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Ling wennuan's body was crooked for a while. She was trembling all over. She quickly reached out and held on to a chair beside her. She was shocked. Did she drink two glasses of wine and get drunk?

Ling wennuan is the first time to drink, so she doesn't know what it's like to be drunk at all. The cocktail she just drank is a little bit of degree. She just mixed the juice into it and diluted the taste of the wine. It's a rookie like Ling wennuan. After two drinks, it's already reflected.

She shakes her long hair, stabilizes her figure and moves on.

The body became inexplicably hot. She swore a low voice. She knew that she would not gamble with Mu Weicheng. She would not drink and still try to be brave. She was afraid that he would laugh at herself again.

Mu Weicheng brought back the money she had put on the table and paid for it again. Then he walked to her quickly.

As soon as she came out, Ling warm felt that her body was hot, plus the sunshine, she had an indescribable sense of sourness.

Mu Weicheng stepped up to her, put on his mask again, and glanced at the girl's face.

See her pretty face white inside transparent red, a pair of eyes also become confused if fold.

"Let's go. I'll take you back." Mu Weicheng doesn't want to be angry with her anymore.

"No, you don't mind me." Ling warm heart grievance, coupled with physical discomfort, her eyes a red, turn around to go, towards a nearby lake park to go.

Mu Weicheng looks at her angrily and refuses herself. He knows that she is intentional, but he can't help her. She had to continue to make her tail and follow her left and right.

Ling wennuan went to a place with few people and found a chair to sit down. She felt sick and wanted to vomit.

Mu Weicheng's hands are in front of his chest, and he looks down at her. Seeing that her pretty face is wrinkled, he is inexplicably distressed.

"First time drinking?" The man asked her in a low voice.

Ling didn't want to talk to him. He turned around and ran to the garbage can nearby. He bent down and threw up.

Mu Weicheng's eyes are wide, so he is drunk?

Ling warms up and vomits very hard, because she can't vomit at all, but her stomach is burning, which makes her want to cry.

Ling wennuan doesn't like this feeling very much. She squats on the ground directly, holding her knees in both hands, burying her face in the knees, and squats motionless.

Mu Weicheng knows that she must be very upset. She drinks for the first time in this state.

With a low sigh, he came to her and squatted down, reaching for her back to pat her.

Ling warm slowly raised his head, looking at the men's concerned eyes, her heart wring pain.

"Mu Weicheng, do you know anything?" Lingnuan is drunk, and her courage grows. Suddenly, she pours at him. Before the man can reflect, she gives him an aim. He was squatting. He leaned back and fell on the ground directly.

"Lingnuan, what are you going to do?" Mu Weicheng's handsome face is stiff, and his body is stretched.

Ling wennuan lies on his body and looks at him vaguely: "Mu Weicheng, please give me a wish, just for a moment Just a moment, soon. "

Mu Weicheng's handsome eyes are wide, and it's hard to believe that he looks at the little mouth she beat. He toots slightly, and turns to his lips.

Ling warm mouth kiss come over, stretch out a small hand to pull off the mask on his face, her bright red lips on his thin lips.

She didn't dare to stay, but after a kiss, she immediately got up from him.

However, due to the weakness of her legs, she finally got up and fell back. The man's hard chest touched her, and she even suffered a little.

The first kiss of Mu Weicheng So I lost it.

He was as stiff as a sculpture on the ground, and the whole man was stunned.

Ling wennuan got up, patted his ass and left, not wanting to be responsible at all.

Fortunately, there are no pedestrians passing by at this moment. Besides, there are tall trees on both sides. No one can see this embarrassing scene.

When Mu Weicheng comes, Ling's body is already far away.

"Damn it!" Mu Weicheng was so angry that he thought he was a big man, but he was molested by a girl.

Ling wennuan's psychology collapsed, and she walked forward lost. Suddenly, a tall figure flashed quickly in front of her. Next second, her petite body was directly shouldered by the man.

