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C1876. She's attracting him

Xia Xinnian's face is blue and white. He wants to refute, but he thinks again. Why should he explain so much to him?

"You mind me, I'm going to take a bath!"

Xia Xinnian finished and closed the door directly.

After eating the closed door of jimucheng, Jun's face was cold and gloomy. It was the first time that he got the feeling of being ignored.

Does this woman really think she can be arrogant when she gives birth to her son?

Hum, he will let her know who is the master of the family.

Xia Xinnian took a bath, dried his long hair and went down the spiral stairs.

The voice of Xia Yuchen came from the restaurant.

"Daddy, our school is so big. I almost lost my way today!"

The man's deep and gentle voice raised: "is that right?

If you walk around the school more, you will not get lost if you are familiar with the environment. "

"Daddy, there is a beautiful female teacher asking about you today. She said you are so handsome."

After a meal, the little guy said, looking at jimucheng with big white eyes.

Jimucheng's hand was slightly stiff with chopsticks. He immediately asked jokingly, "how did you tell her?"

"I'll tell her. I say you don't see my father out there in the wind and light. He's afraid of my mother at home. He can do whatever he wants."

"Cough..." Jimucheng just drank a mouthful of water, choked in an instant, after a fierce cough, Jun's face was red, staring at his son's serious little face: "do you really say that?"


The little guy nodded his head righteously.


Xia Xinnian, who had just arrived at the door of the restaurant, couldn't help being amused by his son's words.

Jimucheng has a pair of ink eyes, and stares at him fiercely. His voice is filled with anger: "did you teach your son to say that?"

Summer heart said a white eye to him, light way: "I just didn't so bored."

"Daddy, it's not what Mommy taught me. It's what I want to say myself. I think that female teacher likes you. How can I do that?

You're my mommy's person. Never let other aunts like you. "

The little guy's big eyes, which are sharp and dark, are shining with a triumphant light.

Xia Xinnian has known his son's dark side for a long time. Although he is young, he knows a lot.

Jimucheng's handsome face is stiff again. Why does his four-year-old son know so much?

"What makes me your mommy's man?"

The meaning of jimucheng's quiet eyes suddenly changed is not clear, and they are looking towards Xia's mind.

Xia Xinnian felt the deep meaning in his eyes and deliberately avoided it.

"Daddy, don't you marry my mommy?"

The little guy immediately showed a look of panic and worry.

Jimucheng sexy thin lips slightly Yang: "son, this sentence, you should not ask me."

Jimucheng easily transferred the hot words to Xia Xinnian's body to see how she replied.

The little guy turned to look at Xia Xinnian and asked, "Mommy, are you unwilling to marry Daddy?"

Xia Xinnian took a look at his son, reached out and touched his little broken hair: "when eating, I can't speak. Have I ever taught you?"

Xia Yuchen's big blinking eyes fell suddenly: "Oh, I won't say that!"

Jimucheng is waiting for her answer. Unexpectedly, her son will become a good baby once she teaches.

The heart chagrined a sentence, jimucheng had to bear this curiosity, also elegant eat.

Xia Xinnian is returning to work with his mobile phone while eating.

Jimucheng can feel that he really has no sense of existence in front of this woman. It's not as good as his son's cough and sigh.

After dinner, Xia Xinnian led his son's little hand to the living room. The little guy raised his head and asked, "Mommy, when will uncle Yan return home? I want to hear him play."

Xia Xinnian shook his head: "I don't know. I haven't contacted him recently."

"Can you call him then?

I really miss him

The little guy is still very nostalgic.

"Well, I'll call him tomorrow."

Xia Xinnian smiles and nods.

"He's been hooking up with me and will come back to see me! He promised! "

The little guy sighed like a little adult.

With the man behind his mother and son, he narrowed his eyes tightly. He couldn't get into his mouth when talking with them. However, he had a sharp ear slap and heard them talking about the man named Yan.

Who is he?

My son seems to have a good relationship with him.

Xia Xinnian accompanied his son to review the content of his class today. The little guy also danced to tell her what happened in school today.

It can be seen that the little guy likes the new school very much.

At about ten o'clock, Xia Yuchen, who had been busy all day, had a fight with her eyelids, and soon fell asleep holding her arm.

In the dim light, Xia Xinnian looks at his son's little face gently. The delicate little face is very patient. At the moment, he sleeps like an angel.

Can't help but kiss at the corner of his son's mouth. Xia Xinnian gets up and decides to work a little longer.

Because of the need to use computers, Xia Xinnian went to the balcony next to him with his laptop and materials in order not to wake up his son.

There are four soft sofa chairs and clean glass tables on the balcony.

The flowers and plants planted nearby also show a gentle color in the warm light.

Xia Xinnian turns over the drawings and makes changes on the computer.

Jimucheng came out of the bathroom with a dark blue Pajama on his body. What was exposed in the air was the mature and strong body of a man. With every step he took, his long legs showed faintly, with attractive force.

When he lived alone, he took a bath and went straight to bed.

But now, after having a son, the first thing he did was to see if his son was asleep.

Of course, I want to see that woman as well as my son.

Jimucheng feels that he must be attracted to xiaxinnian because he has no woman for a long time.

It must be.

Gently push open the door, jimucheng side handsome face, you Mou looked at the room.

The son is asleep. What about the woman?

The first reflection of jimucheng is the balcony.

Is she working again?

How can a little designer be busier than him?

However, when I think of my mother, I once worked in this industry. Later, because of the family relationship, my mother did not develop in this industry and returned to the family. My parents worked together to bring up their four brothers and sisters, which is the most important kindness of my parents.

Is her brain too stupid, or is the company squeezing her hard work?

Close the door gently, he turned around and walked towards the balcony. Sure enough, the half closed door brought a soft light.

Jimucheng stood by the door, with her hands around her chest, looking at the woman sitting cross legged on the sofa and staring at the computer.