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C1469 he plans for her

LAN Yanxi didn't want to sit in the living room and wait for him to go downstairs. He followed him like a little tail.

The man looked back at her, the sexy thin lips raised a smile, stopped at the same place and reached for her.

LAN Yanxi grabs the man's big hand and feels his palm dry and warm.

When she went upstairs, Ling Mo Feng led her to her bedroom, turned on the light. The man hung his coat on the hanger, opened the wardrobe, took his clothes, turned to the girl sitting on the side and said, "I'll take a bath, wait for me!"

"Well!" Hearing the words "take a bath", lanyanxi's face became hot and dry. She pretended to be calm and sat down beside his bed and casually took a book beside him to read.

Ling Mo Feng took a bath and dressed casually. The whole person's temperament changed greatly. How could he have that fierce and pressing momentum just now? It's just the image of a good warm color family man.

LAN Yanxi's beautiful eyes are slightly open. He looks at the man with some amazing eyes. Unexpectedly, he can control any image at will.

Ling Mo Feng's short hair is still dripping with water. He took a white towel and wiped it casually twice. His regular short hair is full of water. Now it's all hanging down the water, making his handsome face younger. Blue Hope's own eyes must be full of stars at the moment and become a flower maniac.

Ling Mo Feng casually raised his eyes and saw that she was holding a book and looked at him with a straight face. He walked over with a gentle smile, took away the book in her hand, and tapped her forehead with his fingers: "what's the stupidity? Let's go. We should send the food!"

LAN Yanxi found out that he was so crazy about flowers that his face turned red.

I don't know when she fell in love with this man so much. It's amazing that she loved him so much. In the past, someone said that she couldn't extricate herself from the dead. She would ha ha twice. Now, she just loves him to the bone?

If Lingmo Feng doesn't want to be himself one day, she will never see him again. Her life must be dark and hopeless.

Ling Mo Feng takes her hand. LAN Yanxi's mind drifts away, and his steps speed up. It seems that he is really afraid of being too far away from him. Unexpectedly, he steps on Ling Mo Feng's heel. The whole man leans forward and nearly falls down. Looking back, LAN Yanxi grabs his arm in panic.

"Yan Xi, is it boring to be with me?" Ling Mo Feng asked her with a wry smile.

"No, of course not. I'm sorry, I..." LAN Yanxi swallowed his saliva and felt sad for his foolishness. Now when he was around, he began to worry about gain and loss. In case of a real separation one day, she would just hit the wall.

Ling Mo Feng reached out to touch her head and said gently, "don't worry, I have investigated the details of Wang Rong."

When LAN Yanxi heard him say it, his face immediately froze. He asked in an urgent voice, "is he a good man or a bad man?"

"Bad, and you have to leave your mother and break up with him!" Ling Mo Feng's expression immediately became dignified.

"Ah?" LAN Yanxi didn't expect Ling Mo Feng to tell her directly that Wang Rong is a bad person, and her breath would stop in fear. When she went down the stairs, her legs trembled.

The man directly hugged her to his arms, and Jun's face was solemn: "I just turned out his details this afternoon, sorry to have kept you waiting so long."

"No, I should be too much trouble for you. When you are so busy, you should share your worries about my affairs!" LAN Yanxi didn't blame him, but thanked him too late.

Down the stairs, the table was already filled with hot food. My aunt had left first. Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yanxi sat directly at the table, took the chopsticks and began to eat dinner.

"What kind of person is Wang Rong LAN Yanxi asked at the same time of dinner, anxious to know.

"He has a case!" Ling Mo Feng's eyebrows are tightened, and her eyes are raised. Looking at her, I don't know how to tell her about it for a while, because it's creepy to listen.

"The bottom of the case?" LAN Yanxi's brain explodes, and his expression is startled: "he can't Have you ever been to prison? "

"No, he is very cunning. Although he committed the crime, there is no evidence to arrest him. He was only detained for a few days and then released. But this time, I let Chu lie know about his case carefully. Finally, I found some clues, enough to prove that he killed people, and that he was kind to him!" Ling Mo Feng looked at her with a touch of reassurance: "don't be nervous. He is Xian Bai now. If he wants to be a good man, it will not harm your mother. But since he knows his details, he can't let your mother have another relationship with him."

"Kill Killed people? " LAN Yanxi almost fainted, his hands shaking with chopsticks: "Ling Mo Feng, tell me quickly, don't worry about me, I can accept it."

LAN Yanxi can see that Ling Mo Feng is testing her reaction. He told her things little by little, for fear of frightening her.

Ling Mo Feng knew that she must be anxious to know the cause of the matter, so he didn't hide it any more, and said directly: "Wang Rong had a good family background before, but for some reasons, he was in a bad family and ran away with a huge debt. According to my investigation, he met a rich woman in a family when he was 20 years old. The woman was worth hundreds of millions, just died her husband, and her mood was very low At that time, Wang Rong took the opportunity to enter. He paid all kinds of attentions to the rich woman. After half a year, he moved her heart and became the servant of the rich woman. Moreover, in order to avoid the debt chaser, he changed his name and used a pseudonym to communicate with the rich woman. A few years later, the rich woman suddenly died in a car accident. Her name Half of the property was put into Wang Rong's pocket. A pair of children of the rich woman were unwilling to sue him, saying that he murdered the rich woman and tried to snatch the property. But Wang Rong was very tactful. He bought the relationship with the money, stayed in it for a few days and then came out. In addition, he used some illegal means to threaten the two children of the rich woman, which led to their safety for their families I can only watch him wash his white life. "

LAN Yanxi's face was pale with fear after listening to these conspiracies. When she saw Wang Rong for the first time, she felt that this man was not a good man. His eyes were greedy, and he was not sincere. But she didn't expect that he was such a terrible man. He killed people, and dared to trample on the law. Xiaoyao was beyond the law.

"This is not the point. The point is that the person who was sold by him is a right-hand assistant under the hand of the old president. The power and money transactions are always inextricably linked. I doubt that Wang Rong deliberately approached your mother. Maybe he wants to find out our relationship from your mother's mouth, or he has no other purpose, just your mother Or in your hand, holding the blue family's high-value shares, if he can plan to do it again, he can make several hundred million in vain. " Ling Mo Feng said all he knew directly, and also carefully analyzed the man's sinister intentions.

The chopsticks in his hand fell on the table with a bang. She was too scared to move. When she got back to her senses, she immediately went to get her mobile phone and called her mother to remind her to stay away from the man named Wang Rong. Don't be hurt by him.

"Yan Xi, calm down. We have to take a long-term view on this matter. We can't act blindly. What is Wang Rong's purpose? We don't know. If you make a fuss, I'm afraid that he will advance all plans, and your mother will be more dangerous." Ling Mo Feng knew what she wanted to do, so he calmed her down.

"But But it's dangerous for my mother to stay with a murderer for another second! " LAN Yanxi's face changed color and his voice was hoarse.

"Now Wang Rong is not dangerous, because he must also have some kind of task on his body. Before it is achieved, your mother is safe. I want you to go to your mother tomorrow and talk to her in person. Of course, you have to be careful. Wang Rong, a cunning man, is afraid to move his hands and feet. For example, you need to install a positioning device on your mother's mobile phone, or a recorder Well, you can invite your mother to have a beauty salon tomorrow. It's safest for you to talk about it while taking a bath in the beauty salon! " Ling is teaching her how to solve the crisis. Because Wang Rong is a dangerous person, he can't be alarmed.