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LAN yanxikai doesn't know what grandpa means. Doesn't he want to marry Ling Mo Feng?

"Grandpa, what should I prepare for this engagement?" LAN Yanxi asked curiously.

"I drew up a list of your dowry. All your father's property is on it. You can take it to Ling's house. It will be your personal property after that. Your uncle can no longer take away what belongs to you!" The old man looks sad. He says that money is a good thing. Everyone wants to have more money, but it makes the simple family so complicated. This is not the scene he wanted to see when he started his business.

"Thank you Grandpa!" LAN Yanxi said gratefully.

Blue old man looked at her this trip as if she had lost a circle of weight. He couldn't help but feel sad: "Ling Mo Feng has gone abroad. You can move home for a few days. I want them to make some delicious food for you. You are thin again!"

"Grandpa, no need. I'll lose weight!" LAN Yanxi reached out and touched her face. She felt that she was not thin.

"How fat are you? You've lost weight to lightning!" The old man couldn't help laughing angrily.

"Don't all men like women with a sense of bone? I am thinner, let Ling Mo Feng love me more Only in front of grandpa can LAN Yanxi make such a careless joke.

The old blue man smiled and shook his head: "you're not right. Men don't just like thin!"

"Grandpa, tell me, what do men like?" LAN Yanxi immediately looked at him curiously and asked.

The old blue man leaned on his chair, looked at the ceiling gently, and thought of his wife who had been gone for many years. He couldn't help laughing and said, "I don't know what other men like. Anyway, I think your grandmother is my type!"

"Grandma is a beautiful woman with temperament. I don't have her calm and elegant temperament!" Blue Yan Xi also can't help feeling.

"You are still young, and you should be full of vitality when you are young. When you are old, you will have temperament. Yan Xi, move back for a few days. Grandpa still misses you! Blue old man pleads.

"Well, I moved back and now I'm relying on you to eat and drink for nothing until Ling Mo Feng returns home!" Of course, lanyanxi will not refuse. She is going to be engaged. She has to spend her last single time with the most important people.

"Grandpa is willing to raise you millet bug." The blue old man doted on laughing.

Tianyu group!

Lin Enron has been a little upset recently. Liu Lan is urging her to find a way to ruin Yang ChuChu's reputation.

Lin Enron knew that she had to do things beautifully with money, but Liu Lan called more than ten times a day to bombard her. She really couldn't bear it.

Lin Enron recently pretended to be low-key and friendly, but he got along well with Yang ChuChu.

Lin Enron found that although Yang ChuChu has been in the entertainment circle for many years, she has a simple temperament and does not have so much heart, which may have something to do with Ji Yueze's care in many aspects.

Now, another Luo Jinyu dotes on her. She only studies her acting skills every day. She doesn't need to worry about the lack of resources. No wonder her temperament is so simple.

Lin Enron's eyes turned, biting the straw at his mouth and paying attention.

Coincidentally, her birthday is tomorrow. This is the plan she had thought of before. She asked Yang ChuChu to celebrate. She was advised to drink more wine. When she got drunk, she would make all kinds of appearances. As long as she took the picture to show Liu Lan, Liu Lan would be happy.

But later, Liu Lan put forward a more startling condition for her. She didn't just want Yang ChuChu to cuddle with other men, she wanted Yang ChuChu to have a relationship with other men.

When Lin Enron heard this, he was still quite upset. After all, it was not so easy to do.

Liu Lan immediately transferred five million yuan to her bank card. She hesitated at the account information on her mobile phone message.

Sure enough, it's the rich man. Although Lin Enron is in the entertainment circle, she actually owes a lot of money, not from her. She has a father who is naturally fond of gambling. When she loses money, people run abroad to avoid debts. All the debts are on her. On the surface, she's gorgeous and famous, but in fact, she's suffocating under the pressure of money.

A chance, she met Liu Lan, Liu Lan know her sad, gave her the chance to make money.

Lin Enron could not bear the temptation of money. She only thought about it for a few seconds and agreed.

She tried her best to get close to Yang ChuChu and gain her trust. At last, she was going to get that large amount of money and pay off the debt. She was going to be a big hit in the entertainment circle, not trapped by the money, not a slave to the money.

Lin Enron took an invitation card made by himself and went to find Yang ChuChu.

Yang ChuChu is reciting lines in the dressing room. She takes on a new TV play. This time it's an ancient costume play. It's a great test of her lines. Yang ChuChu has recited it for several days. She's constantly changing every plot and mood. She's trying to make it up. She's crying and laughing in the mirror. Most of the time, she's amused herself.

"Clear!" Lin Enron came up and knocked on the door.

Yang ChuChu quickly put down his script, stood up and looked at her with a smile: "Enron!"

"How about reciting lines? Do you really spell it out? Don't leave us any living space for these small threes? " Lin Enron complained, but his face was full of laughter.

"No, it's about to start shooting. If you don't take it seriously, you'll be scolded!" Yang ChuChu was criticized for her good resources and poor acting skills before, but she was scolded for her psychological shadow.

"Yes, I know you are a serious person. Are you free tomorrow evening? I'd like to invite you to my birthday party. You can rest assured that there are no miscellaneous people. They are all my friends. " Lin Enron said, and gave the invitation to her: "I made it myself, only to give it to you, because you are the first friend I met in Tianyu, and I cherish it very much!"

Yang ChuChu is a pure girl, who is good to her, she will be double good to others.

Lin Enron's words undoubtedly went back to her mind.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier, I have to prepare a birthday present for you." Yang ChuChu reached for it and said with a smile.

"No need to prepare gifts. I'll be very happy if you can come. You must come tomorrow, right? I really hope you can come! " Lin Enron looked at her expectantly and said.

"OK, but can I bring someone over? You are my good friend, and I can introduce you to you! " Yang ChuChu asked shyly.

"Do you want to bring your boyfriend here?" Lin An's face changed a lot in a moment. However, she soon recovered her smile: "no, I have the honor to meet the Lord of Luo family."

"I have to ask him first to see if he has time. He's very busy!" Of course, Yang ChuChu wanted Luo Jinyu to go with her. She was afraid to deal with strange occasions alone.

"Well, as a good friend, I have to remind you that there are many beauties I will invite tomorrow. Are you sure you want to bring your boyfriend here?" Lin Enron immediately reminded her with a kind expression.

Yang Chu and Yang Leng for a moment: "well, I've never been brave enough. He has seen many beautiful women. If he really wants to do something, I can't stop him!"

"Clearly, you are so simple and enviable. Alas, unlike me, you have no confidence in men after being hurt by men several times. From the moment when they are separated from me, they don't know where their heart is. You are still good. You must keep this innocence and don't see human nature too clearly." Lin Enron looks like a big sister and comforts her tenderly.

Yang ChuChu blinked and smiled: "the first person I like is Luo Jinyu, but at that time I fell in love with him secretly. Later, I turned to Minglian and found that he seemed to like me too. It's lucky to think about it."

"Yes, it's clear. If I could be as good as you, I would be carefree and live in ease every day." Lin Enron's words come from her heart. She is envious.

"Well, don't be sad. I'll be there on time tomorrow. If Luo Jinyu wants to accompany me, I'll let him go. If he doesn't have time, I'll go and sit alone!" Yang ChuChu agreed to it.

"Well, I wish our friendship last forever!" Lin Enron suddenly reached over and gave her a hug.

Yang ChuChu froze for a moment and smiled, "well, for a long time."