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C947 falling into crisis

Bai Zhenzhen is like losing his soul. He sits on the sofa, unable to move for a long time, and runs through his body with cold mind. The fear of being held in the head with a gun was like a shadow around her again. When she begged for a living in the year of

now, does Ji Lin still have to settle accounts with her after autumn? Bai

it's true that the whole person is frightened to the extreme. Suddenly, she has an impulse to call Bai Yiyan and ask her to tell Ji Yueze to send her to the police station for protection as soon as possible.

After Bai Zhenzhen reflected, she looked for her mobile phone in a panic. She called Bai Yiyan.

When it rang for the first time, no one answered.

Bai Zhen didn't give up. He got through again. This time, the phone was answered by one person. The voice of the other person was very cold: "Bai Zhen really? Someone wants to see you! "

"Who are you? How about Xiaoyan? Who wants to see me? Let me talk to Xiaoyan! " Bai is really scared. She has a bad feeling. Her face is pale and colorless. "

she's ok now, but if you don't meet someone, maybe! Also, if you want to be smart enough, don't tell the third person at last, otherwise, she will only die faster. " The other side didn't seem to want to say anything more to her, just conveyed the purpose and hung up directly. "

Hello, Hello, don't hang up, what happened to Xiaoyan?" Bai Zhenzhen yells at the angry voice of the mobile phone which is already mang Yin, and looks desperate.

When she calls again, the phone turns off.

Bai Zhenzhen's brain is blank, and her heart is like being held by an invisible hand, which makes her breathless. Bai Zhenzhen already knows who the person referred to in the Fang dialect is.

It must be Ji Lin, the terrible devil, who has pestered her again.

White really painful uneasy will face buried in the palm of the heart, at the moment the heart chaos to the extreme. How to


Xiaoyan must have been kidnapped by Jilin. Her life and death are unknown. The other side also threatens her not to tell others. What should she do? What can I do to solve my own daughter?

The four words of her own daughter made Bai Zhenzhen tremble. Since her daughter was born, she has never raised her as her own daughter. She has always been ashamed and remorseful. She feels that she is not qualified to recognize her in this life.

"Xiaoyan I'm sorry for your mother. Please don't worry, otherwise, she won't live alone. " Bai Zhenzhen got up from the floor, and was about to walk out of the door when his hands and feet were cold.

Just at this time, a black sports car came out of the door.

Bai Zhenzhen saw the young handsome figure coming down from the car, and the whole person was stiff again.

Is jiyueze here? Bai

really wanted to sneak out, because she had to find a chance to see Ji Lin. no matter what, she would go to see him, even if she would die. Ji

Yueze walks into the small garden and sees Bai Zhenzhen standing beside the fountain, pale and haggard. "

Xiaoyan said that she would come to you in the afternoon. How about her?" Ji Yueze also came to pick up Bai Yiyan herself because she didn't get through. White

when she brushed her real face, it became more pale. She squeezed her hand tightly: "she Did she say she would come? I didn't see her? " "

you mean, she's not here?" Ji Yueze said coldly: "does she contact you? I called her, her cell phone turned off, and her assistant didn't know where she was now? "

Bai Zhenzhen's heart aches like a needle. She wants to tell Ji Yueze about her daughter's disappearance. However, she also thinks of the man's cold threat. In case that the other party really killed her daughter in advance because she told Ji Yueze, she will regret all her life. "

she really didn't come to me. If you don't want to, go to my sister. She's going to have her birthday these two days. Maybe she's going to find her." Bai Zhenzhen forces herself to calm down. At this time, she can't panic. "

OK!" Ji Yueze's eyes swept over her face. Suddenly, he stopped again and looked back at the truth.

Although she is old and hasn't been maintained recently, resulting in pale skin color, she looks at her facial features carefully, but it's still very beautiful. Ji Yueze frowns and wipes the suspicion from her heart.

It's said that some of the children born will be more like their own family members. Maybe Bai Yiyan passed on from generation to generation. White

I dare not breathe. I'm afraid that I can see the flaw by the season.

"What are you doing standing here alone?" Ji Yueze suddenly asked her.

"Oh, I'll come out and have a walk!" Bai Zhenzhen finished, and instinctively shook his arm.

"How are you living here?" Ji Yueze asked lightly. "

it's very good. Thank you for your care. I've done something sorry to you. I'm really ashamed that you still treat me like this!" Said Bai Zhenzhen.

"I was polite to you because of Bai Yiyan's face!" Ji Yueze sneered, said nothing more, turned around and drove his car away. White

I was so relieved that I wanted to walk towards the door. Suddenly

however, a black bodyguard suddenly appeared in front of her and blocked her way: "madam, please go back, you can't go out of this door!"

Bai Zhenzhen thought that Ji family sent two bodyguards to guard her. "

I didn't want to go out, I just looked around!" Bai Zhenzhen had to walk back to the living room.

At the moment, she is fidgety and doesn't know what to do.

If we can't get out of this door, how can we save our daughter? White

really crazily pulling his hair, I wish I could tear off my scalp. Her heart was burning, frightened and frightened, which made her mentally disordered.

"By the way, the hospital..." When Bai Zhen was really dizzy, she came up with an excellent way. If she wants to go out of this door, she must have an excuse to go out. White

I really took the fruit knife on the table and wanted to row it down to my wrist.

However, she can't cut her wrists. It's suicide. She hasn't seen Ji Lin or her daughter rescued safely. She can't die. In the end, Zhenzhen had to give up cutting her wrists. Later, she thought of her sleeping pills upstairs.

If you swallow several more, will you be poisoned and sent to the hospital? "

No, no, what if I poison myself and can't wake up?" Bai Zhenzhen finds that she can't think of a better way. At last, she decides to pretend to be ill.

Because after she went out, she had to find a way to see Jilin. She couldn't really have an accident.

At the same time, Ji Lin seems to have left his contact information when making an interview.

Bai Zhenzhen opened his interview, found his contact number below, and wrote down.