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C1514 hallucinations

After a day's work, Yang ChuChu was sleepy. She leaned on her seat, looked out of the window at the bright lights, looked at the passers-by's footsteps in a hurry, had a place to come, and had the best feeling of returning. Her mind flashed the gentle face of the man, and the corners of her mouth sprang up involuntarily.

In Yang ChuChu's view, all these accidents are just a coincidence.

But she didn't think about it. Why did this coincidence happen today.

In fact, all this happened after Lin Enron and Liu Lan communicated well. In the morning, Lin Enron came to Yang ChuChu specially to ask if Luo Jinyu would come in the evening. When he heard that Luo Jinyu would accompany her, Lin Enron was shocked.

If Luo Jinyu comes, what chance does she have to harm Yang ChuChu?

Moreover, in order not to affect their own star path, this time, we have to make an unexpected appearance.

Let Yang ChuChu think that he was drunk, just had a relationship with other men, but can't let her feel that she was polluted in this way.

Lin Enron even thought about the result. At that time, she just needs to kneel in front of Yang ChuChu and cry and apologize. With Yang ChuChu's good nature, even if she blames her, she will never hurt her.

Liu Lan sent people to follow Luo Jinyu's car. If he drags his time, he will give Lin Enron a chance. As long as things are successful, those people will not pester Luo Jinyu again.

Because it's too late.

Yang ChuChu closed his eyes for a while. When he opened his eyes, he had arrived at Lin Enron's birthday party.

She actually held it in a private club. She packed a big box with a rest room inside and a living room outside. The atmosphere was warm and there were many people coming. There were some foreign guests. They were young, handsome and attractive.

"Well, you are coming!" Lin Enron was wearing a tight red wine skirt, with a long head generating big waves and a diamond crown on her head. She looked very stylish and sexy.

Yang ChuChu's dress, in front of her, is just like a girl who has just entered the society.

Yang ChuChu intentionally dresses so casually, without revealing any woman's amorous feelings, because she regards Lin Enron as a friend, and naturally doesn't want to steal her limelight at her birthday party.

"Well, what do you look like? So neutral, you come here to play! " Lin Enron pretended to be dissatisfied while laughing.

Yang ChuChu looked at the men and women at the scene with a little timid eyes, and smiled dryly and said, "I came here to celebrate your birthday, but it's not my birthday. I can't wear it too beautifully."

"How nice of you! I'm so moved. " Lin Enron immediately reached out and hugged her. Then, she held a small bottle. Some of the liquid in it was stained in Yang ChuChu's hair room and behind his ears. It was a colorless and tasteless liquid, but it would emit a kind of intoxicating smell with the body temperature, which would make people unconsciously hallucinate.

Yang ChuChu is now infected by the atmosphere in front of her. He doesn't find that Lin Enron has even touched her.

Although she felt the coolness in her neck, she didn't pay special attention to it. When Lin Enron released her, her eyes were wet. Therefore, she thought that the coolness just now was that her tears fell on her neck.

"Enron, why are you crying? Don't make up for crying. " Yang ChuChu was a little frightened, and Lin Enron was crying, which made her helpless.

"Clearly, I lost my temper. Please find a seat and sit down first. I'll send you something to eat!" When Lin Enron's plan is successful, he is in a good mood, so he has no time to act, because there will be a good play soon.

Yang ChuChu found a place for a few people to sit down. In a short time, someone brought her fruits and drinks. She took a look, and there was a very low alcohol.

She looked up at the crowd under the lights. There were more than thirty people, didn't she say there were not many?

Yang ChuChu sees Lin Enron like a fish in water, shuttles in the crowd, she unexpectedly feels such she, lets her have some strange feeling.

In her opinion, Lin Enron and herself are the same kind of people, not good at communication, but now I think I am wrong. Lin Enron is very low-key in the company, but she has made so many friends.

"Are you Yang ChuChu? I've been watching your films and TV plays. Can you take a picture of me and sign a name for me Suddenly, two young men came to chat with her in a hurry.

Yang ChuChu immediately shook his head and smiled: "the group photo is inevitable. If I sign, I can sign it!"

"Miss Chu is so shy. That's OK." The two men immediately found paper and pens.

Yang ChuChu stooped to sign, and found her hands shaking. She was slightly surprised. She didn't seem to have started drinking. How could she be drunk?

Yang ChuChu immediately shook his long hair, and in an instant, he regained his sense of clarity.

The two men happily took her signature and left. Yang ChuChu hurriedly took a cold watermelon and ate it. He was dizzy for a while just now, just because he didn't have a good rest.

While she was eating, she watched those people huddle together to talk and laugh. At this time, some people sang, and the young men and women began to dance in situ. Yang ChuChu only felt that her head hurt because of the fierce DJ noise.

Lin Enron seems to have been joking with her friends all the way, but her eyes stare at Yang ChuChu from time to time to see her reflection.

Liu Lan got this medicine for her. I don't know where she got it. Anyway, Liu Lan's idea is to spill it where Yang ChuChu can smell it. If it's slow, it's one hour. If it's fast, it's half an hour. At that time, if there's no man, women will look good.

Lin Enron sneers in his heart, can Yang ChuChu resist the temptation of so many handsome men in front of him?

Yang ChuChu is eating fruit. Suddenly, her eyes are in a trance. It seems that there is a person in the crowd who looks like Luo Jinyu. That person is still smiling at her. She is slightly stunned.

When she swung her long hair again, the man turned into a strange face. It was those foreign men. Maybe because of their similar body shape and figure, she lost her sight.

"What's the matter with me?" Yang ChuChu made some self mockery. Did he Miss Luo Jin too much and have an illusion?

Just when Yang ChuChu was depressed, Luo Jinyu's car had already been around the outskirts. The cars behind him were chasing after him. They did not come forward to overtake him or attack his car, but they were chasing him all the time.

"Damn it!" Luo Jin bites his teeth, and Jun's face is full of annoyance.

"Hasn't the person sent by President Ji arrived yet?" The driver couldn't help asking.

Luo Jinyu just called Ji Xiaohan for help. Ji Xiaohan has sent a car to help him.

Because Ling Mo Feng's election, Ji Xiaohan and Luo Jinyu are more closely connected than before. In this danger, Luo Jinyu knows that Ji Xiaohan will definitely help him.

When he was angry, all of a sudden, the car that followed behind him was suddenly hit by a truck and flew away directly. The truck was in the middle of the road and blocked the passing cars.

As the checkpoint is very accurate, several vehicles of Luo Jinyu also have time to leave.

"It was sent by President Ji, who finally solved our problem!" The big brother of the driver stepped on the accelerator, and the car drove forward with flying arrows.

"Hurry to find Chu Chu!" Seeing the delay for nearly an hour, Luo Jin is extremely annoyed. I'm afraid that at this time, she has already gone to the birthday party first.

With the truck sent by jixiaohan standing in the way, those cars can't catch up.

The driver opened the door calmly and jumped down. Then, he pulled out the phone.

Seeing that the Secretary wanted to call the police, the cars turned around and fled.

However, the car that was knocked over didn't have a chance to escape. The driver was stuck in the driver's cab, half alive, and his face was pale with fear.

Soon, the traffic police arrived. The truck driver cooperated with the traffic police very much.

When Luo Jinyu arrived at Lin'an's birthday party, it was about 8:30.

At the moment, