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Ji yunning looked at the big palm holding on to his arm, and his face flashed a deep pain.

For a long time, Ji Xiaohan had no contact with her. Even though she was separated by clothes, his kind of care had been enough to make Ji yunning happy for a long time. "

I will. Brother Xiaohan, aren't you always searching for the cause of uncle's death? I suspect it has a lot to do with Ji Lin. although I have no evidence to prove him at present, I think he has the biggest suspicion. " Ji yunning immediately tells Ji Xiaohan what she knows.

Ji Xiaohan stared at her for a long time, and then said lightly: "yes, I'm really tracking down the cause of my father's death, but I don't have any evidence at present. If you have any discovery, you can tell me!" "

I came back this time to help you find out about it. Besides, I did the last time your company leaked secrets. Brother Xiaohan, I have evidence in my hand!" Ji yunning said that he took out a U-disk from his leather bag and some documents and contracts for the transaction. "

these people used to be my offline ones. I would regularly charge their cards every month, with different amounts. These are transaction vouchers. Ji Lin ordered me to do this. He told me before he was caught five years ago!" Ji yunning looked more sad. She closed her eyes and said to herself, "I used to believe him so much, but I fell into this situation." "

Ji Lin is a ruthless person. At the beginning, I thought he would treat you kindly, at least not use you as others do." Ji Xiaohan seems to care, but in fact, he's adding fuel to the fire between her and Ji Lin. Ji

yunning's expression is more resentment. She holds her fist, resists this hatred, and grins her teeth and says: "yes, I also think he raised me up and really regarded me as his daughter. If I knew it would be such a result, I might as well let me live and die in the orphanage."

"Well, now that you know his character, don't listen to him again. If you have a chance, you can leave him. As long as you help me, I'll try my best to alleviate the crime for you!" Ji Xiaohan feels that Ji yunning is a person who can be used after he has tested her, which eliminates his vigilance to her. Yun Ning nodded: "I really want to be a new man now. I have been longing for a warm life. If I come out of prison later, someone is willing to love me and accept me, I will consider marrying him as my wife!"

Ji Xiaohan sees the sadness in Ji yunning's eyes, and knows that her heart has suffered great damage. When a person is not afraid to die, what she is most afraid of is what she has never had. "

what you are sure to meet, a kind heart, is worth cherishing and owning!" Season owl cold voice comforts her. "

thank you, brother Xiaohan. I'm going to take a step first. I'll let you know the news as soon as possible." Ji yunning was relieved. She smiled at Ji Xiaohan and left.

Ji Xiaohan stares at her back and looks down. Look at

come on, he has another help on his way to revenge. Thanks to Ji Lin for pushing his hand, he has pushed a key figure to his side.

Ji yunning left Ji's group and went straight to find Ji Lin. With the belief of revenge, Ji yunning felt that he had more strength and courage.

She knocked on the door of Ji Shangqing's house. Ji Lin came to open the door and saw that it was her. There was a touch of heartache and guilt on her face: "daughter, you are willing to see me at last!"

"Daddy, where do you want to go? I am your daughter. If I don't come to you, who else can I go to? " Ji yunning laughed at himself.

"Oh? Don't you blame me? I've introduced you to such an old boyfriend! " Ji Lin deliberately said it better.

Boyfriend three words, stabbed Ji yunning's heart, heart in blood, but still smile on the face.

"Wang Kun is very kind to me. What do I want and what he gives me? Besides, he promised to inherit all his property to me." Ji yunning laughs more and more happily, a greedy ambition appearance. Ji

Lin was relieved. He did not mistake his daughter. She was greedy for money and gave her money. She agreed to everything. Season

Shang Qing turned from inside and said, "I just heard three words about boyfriend. Who has a boyfriend?"

"I ah, daddy introduced a very rich and very painful boyfriend to me!" Ji yunning said with a smile.

"Who? Do I know you? " Ji Shangqing is still interested in her sister's finding a boyfriend.

"Wang Kun!" The introduction of Ji yunning.

"What?" Ji Shangqing's face seems to have been slapped: "is he your boyfriend? An old man who is going to be fifty years old. Besides, how can you talk to him when his name is out... "

"Shangqing, what do you say? Don't you know that all girls like uncle now? Mature and charming, and know how to hurt people! " Ji Lin immediately scolds his son and doesn't allow him to talk nonsense. Season

still clear but ha ha two: "what uncle, shouldn't be called uncle?"

Ji yunning looks at her father and son fighting. She sneers at each other in her heart, but she says with a smile: "yes, he hurts me. I can have anything I want. Daddy really knows me!" It's obviously the best example of a flower inserted in cow dung.

"Well, you can do it yourself!" Ji Shangqing is very happy to see Ji yunning. I wonder if her brain is full of water.

Ji Lin is happy, because Ji yunning is very satisfied with the old man. "

daddy, I just went to the Empire State building. I went to see Ji Xiaohan!" Ji yunning suddenly took the initiative to say it, because she knew that Ji Lin had laid a lot of eyes in Ji Xiaohan's company. She didn't take the initiative to say it. When he asked, he would be suspicious.

"Oh? Is it? What are you looking for him for? " Ji Lin's face really changed. In fact, he has just received a message.

"Ji yunning said with his mouth turned." I went to see him on the first day of his new marriage. If you let Tang youYou know, maybe I will have a fight with him. "

"What did you say to him?" Ji Lin listened to her saying, but he was very satisfied.

"I cried for him. I kept telling him my love. You don't know how rich his face is!" Ji yunning was elated as he spoke. Ji

Lin also laughed: "you are still so naughty, but you are right. You should disturb their newly married life and make him unhappy!" Yunning also laughs, but the one who laughs is a little fake. This time, it's a lie.