Yes, it is.

It's not a princess hug.

"Hey, Mu Weicheng, what are you going to do when you let me down?" Lingnuan's heater exploded. She was already very upset. This man even tortured her in this way.

"Oh!" Ling warms up a little and makes a sound of vomiting.

The man just walked a few steps, back a stiff, directly put her down, then, he directly bent down and squatted: "up, I back you."

"Why do you care so much about me? Say, are you in love with me? " Ling wennuan is like an unreasonable child at the moment. His words are bold and speechless.

"I didn't." The man's mind was broken by her, and he was a little embarrassed.

"No? I knew it wasn't. " Ling warm two small hands tightly around his neck, the whole person lying on his back, dizzy, sound very lost.

"I care about you for the sake of your elder brother. Besides, I always think you are my sister." Mu can't help but want to explain.

Ling wennuan suddenly opened his mouth and bit him on the shoulder. He bit heavily. After loosening his teeth, he said angrily, "I treat you as a lover, but you treat me as a sister."

Mu Weicheng didn't expect that she would suddenly bite people. It's just like a puppy. Moreover, her teeth are sharp and her mouth is sharp, and it hurts a lot.

"Lingnuan, you are drunk." The man was shocked, and then he said in a low voice.

"I'm not drunk. I'm awake." Ling wennuan murmured, her voice getting smaller and smaller. At last, I don't know if she was really drunk or asleep. She didn't say anything more. Two tiny hands tightly hugged the man's neck.

Mu Weicheng's eyes are complicated and his steps are speeding up.

After several days of treatment, Ling Mo Feng's injury to his arm is almost as good as before, but he still can't exert too much force. After the old president was injured, he was fully responsible for all state affairs, from early to late, very busy.

Although it's not the day of the general election, it's almost certain that Ling Mo Feng will be the next president. Those who stood in the neutral faction before began to move closer to him. Some of the old president's faction looked for opportunities to get away from him and some tried to please him. For a while, the atmosphere was very strange. Everyone laughed on the surface, but they calculated how much they were in Ling Mo Feng's mind Less value and weight.

After Yang He's case, LAN Yanxi is relieved. He feels better without a rival. At least he won't worry about walking in the corridor and encountering Yang He's cynicism.

It's getting dark. LAN Yanxi is sitting in the office. Her pen is turning around. She's in a hurry.

Wang Xinyi doesn't treat her lightly and doesn't send her heavy work. On the contrary, only let her read the materials and study, and get off work on time. It's just different treatment.

Even if Wang Xinyi gives her water, everyone has no opinion, because lanyanxima will have another identity, one that everyone would hate to be able to make up for.

LAN Yanxi looks back and sees Wang Xinyi holding her mobile phone and talking on the phone sweetly. She immediately gossip. It seems that uncle Yu gets along well with her boss. In recent days, Xinyi's sister is obviously in a good mood and looks like a little woman immersed in love. Wang Xinyi hung up the phone and saw LAN Yanxi staring at her silly smile.

She was suddenly shy and had to come up and ask, "Yan Xi, what are you laughing at?"

"Sister Xinyi, when will you invite me to eat the wedding candy?" LAN Yanxi asked with a smile.

Wang Xinyi suddenly became embarrassed and blushed: "you still remember to eat my happy candy, but you haven't eaten it yet."

LAN Yan said with a smile: "mine is not so fast, but I think yours is fast. Uncle Yu is very good. How do you believe it? Do the three views fit together? "

Wang Xinyi still wants to find someone to talk about it. LAN Yanxi is the best one to talk to.

"He is very kind, careful and considerate. Although the two of us are in a relationship of renting friends at present, the family's health and the meals in the morning and evening are all prepared by him for me. I want to pay him for the food expenses. If he doesn't accept it, I'm very embarrassed now." Wang Xinyi said, with a happy face, it can be seen that life is very happy.