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C637 Will He Misunderstand?

This is the deepest father's love. Tang youyou is in tears.

Just as Tang youyou's father and daughter were chatting, a silver sports car broke through the darkness and stopped at the entrance of the hall through the garden path.

In the driver's seat, Ji Yueze saw Tang youyou sitting in the Pavilion by the car lights from afar.

Seeing a middle-aged man sitting beside her, Ji Yueze was curious, so when he stopped the car, he immediately opened the door, and then closed the door of the sports car heavily.

Bai Yiyan, who was still resting with her eyes closed, was shocked by the sound of closing the door. She opened her eyes and found that she had arrived at Ji's house.

She shook her head a little dizzy, and her beautiful eyes adapted to the light. She saw Ji Yueze's tall body walking towards the pavilion in the distance, and she couldn't help being surprised.

At the moment, Tang youyou is surprised to see Ji Yueze coming.

When Javier turned his head, Ji Yueze's step suddenly stopped.

Then, a handsome face suddenly became dark and ugly. He rushed to the pavilion quickly, pointed to Xia Weiwen and asked angrily, "Xia Weiwen, why are you here?"

Tang youyou knows that the two brothers of Ji's family have a deep hatred for their father. At this moment, hearing Ji Yueze's angry questioning, she is also a little stunned for a while.

"Ji Yueze, my father is here to visit me. Please, let him stay here for a while, OK?" Tang youyou immediately stood up and stood in front of Ji Yueze, looking at him pleadingly.

Ji Yueze's face is still ugly, and his tone is cold: "do you know how he hurt me and my brother? Even if he is your father, he is not qualified to step into the door of our season's home now. "

After hearing these words, Tang youyou's face turned white. Then she looked back at her father's expression.

Xia Weiwen has despised these hatred. Ji Yueze's words to him didn't make him angry. He just stood up and said to Tang Youyou, "Youyou, Dad, go first!"

"Dad, let me go with you!" At the moment, Tang youYou can't tell her what it's like. When she thought that her father didn't even have the qualification to stand in Ji's house, did she also have the qualification as his daughter?

"You don't leave, you stay here!"

"Dad, at least let me take you out!" Tang youyou is sad. His father and LAN Yue have divorced. He will be alone later. As his daughter, Tang youyou's heart is full of pain.

At the thought of his leaving alone, Tang youyou was reluctant to part with him.

Just when Tang youyou is holding his father's arm and planning to leave with him.

All of a sudden, a big hand, suddenly extended, a grasp of her delicate wrist.

Then, I heard the low voice of Ji Yueze: "I didn't let you go..."

Tang youyou didn't expect Ji Yueze to reach out and pull herself. She was a little surprised.

At this time, under the light of the hall, a tall and slender body stepped out.

Ji Xiaohan also heard the quarrel outside the door before he came out. Unexpectedly, the first picture he saw when he came out was that his brother grabbed Tang youyou.

If you don't know the truth, you will think that they behave like a couple of lovers who are having a bad temper.

"What's the matter?" When the atmosphere was tense, a low voice came from the dark shadow of the trees.

This voice immediately relaxed the tense atmosphere, and Ji Yueze was shocked. He quickly released the palm holding Tang youyou's arm. As soon as he turned around, he saw that elder brother did not know when to stand under the shadow of the tree and looked at them with a deep face.

Ji Yueze's heart leaped wildly. Did he act out of line just now?

Tang youyou is also surprised. She drops her eyes quickly, and dare not look at the complicated eyes that Ji Xiaohan has explored.

At the moment, sitting in the sports car, Bai Yiyan, who just woke up, was also confused.

Just now, when she saw Ji Yueze reaching for Tang youyou's arm, she wanted to run out of the car to remind him.

Is he too brave to act against Tang youyou on his elder brother's territory?

He doesn't think the trouble is big enough, does he?

"Brother, why is he here?" Ji Yueze immediately pointed to Xia Weiwen and asked angrily.

When Ji Xiaohan glances at Xia Weiwen, he sees Tang youyou holding a hand in his arm. His eyes are shaking and his face is inexplicably cold.

"I let him in. He came to see you. Is there any problem?"

Ji Yueze's face changed. Suddenly he turned around angrily: "I don't care. It's your housework."

After that, Ji Yueze quickly walked towards the sports car. Then, he reached out and knocked hard on the window to signal Bai Yiyan to hurry out.

Bai Yiyan opened the door and walked down.

At close range, she saw Ji Yueze's color of panic, which could not be concealed at all.

It's really self inflicted, not worthy of sympathy.

At the same time, I asked her to perform the trick well, and I added the trick to myself randomly, which really convinced him.

Ji Yueze hurriedly takes Bai Yiyan into the living room.

Tang youyou raised his eyes and looked at the man's dark eyes.

"I'll take my father out for a while and come back later!" Said Tang youyou in a low voice.

"Where? It's time for dinner. Let's take him out after dinner. " Season owl cold suddenly opens his mouth, unexpectedly not as cold and heartless as before.

Tang youyou's beautiful eyes widened in surprise, even Xia Weiwen was unbelievable.

"He hasn't seen Xiaorui and xiaonai yet. Would you like to take him upstairs to meet the children?" Ji Xiaohan's next sentence surprised both of them.

Chevy's face brightened: "young master Ji, can I really meet the children?"

Tang youyou is also happy. Unexpectedly, Ji Xiaohan doesn't treat her father as coldly as Ji Yueze, which surprised her.

Season owl cold light way: "you and my mother have divorced, the past things, I still won't forgive you, but, you are long dad, this fact can't be changed."

"Season owl cold, thank you!" Tang youyou looked at him and said.

Ji Xiaohan nodded to her: "go ahead, don't stand outside. It's windy here. It's not good for your wound!"

Tang youyou took his father's hand and went to the living room.

At the moment, Ji Yueze is dragged to the back garden by Bai Yiyan.

"Ji Yueze, why do you want to take sister youyou's hand?" Bai Yiyan immediately questioned him angrily. "Is that hand in hand? I just tugged at her! " Ji Yueze, with thin lips, doesn't want to admit it.