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It seemed to be picking up a stone and throwing it.

Children were naturally fond of playing, and it was also very easy for them to be moved by simple things. Playing with small stones could also make them feel happy.

"Good night, Daddy!" Tang Xiao Nai sweetly waved her hand towards Ji Xiao Han.

Liu Xi was very sensitive to this, so he moved Tang You You's table to the other side.

At around nine o'clock, Liu Xi suddenly came out of her office excitedly and clapped. "Come, everyone listen to me talk about a happy thing."

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at Liu Xi in surprise.

Liu Xi quickly announced: "I just received a call from my superior, saying that in order to take care of the subordinates, the company headquarters will send a department out every month, and with the Quarterly personally treating us, we are very lucky. The first department I got is our Third Design Department, and today at noon, everyone can put down your work and have a good meal."

Hearing this news, the entire office burst into an uproar.

Almost all the women had nervous and excited expressions on their faces.

"Oh my god, I can't believe I'm eating with Quarterly at the same table today."

"That's right. If I had known such a good thing would happen today, I would have worn better clothes."

"I haven't washed my hair in two days. What should I do?"

When all the women were excited to the point where they couldn't control themselves, Tang You You lowered her head, her small face a little confused.

What is this Ji Xiao Han doing now? Why did he suddenly have to invite people from the office to eat? Is Ji Xiao Han not handsome enough? He was young and handsome, with a good figure that could not be described with words. More importantly, he was rich!

Tang You You could no longer stay in this joyous office. She decided to take a walk outside to get some fresh air.

After finding a place with less people, Tang You You lowered his head and looked at the phone he was holding.

At this time, should she call Ji Xiao Han and tell him about this?

When Tang You You flipped to find his number, he was a little hesitant. At this time, would that man be very busy? Is it convenient to answer the phone?

Tang You You was not a tyrannical and unreasonable woman, so she was cold to Ji Xiao Han only because he suddenly took over her child.

Just as she was hesitating, her fingers accidentally pulled out the number.

Tang You You's heart skipped a beat, since she had already unplugged her phone, she could only listen.

Thankfully, after a few beeps, the man's slightly deep voice could be heard, "What is it?"

What Tang You You did not know was that Ji Xiao Han was sitting in a huge conference room, in front of him, there were more than fifty people trembling with fear, reporting about the matters of the company.

The moment they heard the call, almost everyone's nerves tensed up. They were afraid that their phones would be turned off due to forgetting to do so.


The young man at the head of the table picked up the phone he had placed on the table and answered it in a slow and unhurried manner.

The breath that was hanging in their throats was finally relieved.

But he felt that it was unbelievable, as the Quarterly, for the first time, received a call from the conference room.

He remembered that when someone forgot to turn off his phone, he fired that person on the spot and set an iron-like rule. Whoever dared to answer the call in the meeting room, he would obediently leave.


The person who broke this rule was the person who set it. Although everyone felt it was inconceivable, no one dared to make a sound.

"Did you know you're having lunch with our office staff today?" Tang You You asked the main point directly.

"I know!" The man's reply caused her heart to sink even further.

"You know? Do you know why I didn't stop this from happening? You're here... If anyone sees that we have anything to do with each other, then the condition you promised me doesn't count. " Tang You You's voice could not help but increase by a few notches.

"This matter is very difficult for me as well!" Ji Xiao Han raised his eyes slightly. Seeing that there were so many people in front of him who were eyesore, he stood up and walked towards the Walk Outside in his office.

Everyone was petrified.

Ji Xiao Han found a place with no people and stood still. Then, he heard the dissatisfied reply from the woman: "What are you troubled about? Aren't you the boss? You can cancel the decision, but it's just a matter of your word. "

"Woman, you're thinking too simply. I was the one who brought up this matter, but I didn't think that the first one would be able to get into your office." Woman, you're thinking too simply, I'm the one who brought up this matter, but I didn't expect to get into your office. Ji Xiao Han said with a cold face, he had purposely said these past few years in a serious manner, but in truth, it was just because he wanted to teach this disobedient woman a lesson.

Tang You You naturally didn't understand a thing about managing a company, and since Ji Xiao Han had spoken in such a serious manner, it was as if everything was true. She could only bite his lip and not say anything.

"Don't worry, I will pretend not to know you." Ji Xiao Han said indifferently.

"I hope you can keep your promise and not make things difficult for me." After Tang You You finished speaking, he hung up.

She had intended to persuade him to give up the dinner, but from his tone, it was impossible to cancel.


In an upscale restaurant beside the company, two large tables were placed in a large private room.

Liu Xi led the employees of the company and stood at the entrance of the private box obediently, waiting for the owner to come over.

When they thought about how they would be able to see Ji Xiao Han in a while, the group of women were so excited that their hands and feet were trembling. A few of them were pretty and the young girls even had exquisite makeup drawn on their faces, hoping to make use of this opportunity to make Ji Xiao Han fall in love with her at first sight.

At around 12 o'clock, Ji Xiao Han's convoy stopped outside the restaurant, he brought a few higher-ups with him.

In order to show that this was indeed a benefit of the company, Ji Xiao Han had also spent a lot of effort.

When he arrived at the entrance of the room, his gloomy eyes saw the woman standing at the very end of the line.

Unlike other women who had shy and timid expressions, she stood there quietly, neither happy nor sad.