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Ji Xiao Han could only nod his head: "Alright, then I'll tell you about my past."

Tang You You reached out a hand again, coiled it around his sturdy arm, and brought herself a little closer to the body.

Ji Xiao Han originally wanted to speak, but because of her small action, he had instantly forgotten everything.

Even if he wanted to, he couldn't ignore the warm and gentle woman beside him.

"Cough …" Originally, it was a sorrowful and painful situation, but now, Ji Xiao Han felt that he needed to properly calm down.

Tang You You looked at him strangely: "What's wrong? Are you sick? "

Ji Xiao Han immediately shook his head: "No, I'm just … There's something wrong with your throat. "

Tang You You immediately looked at his throat, only to see that his adam's apple had already started rolling more than once.

"Is your throat inflamed?"

Ji Xiao Han really didn't know whether to laugh or cry about her innocence. It was obvious that he did it because he was too overheated, and it was the most normal reaction a man would have.

"No!" Ji Xiao Han Gan Jin patted her face, then began to speak: "Ji Yun Ning is a daughter that my uncle adopted from an orphanage. My uncle and my aunt had been married for many years, and had no children, and after hearing that they calculated their fate, they adopted Ji Yun Ning. I didn't think that the next year, they actually gave birth to a son.

Tang You You blinked his eyes, "Is it really that magical? Do I need to calculate another day? Counting our fate, how much is it? "

Hearing that, Ji Xiao Han's handsome face froze, he anxiously held onto her little hand: "No need, you don't need to calculate, our fate is already very good!"

Tang You You immediately laughed: "What, you seem to be very nervous, are you afraid that you will figure out something bad?"

"I'm not afraid, I just don't believe it!" Of course Ji Xiao Han was afraid, if fortune-teller truly said it, then the thing that he wanted to hide with all his might, would it not be exposed?

No, absolutely not!

"Alright, I won't go then!" Seeing that he was opposed, Tang You You could only agree, "Continue!"

"Ji Yun Ning was very sensible, very obedient, and very good at looking at others' faces. My uncle and aunt were also good to her, and even my grandparents liked her, but at that time, I did not have a big impression of her. Even after my father passed away and my mother remarried, she would often come to care for me, talk to me, and even endure my bad temper.

As Tang You You listened, he felt extremely pained. Now that he thought about it, Ji Yun Ning was not so bad after all.

At that time, my personality was very solitary, and I didn't want to interact with the outside world. Gradually, she was the only one left in my world, and at that time, I always thought that she was an angel sent by God to save me, and everything she did to me in the future, came from her heart. I slowly trusted her and started to walk out of the shadows. As Ji Xiao Han thought of the past, his handsome face couldn't help but have a hint of heaviness and sorrow.

As Tang You You listened, he was also deeply affected. He only felt that although this man looked glorious and mighty, he also suffered a lot from his heart.

"You liked her back then, didn't you?" Tang You You couldn't help but ask.

Ji Xiao Han's expression changed slightly, and immediately looked into her eyes. "Don't be angry, I was still young at that time.

"Alright, I'm not angry. Don't worry about me!" Tang You You immediately laughed, she felt that he was even more sensitive than herself, this kind of reaction made Tang You You inexplicably feel that he was a little childish, but, this made people inexplicably like him.

When Ji Xiao Han saw that she really wasn't angry, he finally calmed down a little and patted the back of her hand: "Actually, the traces of Ji Yun Ning being used by my uncle were very obvious, it's just that back then, when I was immersed in the sense of security she gave me, I did not notice that Ji Yun Ning would make me go out to play at a bar late at night and fight with others. I almost learned how to take drugs from others, in short, I thought it was because of my youth, but now that I recalled it, it was my uncle who had Ji Yun Ning lead me to the path of destruction.

When Tang You You heard this, all the good impression that she had of Ji Yun Ning instantly disappeared. She only felt sorry for the man beside her: "How do you know that all of this is related to Ji Yun Ning?"

"I'm not an idiot, at that time, I felt that it was possible that we were still too young, and could have wasted our youth's time, and could have gone crazy, but once, there was Ji Yun Ning who somehow caused me to fight with another man, and at that time, the other party took out a knife, which I was actually a bit afraid of, and right after Ji Yun Ning pushed me away, the knife stabbed into her body. That time, I was very afraid of losing her, and felt that she would die.

Tang You You ridiculed: "I never thought that she would be so scheming at such a young age. Is she trying to attract your attention?"

Ji Xiao Han also laughed sarcastically: "Her dirty trick did indeed get into my heart. After that, I became addicted to being together with her, like a playful prodigal brother, and angered my grandfather to death, and became even more disappointed in me, and after that, maybe I really wanted to reflect on my own mistakes, I still continued to study under my grandfather. Gradually, I did a lot of things in the company, although it did not affect my uncle's position in the company, but the old fox was always more sensitive, and also more ruthless. Thus, he and Ji Yun Ning plotted something together."

Tang You You's heart tensed up, she looked at Ji Xiao Han with concern, waiting for him to continue.

Tang You You's beautiful eyes slightly widened, and immediately after, she pointed at herself: "And then, you pushed open my door? "Give me …"

"Yes, at that time, I was very anxious. I had almost pushed open all the doors on that floor, but no room could be pushed open. It wasn't until I pushed open your room and closed the door that I found you lying on the bed.