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C1237 two sides of marriage

Fang Yang looked at the woman in front of him, and then he realized that he still couldn't help it. He said all the things he wanted to say. He knew that the consequences of these words would hurt the relationship between husband and wife.

"I'm just talking about the reality. I just hope your father can understand the current situation..."

"Well, Fang Yang, have you been looking at my Liu family for a long time? Since you took the position of vice mayor, you have become more and more arrogant. The less you put my wife in your eyes. In recent years, our marriage has been like a pool of stagnant water, no passion, no warmth, no care. How can I blind and marry you when I am a big lady? " Liu Lan's resentment has been smothered in recent years. A few years ago, the husband and wife were still in love with each other. This man is more obedient and considerate to himself. I don't know if he is old and frail, or if he has his own thoughts. Gradually, the two people no longer greet each other. Even if they live together, they are in a different bed. I believe that any woman can't stand such a marriage. No There is moisture, only constant consumption and torture.

"You finally said these words, so many years, you must have endured enough hard, Liu Lan. I broke up at the beginning. At that time, I felt that our door was not right, the door was not right, and we could not live a happy life at all, but you? Do you cry and beg me to marry you, Liu Lan, and it's my responsibility to create what I look like today? What's more, you still secretly gave birth to a daughter to threaten me to marry you. I tell you that today's results are all caused by you. Over the years, I can still afford you. I listen to everything. I never have the right to speak at home. I've been laughed at by my colleagues. I'm really fed up with it. Since you look down on me at the beginning, just in time, let's divorce! " Fang Yang's original mood was frustrated. At this moment, he was inflamed by his wife, and fell down. He couldn't resist such pressure, just for a relief. "

Fang Yang, you..." Liu Lan looked at the strange man in front of her, and she was shocked.

In her memory, Fang Yang always has a good temper. At home, even if he is the vice mayor, he often cooks for the three of them when he is free. At that time, the atmosphere is still very good, but why? But now it has come to the point of divorce? "

if you leave us, you'll be free. I won't get in your eyes any more. I don't need to work for you day and night like a dog or a cow, please and make you happy." Fang Yang's mood at the moment is cold, like ice. When the thought conflicts with freedom, even the right to speak seems to have been taken back, he is not afraid of anything. Liu

LAN looked at him in shock, with disbelief, fear, uneasiness and a glimmer of expectation in his eyes. "

Fang Yang, this is your office. Aren't you afraid that our quarrel will affect your reputation?" Liu Lan's voice was trembling with uneasiness. "

ah, is this the first time we've had such a row? Which time did you come directly to the unit to find me when you were not in a bad mood? When did you come in and knock on this door? Liu Lan, you want to give me face now. It's a pity that I've already lost my face. " Fang Yang's voice roared louder and louder, but also vented his inner backlog of pain. "

Fang Yang, do you have to be so angry with me? I'm your wife. We have two children. You can't do this to me! " Liu Lan's momentum suddenly weakened. He covered his face and sobbed, as if he had been greatly challenged.

"Besides crying, can you make sense? In the Liu family, you are the eldest lady. If you marry me, you are my queen. I offer you and let you. Are you not satisfied? What else do you want from me? You said I'm dead, so you can let me go, can't you? " Fang Yang also has tears in his eyes. It's a cry that has been hollowed out by life, hit his self-esteem and overwhelmed everything.

Liu Lan was completely stunned this time. She looked at Fang Yang stupidly, and felt that she knew him for the first time, and knew that he was so ruthless.

"Two children for you, divorce!" Fang Yang put his hands on the table, lowered his head, closed his tears, and uttered two words heartily.

Liu Lan is like a bolt from the blue. She can't speak for a long time. She thought that Fang Yang would never say the word "divorce" to her in this life, because this man is weak in nature and needs to adhere to the power of the Liu family, but now she is really shocked. "

Fang Yang, we can't divorce. If you think about your work and your children's feelings, I didn't treat you well before. I know it's wrong. I'll change it later, but we haven't come to the point of divorce. You say I don't knock on the door when I come in. I won't come to your company later, but you can't leave with me." Liu Lan was still soft for the first time. Tears came out in a flash. He was anxious to persuade Fang Yang to take back the proposal. Fang sat on the chair in silence and did not look at her for a long time, as if he had made a decision: "no, I have decided, I must divorce, I must leave!" "

Fang Yang, are you crazy? What's wrong with you today? Good point, you proposed divorce, divorced, how do you let me live? I will certainly be seen as a joke. " Liu Lan refuses to divorce because she has always been an envied example among all her sisters. She has a good and obedient husband in her family, and she is proud of it. She feels that her royal husband has skills and many people come here to ask for advice.

But now, her proud marriage life, but the red light, that honest and considerate, obedient husband, suddenly ruthlessly want to divorce her, do not want children, this blow, it is a disaster.

She can't promise to live or die. Otherwise, Liu Lan's pride and reputation in this half of her life are ruined.

Fang Yang raised his head and sneered, "yes, your face is important. You are a selfish woman. From the beginning, all you care about is yourself. Do you really treat me as your husband?" "

I'm wrong, my husband, I'm really wrong. I've developed a delicate habit since I was a child, and I've been changing it all the time. Over the years, I've changed a lot of bad habits. I'm not afraid to have children, but I'm afraid that you will divorce me. I really love you!" As soon as the painting style changed, Liu Lan came to plead with him directly. "

I've given you opportunities, but you've become more and more overweight. Liu Lan, I've thought it over. I don't want this job. I must divorce you." Fang Yang's heart is like a pool of stagnant water at the moment. He feels that if he continues to sink here, he will suffer more than death. He envies that Cheng Jianhong, the former mayor, has the courage to jump downstairs. When he dies, he is relieved. "

No, I don't divorce, no!" Liu Lan suddenly regained her momentum. Then, her eyes stared at Fang Yang hatefully and asked, "are there any other women outside? Which fox spirit is it? Are those outside? I dare to seduce my husband if I don't tear their faces away... " "

Liu Lan, when something goes wrong, you never find the reason in yourself. You only realize that someone else has made a mistake. I tell you that I would rather be a monk in the temple than touch your mind. You live a delicate life and think you are beautiful, but you have no charm of a woman at all, only a strong one!" When Fang Yang heard that Liu Lan was going to find the trouble of the staff outside the door, his angry face turned black, so he had to sneer at her various faults. "

What do you say? Who am I trying to be beautiful for these years? You still dislike me now? Fang Yang, take care of yourself. In those days, you were good-looking, and your mouth was sweet. You would say something that made people happy. But now? You don't have a conversation with me for a long time. Which little bitch did you talk to? I'll find her and see what I can do with her. " Liu Lan still thinks that Fang Yang must have another woman, otherwise, he dare not divorce, there must be another woman behind him.

"Get out, I don't want to see you!" Fang Yang is going mad at her. "

ah, divorce, you don't want to get a cent." Before Liu Lan left, he made a cruel remark. Fang

the whole man is like a piece of wood. He can't move and his face is dead.