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C651 suddenly wants to know him

Ji Xiaohan's work suddenly became busier than before. Before, he tried to reduce the work of the day to the end of the day, and all the time in the evening was free to accompany the children and Tang youyou. He gave Tang youyou a feeling that he didn't seem to be as busy as the legend. However, Tang youyou didn't know that in order to be able to rush home as soon as possible to accompany her and the children for dinner, Ji Xiaohan even spent his lunch break on work. He used to have a rest time when he was a little younger than br >

now, he only narrowed very much on the sofa in the office Like a clock, it works.

However, he didn't mention all the things he did behind his back to Tang youyou. He didn't want her to worry about herself, let alone lose every inch of time with the children.

He has missed their most lovely childhood, so he wants to spare more time to mend the children and make them feel more fatherly love.

However, what happened in the company this time has become urgent. Ji Xiaohan has to take all the time to deal with it. So, for the first time, he called Tang youyou to tell her that she would come home later and let her know the children and the second elder. Don't wait for him to eat.

Tang youyou receives his call, a little surprised, his work is suddenly busy, she is really a little uncomfortable.

Maybe he used to go home in the dark, eat with him and spend warm bedtime with his children. Tang youyou thought that such a day would last forever. Unexpectedly, his work suddenly became so busy.

She took care of him on the phone and hung up.

When she went downstairs, she saw the two elders and the children sitting on the sofa. She whispered, "he said that he would work overtime in the evening. Maybe he would not go back to dinner. Let's eat first!"

The old lady frowned. "Did he tell you what's wrong with the company? Didn't he seldom work at night?"

With reading the newspaper in his reading glasses, Mr. Ji suddenly looks up at Tang youyou and seems to be waiting for her to talk.

"I asked him, but he didn't tell me in detail. He just said that there was something urgent for the company to deal with."

The old lady turned her head and looked at the old man. "You can call Xiao Han tomorrow. If it's work, you have more experience. Give him some ideas and let him avoid detours."

The old man nodded: "OK, I'll call him tomorrow and ask him. In fact, he has learned what I should teach, and I have nothing to teach him."

After listening, the old lady immediately smiled proudly: "of course, we Xiaohan have been smart since he was a child and have an amazing memory. His skill in managing the company has already surpassed that of you. You can't refuse to accept it."

When the old man heard this, he couldn't help laughing: "yes, I know that in your eyes, your grandson is incomparable."

Tang Youyou, next to her, heard that both the elder and the elder recognized Ji Xiaohan's ability. She also raised some small satisfaction in her heart. It was an enviable thing to think that she would marry such an excellent man.

In fact, when Tang youyou was in the company, many people were praising Ji Xiaohan's management ability. He was young, experienced and strong in means. He was really a rare business genius.

It is also a dark horse in the business war, with an immeasurable future. Tang youyou suddenly felt that his understanding of Ji Xiaohan was too superficial. He only knew that he was handsome, that he was kind to his children, that he was a qualified father, that he was filial, and that he set up a very good example for the children. In addition, Tang youyou found that he had no other understanding of him.

She didn't even know his working process in the company one day. What kind of environment he was facing? She only knew the tip of the iceberg about his company. In addition to the Italian design company she worked for, she only heard one name from other subsidiaries.

Tang youyou is very ashamed. She is not a qualified girlfriend at all. She only knows that she is busy with her work every day, but she knows too little about her married husband.

Two little guys nearby heard that Ji Xiaohan didn't come back, and some disappointed expressions appeared on his lovely little face.

When they come back from school, they are very looking forward to having dinner at their family's table in the evening. The perfect atmosphere will be reassuring and joyful.

At the moment, Ji Xiaohan takes a cup of coffee to refresh himself in the headquarters of Jishi group and the president's office.

He turned the big black chair to the glass window, looked through the bright glass window, and looked far away.

Around his building, all the buildings are very low, as if he stepped on the foot of the general, that kind of feeling standing on the summit, let the thinking of Ji Xiaohan be more acute, more intelligent.

The lights in the distance are shining. At this moment, it's more than nine o'clock.

At this time, the two children should take a bath and go to bed. They have classes tomorrow.

Tang youyou will surely sit on the edge of their small bed and tell them fairy tales with story books. Or, he will sing a sleep song quietly to make them sleep.

Since Tang youyou's identity was exposed, the two little guys seem to grow up to be sensible all of a sudden.

Before, Tang xiaonai liked to sleep with Tang youyou. She needed to reach out and hold her hand to fall asleep. She had no sense of security.

But now, the two little guys have their own lovely beds and are used to sleeping alone. This is a step for children to grow up.

But every time when he pushed open the door of the children's room, he saw his daughter's small body huddled on the small bed, and he felt inexplicably distressed.

Parents are most afraid that their children are not independent, but they are most afraid to let them learn to be independent.

Six months ago, Ji Xiaohan didn't expect that he would have children so early. He didn't even want to get married and find a woman. He focused almost all his energy on the management of the company. But now, Ji Xiaohan is a father's heart. All he does, thinks and thinks can't be separated from these two children. For the future of the children, he treats his work more severely, and he is more ruthless to himself. He wants to lay a solid foundation for the children and let them live a carefree life You're welcome.

Season owl cold took a sip of coffee, inexplicably, gave birth to a deep miss. Although he didn't meet in a day, why did he want to go back and hold the woman to sleep?