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C1396. He guessed his mind

Before he met LAN Yanxi, Ling didn't know what romance was, but now, there is such a noisy little woman around him, who is always struggling with these things, which makes him deeply understand.

Romance requires two people together.

LAN Yanxi lights up the candlelight, hands on the desktop, beautiful eyes staring at the man opposite, the man takes off his coat, a dark sweater, even if it is silent, just sitting like this, has been full of sexuality and charm.

"Ling Mo Feng, I suddenly understand why those women are crazy for you. Now I want to rub you a little crazily." LAN Yanxi said solemnly that his eyes were crooked into the crescent moon, which was bad and mischievous.

"Rub me?" The man was surprised to the extent of silence by these three words, and then his voice sank: "are you sure?"

"Well!" LAN Yanxi nodded imperceptibly: "you look so good, you look very gentle."

"That's because you haven't seen me look sinister." Ling Mo Feng interrupts her fantasy.

"Then show me one of you. I haven't seen one before." LAN Yanxi put down one cheek with one hand and looked at him expectantly.

Ling Mo Feng is angry and laughs at her endless pursuit: "Yanxi, I will not be cruel to you!"

"I don't believe it. Last time you were in the library, you were cruel to me!" LAN Yanxi looks at him with a disgusted face.

Ling Mo Feng was immediately blocked to have nothing to say, so he had to pamper and smile: "I didn't mean to hurt you, I was angry."

"Forget it, don't worry about it with you. Hurry to eat. It's going to be cold!" LAN Yanxi said with an unreasonable face, and then put a piece of meat into the bowl of the man: "I won't make you angry next time. To be honest, you look angry. It's really scary."

"What are you afraid of? I'll admit my mistake and apologize to you when I'm angry. " Ling Mo Feng heard that she was frightened by herself and immediately explained her bottom line.

"Really?" LAN Yan looked at him with a surprised face: "then can I make you angry later?"

"What is the score? If it's a mistake in principle, don't forgive it!" Ling Mo Feng's handsome face immediately became serious.

"What is a mistake in principle?" LAN Yanxi asked curiously while eating.

"Nothing but betrayal is wrong in principle!" The man pondered for a moment and gave the answer.

"Betrayal? I'm sure I won't make such a mistake. My brain is not crowded by the door again. Don't leave such a good-looking and excellent man as you. How can I look up to others? " LAN Yanxi expressed his position immediately and quickly.

"Well, remember that, don't forget!" Ling Mo Feng listened and smiled contentedly.

"Wait a minute!" LAN Yanxi immediately stopped chopsticks and stared at him seriously. "What if you made a mistake of principle?"

"I won't!" Ling Mo Feng replied positively, "no one deserves me to hurt you."

"Wow, that's touching!" LAN Yanxi is still stunned. Then, she grins and grins: "so, you really love me, I will cherish you!"

Ling Mo Feng smiled and shook his head. When he was with this woman, he seemed to become a saint of love. What oath can be said at will.

"Then you must cherish me." Ling Mo Feng emphasized another sentence.

LAN Yanxi looks down and laughs. Suddenly, he feels that today's dinner has become more delicious.

After thinking about it for a long time, Gao Yue finally called Ji Xiaohan. Ji Xiaohan was standing in his office, staring at the forest building under his feet. Everything became more confused through a layer of cloud.

"Mr. Ji, happy new year, I wonder if you still remember me? I'm a senior reporter. Years ago, you gave me a business card and asked me if I would like to join your company. Now I've thought about it. I want to go to work in your company. I don't know if I have the honor. " Gao Yue said everything politely and carefully, waiting for the man to reply to her.

"Miss Gao, you finally called me. Otherwise, I thought I was going to lose you. Now that you've considered it, you can report to my personnel department at any time. I'll explain it to you, and I won't bury your talent." Season owl cold voice with a smile, but handsome face is a cold heavy.

"President Ji, thank you so much for your kindness. In today's society, not everyone has the chance to meet such a good boss with vision. I will make great efforts to repay your kindness." Gao Yue can't wait to go up. She finally gets close to Ji Xiaohan. Next, she will seize every opportunity to let this man not only appreciate his talent, but also her inner self.

"Well, that's the deal!" Ji Xiaohan said, hung up the phone, leaving Gao Yue a surprise and hope.

Gao Yue put her hands in her waist and looked at herself in the mirror. The more she looked, the more confident she was.

Tomorrow, she will choose a good-looking dress and report to Jishi group. I don't know what kind of work jixiaohan will arrange for her. It's better to meet him every day. That's happy. Ji Xiaohan hangs up the phone, turns around and sees the woman sitting on the sofa. He immediately throws his cell phone to the desk: "the fish is hooked."

Tang youyou snorted, "it seems that you have a good way to talk with women."

Ji Xiaohan Jun's face was suddenly shocked. He stepped over with long legs and sat on Tang youyou's side. He reached out to hug her, but she patted him off: "it seems that I'm not here at the right time, which hinders your work."

"Yo, are you angry?" Season owl cold anxiously looked at her that tight pretty face, asked in a low voice.

"I'm not angry, I just Forget it, I promised you before, to cooperate with your acting! " Tang youyou's heart is still uncomfortable, but he can't easily attack. After all, his husband has made the whole thing transparent to her.

"Don't worry, I just want to get information from her mouth. Besides, I will never have any idea about her, even if I hold hands with her!" At the moment, Ji Xiaohan can only find a way to appease his wife.

"How could I love you so much? It's hard for you to make a phone call with another woman. " Tang youyou's self mocking sigh.

Season owl cold but smiled out a voice: "that is not good?"? I like to see you love me. "

"Beautiful you" Tang youyou stood up, went to his window, looked out of the window at the building between the clouds, vaguely, vaguely visible her work building, she suddenly wanted to work, the feeling of being stuck at home every day, is very uncomfortable.

Season owl cold stuck to come over again, tall body is pasted lightly in her back place, both hands encircled her slender waist again: "what's the matter? What's on your mind? "

"Nothing!" Don youYou can't show his own ideas, which will make men embarrassed. "Do you want to go back to work?" How shrewd is Ji Xiaohan, with a pair of sharp eyes, she can see through her ideas in an instant.

"I think so, but the situation is not right now. Of course, I can't risk my life." Tang youyou chuckled.

"Everything will be better. Please bear with me for a while." The season owl comforted her in a low voice.

"Well, I'm just feeling that it's OK!" Tang youyou turns around, looks up at him, and sees his tenderness to himself from the man's eyes. She subconsciously leans towards him: "Ji Xiaohan, didn't you say you wanted to have a baby before? Why did you say that you didn't want to have a baby when you went to Mulin last time? "

"I told you the reason." Ji Xiao was so cold that she didn't expect to mention it suddenly.

Tang youyou sips the corner of her mouth, but she conceals him. Although Ji Xiaohan says he doesn't want to regenerate, how can Tang youyou not guess his mind?

He is a good husband, a good father, and a filial son and grandson. He plays a good role in every role. How can Tang youyou let him be shaken?

So, she decided one thing.

But at present, she still dare not say it, for fear that he will be angry once she says it.

Can only wait, wait until the right time, she will give him a surprise.

"You don't want to have my baby again, do you?" Just when Tang youyou is making a decision in the dark, he suddenly drops a word of blame in his ear.

Tang youyou's whole body shakes, and his beautiful eyes open in an instant. He falters and says: "no No! "