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C2015 is here to see her

With her own home, she is relaxed and sleepy.

Suddenly, the cell phone on the bedside table suddenly rings, waking her up. Ji Tingyan holds her eyelids, reaches for it, and sees the name of bonding.

In a moment of sleepiness, Ji Tingyan quickly pastes her mobile phone to her ear and hears the man's deep and smiling voice: "are you free at noon? Do you want to come out for lunch? "

"You're back?" As soon as Ji Tingyan's beautiful eyes are happy, the corner of her mouth rises. She unexpectedly returns to China. Is her revenge?

"The plane just landed and suddenly wanted to see you." Tie Ting's voice is full of missing breath.

Originally, he wanted to book a ticket back to the company. The company piled up a lot of things waiting for him to go back to deal with. When he arrived at the airport, he changed his mind. Although the business was important, he was eager to see him, but he couldn't ignore it. So he took Wang Cheng and Ji Tingyan to the city.

As soon as the plane landed, he couldn't wait to contact her.

"Really?" Ji Tingyan's heart blossoms with joy. Unconsciously, the words bring the shame of the little woman.

"Well, you are most familiar with this city. You can book a place. I'll come back to the hotel and have a bath." Tie Ting said softly.

"OK, I'll reserve a seat first and send you a message later." Ji Tingyan is in a good mood. The gloom of the past days has been dispelled. Can she look forward to sweet love?

Ji Tingyan hurriedly gets up and washes. She keeps picking up clothes in the cloakroom. She used to think that all these clothes were her favorite. But today, how can none of them enter her eyes?

Pick and choose. Ji Tingyan is going to have difficulty in choosing.

Finally, she chose a very romantic skirt and a coat. Her long black hair curled at the end of her hair. Her delicate makeup made her more elegant.

Ji Tingyan came downstairs humming a tune, and met her mother who was going upstairs to wake her up.

When Tang youyou saw his daughter dressed up in a new way and smiling, her spirit and spirit changed completely, and she was stunned.

"Xiaonai, are you going out?" Tang youyou asked her gently.

"Well, I made an appointment with a friend for lunch." When Ji Tingyan sees her mother, she feels guilty. She has made boyfriend by herself, but she still hasn't told her. Will her mother be angry?

"Boyfriend?" Tang youyou asked her with expectation.

Ji Tingyan's face is very shy, and she laughs: "Mom, if it's my boyfriend, would you agree?"

"Let's take a seat at home first. I don't think it's right. Let your father take a look." Don youyou's heart is happy. Her daughter won't find her boyfriend without telling her?

"Dad?" "Next time, I'm afraid he will be scared away," Ji Tingyan said

"Your son, your father doesn't eat people. What are you afraid of? If he is really a good man worth trusting for life, I'm afraid your father would like to pack you up and marry him at once. " Tang youyou couldn't help laughing.

"It makes sense that if he passes dad's pass, we can be together officially." Ji Tingyan couldn't help laughing.

Tang youyou held his daughter's hand and said, "when did you find it? I didn't discuss it with us. I can remind you, don't hate to marry because you are getting older. Mom doesn't want you to mess around just to finish the task. " Tang youYou can't help worrying,

"Mom, don't worry, I have my eyes on it." Ji Tingyan quickly went out after saying that. Her car is a car with high value. She seldom drives it at ordinary times, but she needs to go out today.

Ji Tingyan is very familiar with the city. She knows which restaurant has the best taste. After booking a box, she sends the address to feting.

Cheng Yue is Ji Tingyan's professional bodyguard at present, but Ji Tingyan gave her a holiday today and asked her to go home to visit her family, so she didn't follow her today.

Feting took a bath in the hotel, changed a suit, and went out. He had no industry or real estate in the city. Before he knew Ji Tingyan, he rarely came to the bustling metropolis. Today, he feels that the city is very good. He may love Wu and Wu. The woman he likes grows up here. He goes to appreciate the place with a little privacy.

Wang Cheng is not here. He doesn't want to be a light bulb or eat dog food.

Tie Ting walked around the restaurant and came to the box door. After knocking, he pushed the door in.

In the elegant box, Ji Tingyan stands in front of the floor to floor window. Outside the background, there are tall buildings standing in the forest. Against the light, she looks like a scenery.

The heart of a man is pounding. Although it's only a few days apart, it's like a century later. When we meet again, we don't know how to say the first sentence. Maybe the woman in front of us is too beautiful. Different from the past, she's wearing a very feminine dress today. Her long hair is smooth and drooping. She's beautiful and noble. This temperament, with her inherent pride and self-confidence, makes men feel proud and confident People feel dazzling.

He suddenly understood why she had never made a boyfriend before, and how many men have the courage to look at her directly, even if they really like it, they are afraid of losing their confidence in front of her.

"You're back at last." Ji Tingyan doesn't care. She rushes to him and refuses to let go.

Tie Ting was shocked all over and his heart beat faster. He subconsciously reached out to hold her tightly.

"I thought it would take a long time to meet. Fortunately, you are back." Ji Tingyan rubbed against his chest, muttering softly.

Tie Ting low sighed, tight body relaxed a lot, Wen Sheng laughed: "you have been waiting for me?"

"Who are you waiting for? You don't know how I got here these days. " Ji Tingyan is like a child who has been wronged. She plays with him.

"Sorry to worry you." Men blame themselves.

"Just promise me that you won't send me away in the future." Ji Tingyan complains softly about him.

Mention this matter, the man handsome face is more ashamed.

"No, I promise." Tie Ting can only comfort her.

"Well, I don't think you dare. If there's another time, I'll ignore you." Ji Tingyan is threatening him with her breath.

Tie Ting looked at his bright red lips. His mind was palpitating. He wanted to move his mouth, but he could only use his fingers to pinch her cheek: "don't ignore me, I won't hurt your heart again."

The man confessed his mistake seriously. Ji Tingyan couldn't bear to play a trick on him. She didn't think that tie Ting was a man who didn't count his words.

"Come and sit down. I ordered." Ji Tingyan takes his big hand and walks up to the position.

Tie Ting's eyes gazed at her tenderly. I don't know if it was his illusion. She seemed to be thinner after missing for several days.