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pissed off?

Luo Jinyu had countless emotions in her heart, but she was not angry. Even that night, he and her were so ridiculous that he was not angry at all, but just distressed.

"Chuchu, you go back, don't live here!" Luo Jinyu didn't answer her question positively, because he couldn't answer, so he sighed and went to the living room.

"Luo Jinyu, you really don't even want to tell me, do you hate me even when you see me?" Unexpectedly, when he walked to the bar in the living room, a petite figure behind him quickly chased out. Luo Jinyu looked back, and found out that Yang Chuchu was actually wearing a T-shirt, white, worn on her body, empty, and was about to meet her knees, showing how thin and thin she was. , The two thin white legs below, with bare feet, are standing like Bingbing

On the cold floor, those eyes were already tearful because he could not get his answer.

"If you really want to break up with me, you don't need to wait two years, now you can!" After all, Yang Chuchu didn't have such a clever mind. She couldn't understand what he meant by two years. She just felt it, and he left himself alone. He didn't want to see himself anymore, he hated it.

Luo Jinyu looked at her, and was about to froze with a big palm of wine, and then lightly reproached with a severe tone: "Go in and put on your clothes, don't freeze!"

"No, if you don't give me a definitive answer, I'll be sitting here today, and it's okay to freeze the ice lolly!" After that, Yang Chuchu sat on the sofa with a childish temper.

Although she was arrogant and cold-resistant, she was shaking clearly, and the bright red color on her lips faded away instantly, and pale.

"You ..." Luo Jinyu knows how stubborn the character of this little thing is, as long as she decides things, then basically she won't face the argument.

Yang Chuchu's eyes still had tears, like Chu Chu's poor kitten. Soon, she found that she could not bear the cold, and her two small hands immediately held her chest in front of her to keep her warm. In this way, if you don't make it clear, don't leave me alone! "

Luo Jinyu sighed, after all, this little girl could not be screwed.

So he took off his jacket, walked to her, and put it on her slim body: "Don't lose your temper!"

"I will!" Yang Chuchu didn't take his kind intentions. After his warm and large suit jacket was covered, a small hand was pulled up and thrown on the sofa next to him: "If you don't love me, don't come to care I!"

Luo Jin Yuzhe live!

This little thing could have misunderstood him like this.

"Lie in there, I won't rush you, you go to sleep quickly!" Luo Jinyu had to make a concession. Since she wants to occupy this home, he gave it to her, and it will be her territory. Yang Chuchumei's eyes remained in tears, she sat still, but for the next second, she covered her face with her hands and cried, "Luo Jinyu, you are really bad, really abominable. It ’s always the best, and you do n’t feel fresh when you get it? Knowing this, I should n’t use the means

Give it to you, you just don't cherish me! "

Luo Jinyu: "..."

Who told her this?

"You do n’t have to cherish it. Naturally, someone will cherish me. Luo Jinyu, we will break up completely today, and we will not meet again in the future. You walk on your sunny avenue, and I cross my single wooden bridge." Crying.

Thinking that she would say such a thing, this man would definitely refute her, but she waited for a long time, but did not hear him speak, so she looked up and saw the man staring at her.

"Luo Jinyu, my mother is right, your men don't have a good thing ..." Yang Chuchu was even more furious, so she stretched out a small hand, pointed her finger at him and said, "Neither are you!"

Luo Jinyu really wanted to cry and laugh. It seems that this little thing will not cooperate with his suggestions at all.

"Chuchu, have you scolded enough?" The man's voice suddenly softened a few times.

"No!" At the moment Yang Chuchu had accumulated great grudges and grievances.

"Come here!" Luo Jinyu suddenly stepped forward, grabbed one of her small hands, and took her into the bedroom forcefully.

"What are you doing!" Yang Chuchu didn't expect that he would suddenly come over and grab herself. She had no resistance and was slammed into the room by his pussy-chick. She stunned and became even more angry.

The next second, she was trapped by the man on the bed, and then the quilt dropped, covering her delicate body.

"Okay, let's talk again!" Luo Jinyu's voice was helpless.

Yang Chuchu's eyes widened, and she blinked twice: "What more do you want to talk about? Are you trying to break up with me and break up with me?"

"I never proposed to break up!" Luo Jinyu's voice was low and dumb, revealing the charm of the man: "It's you who have been making troubles, do you want to break up with me?"

Yang Chuchu stared at him suddenly, "Where did I think, I want to be Mrs. Luo!"

Yang Chuchu boldly directly stated his purpose.

Luo Jinyu was amused by her expression of anger and openness, this little thing is fiercely cute.

"There are a lot of conditions to be Mrs. Luo. I don't know if you meet it!" Luo Jinyu saw her lovely appearance and wanted to straighten her out, so she deliberately asked.

"What conditions?" Yang Chuyang was fooled, his face inexplicably white again.

When Luo Jinyu saw that she was frightened again, she put down her body, supported her hands on both sides of her body, tilted her face slightly, and her thin lips almost reached her ears: "Love me!"

After hearing this, Yang Chuchu immediately pushed him angrily: "Luo Jinyu, you are so boring!"

Luo Jinyu laughed in an instant, and smiled, still happy: "Well, not to tease you, I didn't expect you to run to my house to sleep."

Yang Chuchu saw that his expression was not as indifferent as before, and she was even more confused.

"Luo Jinyu, you are so bad. You have no motivation to do anything now!" Yang Chuchu stretched out his hand and punched him lightly.

It doesn't hurt, but it scratches his heart like a feather. He immediately caught her restless hand, clenched it, and put it on his chest: "Chuchu, since the test failed, Then we don't keep that agreement, I miss you too! "

"Really?" Yang Chuchu's face was incredible. "Do you really miss me?"

"Yes!" Luo Jinyu couldn't deny the thoughts in her heart, and her thin lips touched the back of her hand, and kissed gently: "Let's continue to associate!"

"Aren't you afraid that outsiders are talking nonsense?" Yang Chuchu's eyes and eyebrows were filled with joy.

The gray heart is also bright. "I'm afraid you leave me!" Luo Jinyu suddenly flexed his arms, and the man's sturdy upper body had been crushed.