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C698 the old grudge cannot be dispelled

When Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou went out for dinner, something happened to Ji's family, which worried the elder couple for a moment.

Before Ji Yueze brought Bai Yiyan back for dinner, he didn't know that Ji Shangqing had returned to China, and he lived here.

So, when Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan sit on the sofa and are interrogated by the old lady, Ji Shangqing's car stops outside the door. When he enters the living room, Ji Yueze's handsome face is frozen in an instant.

His relationship with Ji Shangqing is worse than that of Ji Yueze, because they often fight when they are young. In that year, Ji Yueze left home and had something to do with Ji Shangqing.

Ji Shangqing's favorite girl wrote a drawer full of love letters to Ji Yueze, and also folded a lot of gadgets representing love for him. When Ji Shangqing knew about this, he went straight to Ji Yueze to fight.

Ji Yueze was beaten by him for no reason. He went directly to his grandparents to make decisions. Unexpectedly, Ji Shangqing had already gone to his grandparents for the first time, and put the evidence of Ji Yueze's love with that girl in front of the elder brother.

This time, of course, the second eldest brother criticized Ji Yueze severely again. He was also forbidden from going out to see the girl again.

Ji Yueze was angry for two times, so he packed things and ran away from home.

Since then, the relationship between Ji Yueze and Ji Shangqing has been very cold. Although they are cousins, there is no communication between them.

At this moment, meeting at Jijia, of course, is a situation of fire and water.

Ji had expected that he might meet with Ji Yueze early in the morning, so he was prepared mentally.

Seeing Ji Yueze, he raised his hand: "long time no see, little brother!"

Ji Yueze didn't expect Ji Shangqing to have such a thick skin. He still had the face to say hello to him. In those days, he had a bad time.

When Ji Shangqing saw Ji Yueze's face, he thought of doing that shameless thing in an instant. He was young and frivolous, and wanted to do something for a girl. But now, that girl no longer has Ji Shangqing's mind. He still remembers that when he met that girl at a dinner party, he didn't have the pure temperament of that year. On the contrary, when he saw him, he took the initiative to stick to her, asked for the contact information, and the development in the future was the same as what he had done Just like the story of dog blood, the girl knew that he was now the head of a listed company, so she began to give him various hints and choices, hoping to have an in-depth exchange. But Ji Shang was not the man who fell in love when he only looked at his face in the early morning. He had a kind of extreme antipathy to the active woman, because his memory was so beautiful that it was all destroyed by that woman, which made him dislike the active woman. She always felt that they were snobbish, greedy and even dirty.

Ji Yueze didn't speak. He just snorted and sat on the sofa.

Bai Yiyan's beautiful eyes are full of curiosity. She looks at the man standing at the door in a puzzled way. Her facial features are similar to those of the old man. It seems that she is also a member of Ji's family.

Just now his name is Ji Yueze. Are they brothers?

However, Bai Yiyan seems to have never heard of Ji Yueze. He has a brother.

But the old lady seemed to know the knot between them, and smiled quickly: "the more Ze, still clear back, you don't calm down, say hello to him, you are cousins, somehow."

"I don't have a brother like him!" Ji Yueze's cold answer.

Ji Shangqing just came over and apologized with sincerity: "little brother, are you still remembering what happened to me? I've clarified with my grandparents that it's my fault. I shouldn't frame you out of nothing. Don't you mind with me? I really feel sorry for you. "

When the old lady heard what he said, she immediately remembered it and nodded: "yes, Yueze, she explained it to us early in the morning. We wrongly blame you. Don't take it to heart, OK?"

Ji Yueze still said in a cold voice: "he is such a sinister person. Otherwise, why would he make up a lie to frame me?"

Once bitten by a snake, he was afraid of the well rope for ten years. The damage Ji Yueze suffered when he was a teenager has become a shadow. Therefore, he just doesn't like Ji Shangqing, no matter whether he apologizes sincerely or not.

Bai Yiyan is also worried when she sits next to her.

The old lady had to turn her head and smile at her. "This is my grandson, Yueze's cousin, Ji Shangqing. See you for the first time."

Bai Yiyan said with a stiff expression: "yes, I see you for the first time!"

Ji Shangqing immediately smiled and said, "nice to meet you. You are my brother's girlfriend. I saw your picture last time. You are really a match."

Bai Yiyan is embarrassed.

Ji Yueze suddenly got up: "grandma, let's come to you next time!"

"Hey, Ozawa, don't go, come to have a meal..."

"It's the same next time!" Ji Yueze comes directly and pulls Bai Yiyan out of the door.

Ji Shangqing is also an embarrassed face sitting, he immediately said: "little brother, you come back, I go out to eat!"

However, Ji Yueze has gone away in his sports car.

The old lady's expression, in an instant bitter down, heavy sigh.

Ji Shangqing came to apologize quickly: "grandma, I'm really sorry. I'm responsible for disturbing your dinner!"

"Isn't it just you? What did you do to lie to us? We scolded Xiao Ze and ran away from home. Up to now, there is still a knot in our grandparents' heart that hasn't been untied! " The old lady shouted angrily.

Ji Shangqing quickly bowed his head and looked scolded for his sincerity.

At this moment, Ji Yueze's sports car quickly left Ji's manor. On the car, Ji Yueze tightly pursed his thin lips and looked angry, which scared Bai Yiyan.

"Would you slow down? I'm afraid of death! " Bai Yiyan immediately pleaded with him.

Ji Yueze thought that there was a woman sitting beside him. He slowed down and stopped at the side of the road. He leaned back in his chair and didn't talk for a long time.

"What's the matter with you?" Bai Yiyan asked curiously.

"Why does he want to live in my brother's house?" Ji Yueze is furious with the steering wheel.

Bai Yiyan was shocked, and then asked carefully, "do you have a deep hatred with him? How on earth did he frame you? "

"He's a cunning and insidious man. My eldest brother should drive him out!" Ji Yueze is still biting his teeth in hatred. Then, what comes to his mind, he said lightly: "you'd better not know about this!" With that, he drove away again!