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C1009 time can'st wash away your feelings

Tang youyou stared at the screen and suddenly saw Tang Xuerou's figure on the screen. She was shocked.

This video happened to be recorded when Tang Youkang and Meng Lijuan came here, recording all the facts that happened in front of Baiyu group just now.

"Oh, how could Tang Xuerou go there?" After seeing Tang Youyou, she did not feel any pain or pleasure. However, from childhood, she did not see Kang Youkang beating Tang Xuerou. Instead, she had more opportunities to be beaten for doing wrong things. Now, she finally saw Kang Youkang beating her, but she was not happy. Instead, she had an unspeakable feeling of discomfort.

Liu Xi looked at it, heavy hearted, and sneered, "I didn't expect Tang Xuerou to be such an ending. Maybe she didn't even dream that she would one day become a joke for everyone."

"It's not the end I want to see either." Tang youyou sighed: "I used to hate their family, but I haven't changed my name until now, because my dead foster mother took it for me, which means a lot to me. Even if I know my father, I don't want to change my name." "

youYou are a good child. Your mother has knowledge under the spring and must be very happy." Liu Xi can't help but miss his good friend who died and comfort Tang youyou for her. "

I don't know if I can please her. Tang Youkang asked me to help him. I refused. If I did this, it would be too callous. Their family has become like this. I can't laugh at it." Tang youyou said in a low voice, with a complex expression.

"Well, it's normal for them to solve their family's problems by themselves. If they can't get through the difficulties in front of their eyes, it's useless for you to help them. For the first time, there will be a second time. Don't let them become vampires. You can't get rid of them." Liu Xi's selfish intention is not to let Tang youyou mess with his family again. She would rather Tang youyou be merciless once. "

I know. I don't want to have any more contact with them!" Tang youyou has his own decision.

Of course, Ji Xiaohan also saw the video of Tang Xuerou's troublemaking with his brother's company, which Lu Qing showed him.

After all, Ji Xiaohan had something to do with forcing Tang Xuerou into his company, so he called Ji Yueze to talk about it.

The cell phone is connected, and Ji Yueze's feeble voice comes: "brother, what's up?"

"Do you know about Tang Xuerou's trouble in front of your company?" Ji Xiaohan asks.

"What is she going to do? I'm still sleeping, not paying attention! " Jiyueze still sounds tired.

"It's all noon. Why are you still sleeping? Doesn't it mean that the company has to shuffle recently? Are you too busy? How can I still indulge myself in sleeping late? " Season owl cold can't help but smile, regard him as lazy casual sex. "

brother, I want to ask you to help me!" Ji Yueze has been in country D for two days. He has searched all the streets and alleys. He thinks Bai Yiyan may have gone to all the places. He even asked a lot of friends from country D for help. However, there is no news. He is really going crazy. So, if there is no way, he can only ask for help from his elder brother. He knows that his influence is wider and there are many institutions that can be extended to. Check the hotel Bai Yiyan checked in, it must be possible. "

what happened?" Hearing that his younger brother's tone was not right, Ji Xiaohan's expression suddenly became dignified.

"Bai Yiyan has run away!" When Ji Yueze said this, he was laughing at himself. What does "

mean? Where are you going? " Ji Xiaohan didn't understand his brother for a while, frowned and asked. "

it means that I have come to a foreign country, and then, I don't know where I am. The phone is turned off. I came here the day before yesterday. I have been looking for her for two days and two nights, or I haven't found her. Brother, I'm going crazy, you know? I feel really mad now. This woman is driving me crazy. " Ji Yueze's mood at the moment is close to the edge of the rout. He feels that if he finds Bai Yiyan now, the first thing he wants to do is to strangle her and rescue her with artificial respiration. Season

Xiao Han finally understood what he said, his handsome face was stiff, and he said in a low voice, "don't worry, calm down, and tell me about it carefully." "

elder brother, it must be grandma who talked to her and asked her to leave. This fool really sacrificed herself and fulfilled grandma's wish. She was so stupid that she couldn't be saved. I promised her that I would never break up with her. I would definitely let this matter have a good result, but she didn't believe me. She still ran away secretly. I know that this matter has already happened After two days to go, brother, the heart of a woman, how to say change? There's no sign. I can't understand them. " The more Ji Yueze said, the more excited he was, the more he seemed to be going mad.

"She certainly didn't want to embarrass you, so she made a choice." Ji Xiaohan helps him analyze the reasons from the perspective of bystanders.

"Of course I know, but why does she make such a choice? Has she considered my feelings?" Ji Yueze was very angry, but also very painful. "

Ozawa, if she is hiding from you, do you think you can really find her? Well, even if I'm willing to help you find her at all costs, then what? Find her and persuade her to come back and live a good life with you? " Ji Xiao's brother may be stuck on the tip of an ox horn. At this time, he can ignore everything and just want to see Bai Yiyan. But, after seeing her?

Ji Yueze is full of excitement. In an instant, he looks like a bucket of ice water. His whole body is frozen and his face is numb for a moment.

"Brother, you mean Do I really want to break up with her? " For a long time, Ji Yueze asked him in a dry voice. Like a child who can't think, he didn't know what to do. He needed someone to answer.

"No, I didn't say that. I just felt that you and her may really need a calm period. If your love is strong and firm enough, what is the time? It can't disperse your fanaticism and love, Ozawa, big brother don't want to see you lose your mind and do everything, neither do grandparents! " Ji Xiaohan doesn't want to crack down on his brother's persistence and passion for love. However, as a brother, he has the obligation to persuade him to choose a better way of life.

"I see, brother, I'll go back now!" Ji Yueze seemed to wake up with a punch, and his voice recovered a little sense.