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"Godmother, do you know that I'm not my mother's biological son?" Once Tang You You entered, she immediately asked. She couldn't care less about it anymore, if only her godmother knew.

"Huh?" Liu Xi was shocked yet again by her words, "What did you say? Aren't you your mother's biological son? "That's impossible. I asked your mother and she said you were her biological son."

Tang You You said bitterly: Yesterday, my father Tang You Kang personally told me. He didn't lie to me, I really am not his and his mother's biological daughter, he said that they spent money to buy me.

Xue Rou, in the future, don't look for trouble anymore. Although you two aren't sisters anymore, but from the looks of her and Ji Xiao Han's relationship, if you offend her, we will be in trouble again. " Tang You Kang kindly advised his daughter because he was afraid that she would be too proud and charge forward to make a wish.

However, Tang Xue Rou gritted her teeth and said hatefully: "Father, Tang You You has gone overboard, right? She clearly knows that I like Ji Xiao Han, and now that she has snatched Ji Xiao Han away, she clearly wants to provoke me. I don't care, if I have the chance in the future, I will definitely make her pay for her despair."

Tang You Kang was shocked as he looked towards Meng Xiu Juan.

Meng Xiu Juan coldly snorted. "Your daughter is right, I saw that Tang You You was not a righteous man, so I took him away on purpose because I knew that Xue Rou liked Ji Xiao Han, and this is obviously to take revenge on my daughter.

Tang You Kang sighed, he did not want to say anymore, but he was worried that his daughter would cause trouble again.

At that time, he would no longer be able to pull off his old face and plead with Tang You You for help.

Thinking about losing a daughter that he had raised for more than twenty years, Tang You Kang's heart was still empty. In this Tang Family, most likely, only he would miss Tang You You.

Tang You You was in the middle of her morning meeting, but at that moment, standing next to her desk was a woman. She raised her head to look at the camera above her head, then turned around and pulled out a document from the folder that Tang You You was in, and secretly placed it inside her own folder.

Then, she quickly left.

After entering the bathroom, Li Fang Fang quickly took out her phone and took a few more pictures. After she finished taking the pictures, she used the same method to put Tang You You's script back into its original position.

Holding the phone, Li Fang Fang felt extremely satisfied.

After Tang You You snatched away her customers, she lost her job consecutively, losing several important customers, and Liu Xi no longer valued her anymore, making her position in the company seem to be in danger. When Li Fang Fang thought about how it was all caused by Tang You You, she felt resentful, and wholeheartedly wanted to take revenge on her.

Now, she finally thought of a very good idea, she had just stolen her script. If she could sell this script to the market first as a finished product, at that time, the picture that Tang You You gave Xia Zi Yan would no longer be her original work.

Xia Zi Yan had a bad temper. If she angered her, Tang You You would definitely not end up well.

Moreover, if it was like this, Tang You You would also become a joke in the office, and would have no place to stand.

Li Fang Fang thought about how her plan was about to succeed, and revealed a proud and cold smile, she was just waiting to see how miserable Tang You You's fate would be.

A day of tense and busy work passed by, and Tang You You drove back to the Ji Family. Before he even stepped into the room, he heard the two little fellows laughing happily.

"It's finally time for the holidays tomorrow. I'm so happy." Tang Xiao Rui was crazily jumping around in the living room, his small mouth talking nonstop.

Tang Xiao Nai ran beside him with a smile on her face, "Big brother, I want to go for a picnic tomorrow, do you want to go?"

"Of course I want to. I heard from Uncle Yuan that Daddy has an excellent green corridor, I wonder when I can go visit it. There's also Ocean Restaurant and Zoo, just thinking about them makes me excited." Tang Xiao Rui had always wanted to go, but from what the Uncle Yuan had said, the corridor was being renovated and couldn't be visited. This made Tang Xiao Rui very depressed, and he couldn't wait to go take a look.

"Big brother, let's go for a picnic and let daddy go with Mummy. It must be very interesting." On TV, Tang Xiao Nai often saw the scene of the whole family having dinner together in the wild. It was really too cozy, and she really wanted to have a picnic together with them.

"What are you two talking about?" Tang You You walked in and asked while smiling.

"Mummy, you came back just in time. Big Brother and I are talking about the picnic tomorrow." When Tang Xiao Nai saw Mummy, she was so happy that she turned into a little flower. After that, she grabbed onto Mummy's little hand, raised her head and pleaded: "Mummy, just promise me, okay?

"Who said they were going on a picnic?" Tang You You stared at her son suspiciously. Tang Xiao Rui immediately raised his hand: "It's not me who said it, Mummy, don't look at me."

"Father said so!" Tang Xiao Nai suddenly shouted loudly, "Daddy …"

Tang You You turned around, and saw that Ji Xiao Han had coincidentally walked in from the door as well.

Ji Xiao Han looked at the flying little body, and immediately squatted down, hugging her tightly in his arms. Her lips kissed on his little face: "What did I say?"