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C1207 Ji Lin is going to die of rage

When Tang youyou came downstairs, fortunately, the old lady was not in the living room, so she was relieved.

Ji Xiaohan followed her downstairs, wearing a noble suit, elegant temperament, young face, three-dimensional delicate facial features as if carved, bright and handsome face, but a pair of eyes are as fierce as a tiger and a leopard. What he is going to do today reflects his inner fluctuation at the moment. Don

looking back, seeing him coming down, Mei Mou flashed twice and immediately went to him and asked, "would you like to have breakfast before you leave?" Season

Xiao Han is still reaching for his cufflinks. Just now, his eyes are as cold as ice. In a moment when he is facing a woman, he is as gentle as spring, and his voice is low. "

OK, I'll eat at home. By the way, where does Bai Yiyan live now? I can find it! " Asked Tang youyou curiously.

Ji Xiaohan sent her the address on her mobile phone, and then told her softly, "don't go out alone, remember to take the bodyguard out!" "

well, I see!" Tang youyou is scared now. Of course, he won't be so stupid as to drive out. Season

owl cold suddenly attached to her body, picked up her chin, printed on her red lips, and then went out of the living room. Don

youyou is kissed by him, and soul seems to have been stolen by him. After a while, he turns around to look outside the gate, and several black cars drive away orderly.

Tang youyou bowed his head and chuckled. Although she had just experienced a dangerous moment yesterday, her heart was full of happiness and stability at the moment. Is her heart really getting stronger and stronger? Season

shortly after Xiao Han's motorcade left, sitting in the back seat, he received a phone call: "young master, people have been tied up, how to deal with it?"

"Give me a good fight!" The season owl clenched his teeth coldly. "

Ji Shangqing's reaction was very strange. He seemed to know that you bound him, but he didn't shout and struggle, and he had an expression of going to die." Lu Qing couldn't help saying that. "

yes? Don't be soft. Their father and son love acting. Break his legs and see what Ji Lin will look like! " The season owl laughed in cold. "

OK, young master, will you come later?" Lu Qing looks through the glass window at Ji Shangqing, who has been beaten. Ji Shangqing seems not to resist at all. He silently accepts each other's fists and kicks. "

I'm not going to pass. If you deal with it, throw it out. Don't let it die!" After Ji Xiaohan gave the order, he hung up. No.

before, soon, his cell phone rang again, and Ji Xiaohan looked at the caller ID, his eyes were cold and confused. He didn't pick it up on purpose, but the other side seemed not to give up and kept fighting. In the end,

Yu, the other side of Ji Xiao's cold feeling may have been angry, so he picked up his mobile phone slowly. However, Ji Lin's voice was close to roaring: "Ji Xiaohan, did you take my son away? You're going to let him out. He's your brother? " Season

Xiao Han took his cell phone away from his ear, and when he finished shouting, he asked slowly, "you've got the wrong person, I just got up, and I don't know what you're talking about." "

you don't need to install it here. Who else can you have? You let him go! " Ji Lin shouted angrily.

"How many enemies do you have? You know that. Besides, we are relatives. How can we be enemies? Didn't you say that all the time? You must believe me, I am your nephew! " If Ji Xiaohan is angry, it's not worth his life. It makes Ji Lin mute for a while.

"Xiao Han, if your uncle did something wrong, just come to me directly. Don't touch your cousin. He doesn't know anything." Although Ji Lin is dregs, he is still very sad for his only son. Ji Xiaohan, who had been aware of before, can't move him. Now it seems that he thinks too naively.

"When you said that, I suddenly thought of my wife's experience abroad yesterday. I don't know who was offended. The other side even picked my wife and killed her. Tut, uncle, you really need to check it." Season owl cold a playful attitude, let season Lin want to hit fist, but hit on cotton, not happy, but also anxious. "

do you know that kidnapping is against the law?" Ji Lin decides to threaten him. "

I only know that it's against the law to instruct the motorcyclists and the underworld to hurt people." Season owl cold always has a word to stab him. Ji Xiaohan is scared. He thinks that Ji Xiaohan can't doubt him without evidence. He can have a confident expression. But he never thought that Ji Xiaohan played the same trick as him, which drove him crazy.

"I'll find my son, Ji Xiaohan. If I can't find my son, I'll find my parents to solve it." Ji Lin roars angrily, and threatens the elder completely. Ji

when Xiao Han's teeth were clenched tightly, he knew that Ji Lin would come to see his grandparents, because he was a scum, a coward, a person who didn't take responsibility and had no conscience.

"Come on, and tell them directly that your son is dead. Let the elder mourn for him." Ji Xiaohan is not afraid of his threat. If he is really upset, he will never take it into consideration. "

Ji Xiaohan, you You're going to kill him? " Ji Leng's body was cold with fear. Although Ji Xiaohan's words just now were infuriating, they implied the consequences. If he came to find the second elder, his son would surely die.

"Who am I going to kill? I'm just kidding you? Don't worry! " Season owl cold cold smile, that smile Yin cold, creepy. "

good, good. You are more promising than your father. You are cruel!" Ji Lin finally lost the battle, but he knew that his son was kidnapped by Ji Xiaohan. Ji Xiaohan would not let him die, but it would certainly make him worse than death. This vicious means really reminds me of the outbreak five years ago. If Ji Xiaohan really took heart, he would not recognize him.

Ji Xiaohan finally made it clear to him. He knew that Ji Shangqing was Ji Lin's only son, a lineage of inheritance. Ji Lin didn't really want to die. For so many years, he kept his son out of business, just to protect his life and prevent him from being involved. What is suffering? What is despair.

Ji Lin banged his cell phone in his office, holding his head in his hands, and his brain hurt to the point of bursting.

"Ji Xiaohan This is you forcing me, you are cruel, I can be more cruel than you! " Ji Lin is whirling around like a headless fly in the office. At the moment, he can't calm down any more. Even if Ji Xiaohan doesn't kill his son and make him crippled and injured, Ji Lin can't stand it.

At this moment, Ji Shangqing has been beaten violently. He lies on the ground dying, spits out a mouthful of blood and laughs at himself for several times. He doesn't say anything more, but just closes his eyes. Lu

Qing took the Bluetooth headset and told one of them: "break one of his legs for me. Remember, don't hurt him too much. At least he can't walk for a month!"

Lu Qing looks at Ji Shangqing's ambition, but still appreciates him. He doesn't really intend to atone for his father with flesh, does he? Tang youyou brings a lot of gifts. According to the address on her mobile phone, she finds the villa where Bai Yiyan lives. Tang youyou rings the doorbell and a strange woman comes to open the door: "it's jijiadaxiaograndma, I finally see the real face!"

Tang youyou looks at each other's smiling face, but he is also embarrassed. He quickly asks, "does Bai Yiyan live here?"

"Yes, Xiaoyan lives here. Are you here to see her? Come in! " Liu Xiaoxing quickly opened the door and Tang youyou's three cars drove in.

Bai Yiyan was upstairs. Hearing the noise downstairs, she went to the curtain and saw Tang youyou coming out of the car. She was slightly shocked.

Tang youyou brought a lot of things and piled them on the table in the living room, like a hill. Liu Xiaoxing looked stupid. His grandmother was very generous and even sent so many things.

"Xiaoyan is upstairs. I'll call her down!" Liu Xiaoxing said happily. "

No, I'll go upstairs. I heard that she was having a baby insurance two days ago, so don't walk around!" Tang youyou hurriedly persuaded her and decided to go upstairs to have a look.