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C1917 on the same ship

Looking at the brilliance in Liu Mei's eyes, Xia shuran's heart is not very tasty. Is Xia Xinnian's design really worthy of her praise?

Although she was very upset, Xia shuran could only hold her back. She smiled faintly: "I just want to make your design better and give you a little care. If you like, I will give you this picture, but you have to do something for me."

Liu Mei found that things were not so simple. She immediately put down her mobile phone and asked curiously, "what would Mrs. he like me to do for you?"

"I'd like you to make these designs ready for me. They are not for sale, but you must first make them into finished products and put them away."

Xia shuran's meaning is very clear. She is betting that Xia Xinnian will use these pictures in the entries of this design competition. If there are any, she is plagiarized, which will ruin her reputation.

"What do you mean?"

Liu Mei frowned, wondering why she did it.

"Don't guess what I mean. I want to know if you'd like to do me a little favor."

Xia shuran wants to pull her into the water. As long as she agrees and takes these design drawings, Liu Mei will be on her boat.

"I'm really in a mood for these designs. My inspiration has withered recently. But my boss always asks us to reform and change. I've been looking for many countries for inspiration. Maybe I'm old and not good at discovering the beauty of the world. I'm always uncertain. Looking at your pictures, I suddenly seem to know how to design. Mrs. he, I'd like to help you, but Can you tell me first, whose picture is it? "

Liu Mei is also a smart woman. The water is too deep and there are many routines. She doesn't want to be trapped.

"Well, I'll tell you, it's designed by one of my detestable people. She is a shameless woman. She robbed my husband. I hated her in my heart, so I took her design. I just want her to be ruined."

Xia shuran said that his face was full of hurt.

As a woman, Liu Mei knows the pain most. Once, she was betrayed by men, which once made her look down on depression. Therefore, as long as it is a woman, she will hate this kind of thing.

"Did your husband find a junior?"

Liu Mei looks at her sympathetically.

"Yes, in the eyes of outsiders, our rich wife has boundless scenery, but how much pain have we suffered, and who can understand it?"

Xia shuran said, and drank up the wine in her glass. She looked out of the window with disgust: "that woman used the means to confuse my husband's heart, Liu Mei, I beg you, you help me once, once, I will give you benefits."

Liu Mei looks at the sadness in her eyes. It doesn't look like it's pretended. She nods: "OK, if you are revenging your husband's junior, I'm willing to help you. Our women are weak, and men are looking around. We have to be good for him. We are looking around, which is moral corruption. It's really unfair."

"Thank you. I hope you can make it tomorrow and send me the pictures. I want to wear the clothes she designed to piss her off."

Said Xia shuran in pain.

"Well, I'll ask someone to do it when I go back. I'll do it for you."

Liu Mei nods.

"I won't let you do it for nothing."

Xia shuran was very happy. At last, she cheated another person with her acting skills.

Xia Xinnian agrees to let Xia Yuchen stay at Ji's house for a few days, which makes Ji Xiaohan and his wife very happy.

The next afternoon, they showed up at the school gate on time, waiting to pick up their grandchildren.

Ji Xiaohan is still the chairman of the company at present, but he has completely delegated power to his eldest son, Ji Mucheng. He is in charge of all affairs of the company. He plans to enjoy life with his wife.

Since Tang youyou met Ji Xiaohan, his life has been like opening and hanging up. It's more comfortable day by day. In this world, there's nothing happier than being loved. Her husband loves her, and her four children love her. Fortunately, she can still live stably. Otherwise, there's no law.

"I didn't see the wrong person as expected. I thought it was pretty good. I knew we wanted to take Yuchen home for a few days."

Tang youyou is very satisfied.

"She has your temperament. That's why her son likes her."

Season owl cold low soft said.


What is my temperament? "

Tang youyou asked curiously.

"Strong, self respecting and self loving, there is an unyielding nature in his bones. Of course, the most important thing is to be reasonable and understanding."

Ji Xiaohan thought about it and said a lot of nice things.

"Is it?

I don't know that I have so many advantages. "

Tang youyou is dubious.

Ji Xiao coldly chuckled: "look at our two daughters. They all have your shadow."

"You say Tingyan is like me, I don't object, but Siyi How could I be so naughty, so two. "

Tang youyou refuses to admit that the little girl is like her own character, because she is really famous.

The season owl cold some lose form of smile voice, that little daughter looks like who?

"What are you laughing at?

It must be like you. "

Tang youyou looks at him in anger.

"I think she is very similar to my grandmother's character..." Ji Xiaohan immediately laughs. Although grandma has left, in his memory, grandma's character is the same as that of her little daughter. It's said that when she was young, she was not in tune, but grandpa just couldn't love her.

"Is it?

By the way, I haven't told my father and your mother about Yuchen. "

Tang youyou suddenly said.

"They live abroad. Don't disturb them for a while. Let's spend some more time."

Season owl cold sighed.

"How do you agree to let them live together?"

Tang youyou dare not ask this question all the time. He always feels that he will touch the pain of Ji Xiaohan.

"They are all of this age, and there is not much time for them."

Season owl cold voice a few low.

Tang youyou was stunned and reached out and held his hand: "thank you."

"They live abroad and no one they know bothers them."

Ji Xiaohan murmured that all this was arranged by him. Five years ago, after his mother had a serious illness, he suddenly understood the importance of human life, that is, to be old with his loved ones. Since the people in his mother's mind are still in the world, he must satisfy his mother's wishes no matter who he is or what his status is.

"Well, my dad always wanted me to say thank you."

Tangyou light judo.

Season owl cold low eyes looked at her, her eyes as gentle and pure as to the night, years, as if lenient to her.

At this time, the door of the school opened, the housekeeper had picked up xiaoyuchen and Ji Xiaohan had pushed the door down.


The little guy saw it from afar and ran to him.

Season owl cold stoops, hugged him a full.