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Tang Weixin's seemingly calm appearance, in fact, is also very nervous. In the face of thousands of troops, she has never been afraid of it. However, the eyes of this kind mother-in-law smiling and looking at her in front of her make her subconsciously squeeze the corner of her dress. She looks down and shouts: "Hello, auntie, my name is Tang Weixin. I'm a friend of tie Xun."

Tang Weixin didn't dare to be a girlfriend. After all, they only met each other before. Neither of them really knew each other. Now, starting from friends, they won't let their elders feel too casual.

"Friend? Xiaoxun has made such beautiful friends. Come in and have a seat. You're all in a hurry. Xiaoxun, hurry up and bring in idealism. " Tie mother eyes a turn, stare at the little son's face, in the heart murmur, this guy won't coax an ignorant girl to come home to cheat her happy?

Tie Xun was mother's smiling eyes a stare, back a cool, quick led Tang Weixin's hand to the living room.

Tie ting and Ji Tingyan also seem to think of tie's mother's saying that he spent money to find his girlfriend to go home, but they all smile at each other. It's funny.

In the living room of the binding family, it's never been so busy. The binding family makes tea and pours water in person and cuts the fruits on the table squarely. The binding mother can't help but ask Tang Weixin, "Miss Tang, where do you live?"

"Aunt, I live abroad for the time being. My job is over there." Tang replied softly.

"Oh? Do you work abroad? What kind of work is it? Isn't it the same design as Xiaoxun As soon as tie mother guessed, she felt that she must be her son's colleague.

"No, I used to be a policeman. Now I have a long holiday." Tang Weixin didn't want to cheat her, but she simplified her work.

"I see. How do you know Xiao Xun?" Don't blame her for being talkative. Her son managed to take a beautiful woman home. Her mother was really worried. She wanted to sell her son. She looked at the older son sitting next to her and the daughter-in-law who had already been appointed. She thought that if the two brothers could get married on the same day, it would be memorable. Later, she could help to look after the children at the same time.

Tang Weixin is stunned by the question. He looks up at him and asks for help. The nerves of his brother, who is sitting next to him, are also tense. He is afraid that Tang Weixin will tell the story. He quickly says, "Mom, don't ask again. Miss Tang came to our house for the first time. If you go on asking like this, she will be nervous."

The tie mother realized that she had asked a little more leniently, so she explained with embarrassment: "don't mind, Miss Tang, if you are old, you will have more mouths."

"No, aunt. I know you care about me, too." Tang Weixin smiles and shakes her head. She is relieved and grateful for the help of tieting. If she continues to ask, she really doesn't know how to answer.

Tie Xun washed the fruit out of the kitchen and saw that the atmosphere was not right. He threw a grape into his mouth and came over while eating.

"You young people are talking. I'll see if the meal is ready." Tie mother smiled and turned away.

"Tie Xun you Mou a turn, ask:" am I missed what

"Miss Tang, I'm sorry that I interrupted you just now. My mother doesn't know about our revenge abroad. Please keep it a secret for us." Tie Ting lowered his voice and begged Tang idealism.

Tang Weixin had guessed for a long time that she had just experienced a battle of life and death, but the atmosphere of the family was so warm. It can be seen that her aunt didn't know about it. Tang Weixin was keen in mind, so she asked her how to speak.

"I will." Tang Weixin nodded.

"Idealism, why didn't you just introduce you as my girlfriend? Just make my mother happy. " He had some grievances. Just now, he wanted to introduce him like this, but when Tang Weixin said that he was a friend, he was embarrassed to impose an explanation.

"Don't we have a lot of time? What's the hurry? I think my aunt is so good. How can I bear to cheat her? " Tang Weixin is telling the truth. She and Fu Xun are just friends at present.

"Make the relationship so tight." Tie Xun thin lips light, unhappy.

Tie Ting listened, but agreed: "the relationship between men and women should have been more rigorous."

Ji Tingyan silently eats the fruit. Hearing this sentence, she remembers the moment when she just met him. She can't help shaking her heart. If she didn't have the cheek to run to his city and meet him, would the person sitting next to him be someone else?

At the thought of this, Ji Tingyan's heart began to ache inexplicably. She subconsciously reached out and held a finger of the man, as if only touching his warmth, which could dispel her sense of loss.

Tie Ting's surprised side looked over at the woman on the side of her body. Her beautiful eyes were fixed on her, and her fingers were still tightly holding his fingers. What's wrong with her?

Ji Tingyan's sadness, which had flashed in her heart just now, was driven away by the man's affectionate gaze. She chuckled and smiled, a little shy.

Tie Ting's finger abdomen in the back of her hand gently pressed twice, as if in response to her feelings.

Ji Tingyan's heart is sharp. When it's over, the man's slight movements can make her look like a current running through her body. She is crisp and can't help but flash some indescribable pictures in her mind.

The small movements between lovers are invisible in the eyes of outsiders. Only each other can feel warm.

Tang Weixin saw the expression of Fuxun's resentment, and she chuckled: "Fuxun, where do I live tonight? Do you have any rooms in your house? "

Tie Xun's low mood, because this sentence, look a vibration, immediately nodded: "of course, even if there is no room, brother and sister-in-law live in one."

Ji Tingyan's beautiful eyes are startled, and her pretty face is blushing. She just came here yesterday, and she forced to sleep separately to prove her character. Now she lets them live together. What can I do?

"No, it's the first time I've come to your house. It's not easy to live together." Ji Tingyan blushes and shakes her head.

After hearing her words, his eyes darkened, and he smiled inexplicably.

Ji Tingyan's ears are hot. What's the man laughing at? Be careful not to let him in this evening.

"Tingyan and I have the same idea. After all, there are elders in our family. As children, we still need to know some rules." Tang Weixin nodded with approval.

"Well, I'll give you my room. I'll sleep in the guest room." Fuxun was a little lost. He turned to his brother's face and found that he could not bear to smile. He was shocked. He was so proud of his smile that he would not hold the beauty back. On the contrary, he could not move his fingers even when the beauty was on his side. He was really wronged.

"No, I'd better sleep in the guest room. I don't choose." Tang Wei's heart narrowed his eyes and smiled.