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C1258 is about meeting her

Ling Mo Feng said that he would not meet again in a short time. LAN Yanxi thought that the short time he said, no matter it was one or two days, but what she never expected was that the time turned out to be 89 days. LAN

Yan Xi came back to his home alone. Although she was always given dinner regularly, and would not starve her, he felt empty and lonely in the face of this big home. She really wanted to see Ling Mo Feng. That desire made LAN Yanxi crazy. I don't know from

that it's so hard to miss someone. The whole soul seems empty.

Today, lanyanxi couldn't control herself. When he heard that the vice president was meeting in a conference room on the third floor, lanyanxi offered to cheekily ask Zhou He to go to the third floor as a receptionist.

Zhou He appreciated her cheeky courage very much, so he raised his hand to her and said, "follow Yang He." Blue

Yan Xili turned around and saw Yang He in a daze. She immediately hit her with her arm and said, "Yang He, go!" Yang

he woke up like a dream, his face suddenly turned red, and then he followed LAN Yanxi out of the office.

The meeting was scheduled for 3:30 p.m. and they had an hour ahead of schedule to do the preparations in the conference room.

Yang he wiped the table and said to LAN Yanxi, "Yanxi, have you heard? The vice president just proposed that the area of my house be demolished and built. He is really a good leader for the people. " Blue

Yan Xi is putting a mineral water bottle on his desk. He suddenly hears Yang He's words and is stunned. "

yes? When did it happen? " She has been thinking about that man crazily for the last few days. She really doesn't care about national affairs. As for what Ling Mo Feng has achieved, it's not in her focus. She's very vulgar. What she cares about every day is when she can see him and eat the spaghetti he made by himself. Alas, she's getting more and more hopeless. "

I just passed the parliamentary review yesterday. It's said that the vice president insisted on solving that area. Yan Xi, do you think if my house is demolished, I will also become very rich? We calculate the village in the city. Although there is only one three story building in my family, I have calculated it. If it is really demolished, my family will have nearly ten million demolition funds! " Yang He complacently said that her eyes seemed to be dancing with stars. The man she liked was fighting for her interests. God, she was almost narcissistic and thought that the vice president was so determined to put forward that plan because he cared about her living environment.

"Congratulations, you will be demolished two generations later, and you will never have to go home through such dangerous streets again." LAN Yanxi is really happy for her, but think carefully, does this have anything to do with her last proposal? Ling Mo Feng is to listen to her views, will be so rapid solution?

Decisive and vigorous style of action, not procrastination, is really like a man's responsibility, lanyanxi's heart can't help jumping faster.

"Yes, when I have money, I must dress myself well. Yan Xi, the cosmetics you use now must be very expensive. I really envy your family background. Unlike me, buying a decent cosmetics needs to save food and use. It's a hard life!" Yang He has regarded LAN Yanxi as a good friend to talk to, so he doesn't care about his embarrassment. Blue

Yan Xi laughed twice: "I'm asking for money from home. I can't compare with you. You rely on your own ability. I'm the most despised kind of person who nibbles at the old people!" "

Yan Xi, you are the most easygoing person I have ever met. In fact, there are many rich people in our office. You don't see what they are all proud of. They are also serving the people, but they seem to be born superior. I'm not used to it, or you are the most worthy of deep friendship." Yang he praised LAN Yanxi and trampled on other people she didn't like.

"Yang He, don't say that about them. It's amazing that they can put down their positions and come here to work." LAN Yanxi is indifferent to the resentment among these women. She doesn't have so much time to worry about other people's business. Her own business is still a mess of paste. "

hurry up, there's less time for meetings!" Yang he glanced at his watch and hurriedly urged. In

after the meeting room was arranged by two people, they went out. Two people were waiting at the side of the door of the meeting room with full etiquette. From a distance, a group of people came this way. The reception was not for foreign guests, but for some leaders in the general office, led by Ling Mo Feng, a young and handsome vice president, who was accompanied by a group of people such as his close aides. Ling

Mo Feng saw LAN Yanxi from afar, and his eyes could not be moved any more. In his deep eyes, she was locked with her thin and straight figure, with a gentle smile in his heart. How can she be here?

For him?

Think of is this reason, Ling Mo Feng thin lips subconsciously upward hook up, as if this day's good mood, from see her this moment opened. LAN

Yan Xi also uses Yu Guang to see the man walking towards this side. However, she doesn't look up to see him. She has dignity if he has left her alone for so many days. Since he doesn't come to see her, she will Ignore him.

Yang He is bolder than LAN Yanxi. She quickly looks to Ling Mo Feng and sees that Ling Mo Feng is also looking at her. Moreover, the corner of her mouth is gentle and full of love with a smile like nothing. Pet


Yang he was shocked by what he thought. God, how could she see the doting light under the vice president's dignified appearance? No, she must be wrong.

It was only in minutes and seconds that Ling Mo Feng came to LAN Yanxi's face. Seeing her beautiful eyes staring at the low side, he paused. His voice was low, but he said politely, "it's hard!" Yang

he also bowed his head. He dared not look into Ling Mo Feng's eyes. Hearing the vice president's sympathy for them, he immediately replied seriously: "thank you very much, Mr. vice president, for your concern and being able to serve the people. We are deeply honored and hard-working!" Yang

after he finished, he gently took his arm and hit lanyanxi of Muna. He imagined lanyanxi as a fool scared by Ling Mo Feng. He quickly reminded her to answer well, but don't annoy the vice president.

"Compared with Mr. vice president, who cares about the people and has every opportunity in the day, we naturally dare not neglect and learn from Mr. vice president." LAN Yanxi seems to be serious, but Ling Mo Feng hears her gnashing teeth, her thin lips smile deeper and deeper, and her eyes are fixed on her pink lips.

"Good, great ambition!" Ling Mo Feng praised a word, can only reluctantly take back her eyes from her pretty face, but in the last moment, the woman who bowed her head finally raised her eyes, looked at him with a very angry look, and quickly lowered again.

Ling Mo Feng is slightly stunned and sighs. Does this woman blame herself? One

when the pedestrian entered, Yang he kept smiling at the corner of his mouth and looked at the gate tenderly, then walked over and closed it gently.

"Come in and help pour tea." A staff member came out with a low voice. Yang

he didn't wait for LAN Yanxi to speak, but he had already stepped inside first. LAN Yanxi wanted to go in, but he lost the chance and looked at Yang He who disappeared in the gate. Alas,

, you can't even grab the chance to pour tea and water. LAN Yanxi, you're useless.

When LAN Yanxi was depressed on the face, suddenly, her mobile phone rang, and she was stunned. She took a peek around first, then quickly reached out and took out her mobile phone for a look. Is

Ling Mo Feng sent her a message to go to the men's room in ten minutes? "

I'll go. What's the invitation? I'm crazy After reading his message, LAN Yanxi felt that Ling Mo Feng wanted to trick herself. She was a woman. Although he was worried, LAN Yanxi knew Ling Mo Feng would not make fun of her reputation. Maybe he had a chance to see him.

So, she stared at the time on her mobile phone. When the time was less than much, she saw the door open and Ling Mo Feng came out alone.