What's the matter?" In his sleep, Tang youyou hears his voice on the phone, wakes up quickly, sees that he has stepped into the bathroom, and after a while, goes to the cloakroom and puts on a suit. She asks with concern.

"It's OK. I'll go to the company to deal with something first." Ji Xiaohan came over, kissed her on the forehead, touched her long hair and comforted her.

Tang youyou blinked. Since Ji Xiaohan said in such a calm tone that she was ok, she would not think about anything. She felt that she could deal with all the big things. In the cold morning, Ji Xiaohan's motorcade appeared at the construction site. At this moment, Lu Qing was already holding the construction party accountable, and the injured had been sent to the hospital. I heard that when he fell down just now, he was still breathing, so I immediately called the first-aid department and sent him to the hospital for rescue. However, on the way to the hospital, I was cut off.

With a handsome face, Ji Xiao walked to the scene quickly, and saw the white jade floor stained with a large amount of blood.

"What's the matter?" Season owl cold look calm inquiry.

The construction party immediately came over to explain, with a look of panic: "this old Zhang must have gone out to drink again last night. He was drunk and went to sleep. In the early morning, he would suddenly fall down."

Season owl cold gather tight eyebrow, hear such explanation, he is enraged way: "why is drunk person, still can let him go up, do not have a little protective consciousness?"

"President Ji, here We don't know he's up! "

Seeing the young master's look, Lu Qing immediately asked in a low voice, "young master, what should I do?"

"Call the police!" Ji Xiao looked cold for a moment. Then he gave a plan: "let the police get involved in the investigation. Besides, you find someone to spread this thing out step by step, and say that people are not dead here. Send them to the hospital. You know how to do it."

Lu Qing heard such a solution and immediately reminded him softly, "young master, this house has just been sold out. If you let this out, will it cause the owner's protest?"

"If any of the owners are not satisfied, we will refund them in full, plus the loss!" The loss that Ji Xiaohan didn't realize was not good for him.

"Ah..." The construction leader nearby looked shocked.

"Young master, let's talk in the car!" Lu Qing said something inconvenient to outsiders, so he suggested softly.

With a cold face, Ji Xiao turned and went to the car.

After sitting in the car, Lu Qing didn't suppress his worry: "preliminary estimate, if we really want to lose money, it may not be a small amount, at least a billion......" "Can't you see? This matter is manipulated by someone behind the scenes, so it is most beneficial for us to let the police intervene, let the media disclose the facts, and at least not let us be in the passive side. I don't care how much money we will lose. I just hope this matter can be a turning point. If

really has something to do with Ji Lin, the police will definitely find evidence, and then he will pull the water. ”Season owl cold cold voice, in this ice and snow early in the morning, still wake up God.

Lu Qing's face changed greatly. He said in a surprised voice, "do you really doubt that this is not an accident?"

"Where are so many accidents coming from? It happened at this time. You should remember that any accident must be analyzed together with Ji Lin now." Season owl cold deep voice reminds.

Lu Qing suddenly woke up and said angrily: "Ji Lin is really unscrupulous. He even does such a cruel thing. Doesn't he have any humanity?"

"Human nature, he never had it!" Season owl cold sneer ridicule. "I think he's mad, biting like a mad dog." Lu Qing is really angry. The company has had good luck in recent years. But since he was released from prison, he has been in trouble frequently. Now, there is still a human life. This is lawless. He violates the law. Does he want to be locked in again?

"Don't pay attention to him. First, deal with the matter in front of him. He must think that I will hold on to it and not let me report it. Then, wait for a knife behind me. Oh, does he still think that I am young and ignorant?" Season owl cold a sneer.

"It's a very insidious means, young master. Don't be calculated by him." At the moment, Lu Qing felt that his head was too big and he lost his direction for a while. Fortunately, young master can analyze problems calmly and calmly at any time. He decided to learn more about his ability to deal with things from young master in the future.

"Calculation? I will, too! " What does Ji Xiaohan suddenly think of? His expression is inexplicably dark.

"What's wrong with you, young master? There seems to be something on your mind! " Lu Qing observed his sudden sadness and asked immediately.

Ji Xiaohan believes in Lu Qing, so he finally finds a person who can communicate with him.

"My grandfather may not have much time!"

"Ah, what happened to the old man? Is it getting worse? " Lu Qing was also surprised.

Ji Xiaohan looked out of the window and crossed the bottom of his eyes sadly. His voice seemed light, but he felt sad: "well, I didn't know this until I overheard grandpa and grandma talking. I don't want to fight my uncle too hard these months!"

"How could this happen? The doctor has always said that the old man is in good health. How many years can he have? " Lu Qing was also surprised. He didn't expect that things would suddenly become like this.

If the old man is really going, it will be a huge blow to the young master. "They're all lying to me!" Ji Xiaohan said that the sadness in his face is hard to hide.