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C1453 Ling Mo Feng is infatuated

Lingmo Feng holds lanyanxi in his arms and puts her down gently after entering the bathroom. Lanyanxi is embarrassed to lower her head. Even if she doesn't look up, she knows that the man is looking at her enthusiastically.

"I'm going to take a bath. Why don't you go out?" Lanyanxi's heart seemed to be beating like a drum. She jumped so fast that the blood rushed to her head, which made her unable to think.

"What if I don't want to go out?" Ling Mo Feng looks at her ears and they are all red. He is inexplicably moved and wants to play tricks on her.

"Why don't we take a bath together?" Blue speech Xi Li immediately raised his head and said with a smile.

Ling Mo Feng: "..."

LAN Yanxi's car was driving too suddenly. Ling Mo Feng, such a strict man, suddenly blushed. His dark eyes dodged: "no, hurry to wash it!"

"You said you didn't want to go out, why, shy?" LAN yanxijue's mind is full of colorful thoughts. How can Ling Mo Feng be his opponent?

"Yan Xi, you still haven't changed. What are the thoughts in your head?" Ling Mo Feng couldn't help but reach out and touch her head twice, which messed up her hair style.

"It's all indescribable pictures!" LAN Yanxi said with a small mouth.

The man attached to the body, in her ear a low dumb smile: "when we get married, let me see!"

Lanyanxi relies on one mouth, but if she is really asked to practice, she may not be able to play super well. At the moment, when she hears the man's words, she is even more embarrassed. She hurriedly pushes his tall body to the door: "I have to take a bath, you hurry out!"

"OK, I'm outside. Please call me!" Ling Mo Feng was in a very happy mood. He walked towards the door quickly and did not forget to tell her.

"I'm fine!" LAN Yanxi murmured. When she untied the clothes and threw them in the laundry room, she suddenly thought of a very important thing. She didn't seem to bring in the changed clothes.

It can't be blamed for her carelessness, because in the public bathroom outside, she hangs two nightgowns every day, but this is Ling Mo Feng's bathroom. There are only his neat bath articles, and the only one that can be used is a white bath towel.

"I'll go. I really need his help!" Blue Yan hopes to make a face.

Outside, Ling Mo Feng sat on the edge of his bed with an album in his hand. Suddenly, he heard the sound of water in the bathroom. Suddenly, his mind was not focused.

So, after putting down the album in his hand, he put his hands around his chest and leaned on the head of the bed to keep his eyes closed.

Try to ignore the sound of the water in the bathroom, but in my mind, I have already created a variety of pictures.

Just when Ling Mo felt his breath was heavy and his chest was sultry, his eyes opened as soon as the sound of the water stopped. Just as if he had experienced a feast of incomparable enjoyment, when he woke up, everything was empty.

The door of the bathroom opened a little. Blue Yanxi said with a shy voice: "Ling Mo Feng, would you please go to my room to get my pajamas? I was in a hurry and didn't bring it in. "

"Good!" The man looked at the door of the bathroom, his voice was low, he got up and went out.

Ling Mo Feng walked into LAN Yanxi's room and was stunned for a moment. It used to be empty here, but now it has completely changed its style after it is easy to live in. It seems that the fragrance of women is floating in the air.

Ling Mo Feng went to her wardrobe and opened it. He saw a pink nightgown. He reached out and took it down. When he turned to leave, he suddenly thought of something. He turned to look for it carefully.

At last, he bent over and opened a cabinet beside her, which contained her underwear and pants neatly. Most of the colors were pink.

Ling Mo Feng's breathing was heavier in a moment. He felt that his blood must have soared to a high point.

Slender fingers, casually took a pair of trousers, and walked out quickly.

Lanyanxi is still standing in the bathroom at the moment, a little cold. He takes his bath towel and wraps it up, waiting for his rescue.

After a while, she heard footsteps, so she quickly opened the bathroom door, the man holding his robe, and a pink pants.

Blue words and beautiful eyes opened in an instant. Next second, she reached for them and said a thank you in a low voice.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes slightly greedy looked inside, only to see that she was wearing a bath towel, and her skin was white rather than snow, with fine bone and bright love.

"Cough! What would you like to eat at night? I'll have it delivered! " Ling Mo Feng felt a fire scurrying around in his body, so he had to cough a little to cover up his embarrassment.

"Anything will do. Anyway, I don't eat much at night. I'll ask my aunt to make less food. I have to waste a lot every night. I'm sorry!" LAN Yanxi said, closing the bathroom door slightly, but not completely.

Because LAN Yanxi wants to leave some space to talk to Ling Mo Feng.

Ling Mo Feng watched her a light shadow printed behind the glass door. Her actions were vivid under the bright lights.

Ling Mo Feng looks a little straight. After she takes the bath towel away, the perfect figure is just a light shadow, which is enough to starve Ling Mo Feng's brain.

"Ling Mo Feng, are you still listening?" The voice of blue Yanxi came again.

The man found that he had forgotten to answer her, so he gave a light cough and asked, "what did you say just now?"

"I said to ask my aunt not to send me so many meals. I can't finish them!" LAN Yanxi said, opening the door of the bathroom, showing a small wet face, long hair and dripping water.

Ling Mo Feng immediately frowned and whispered, "blow dry your hair, you can't do this!"

"Well, I have to go back to my room and blow!" LAN Yanxi rubbed her long hair and hurried to her room.

The man was behind her, walking after her.

LAN Yanxi opens the hair dryer and sits in front of the makeup mirror to blow her hair. She has medium long hair with curly tail and straight top. She looks pure as a girl and charming as a woman occasionally.

Ling Mo Feng felt that he must be infatuated. He even refused to let go of the picture of her blowing her hair.

"Shall I help you?" Ling Mo Feng asked gently.

Looking at the long hair behind her, I want to help her.

"Well, you come!" LAN Yanxi will not be polite to him. He immediately hands the hair dryer to him.

Ling Mo Feng took over, gently straightened her long hair and began to blow dry.

Her hair was smooth and soon slipped away from his fingers. It was very naughty, just like her. Ling Mo Feng always felt that he could not chase her mind. Even if he had the present status, he still didn't hold her back.

LAN Yanxi is leaning back in his chair like enjoying, squinting his eyes lazily, and letting the fingers of men wander among his hair.

"Well!" She also made a cat like contentment.

Ling Mo Feng looked down at her lazy and shapeless image. Instead of being angry, he could not help bending down and printing a kiss on her forehead.

Blue words and beautiful eyes open in an instant. In the crystal eyes, there is a deep infatuation for men.

"The more difficult it is to get together, the more time we spend in a hurry, the stronger our sense of happiness." LAN Yanxi could not help sighing.

"Do you feel happy?" Ling asked her with a chuckle.

"Well, I'm very happy. I don't think of anything when I have you around." LAN Yanxi nodded honestly.

Blow dry the long hair, Ling Mo Feng put the hair dryer away, now the rain outside the window is a little less, but the thunder is getting louder, a sound of thunder exploding and rumbling, break the window and enter, blue Yan Xi shakes with fear, instinctively pounces on the man.

Ling Mo Feng immediately put out his hand to cover her ears and laughed.

This woman's courage is very interesting.

"Don't laugh!" LAN Yanxi looks up at him angrily. She really doesn't want to be so vulnerable in front of him, but she is naturally afraid of thunder.

"OK, no laughing!" Ling Mo Feng nods and agrees, but the thin lips suddenly attack her little mouth.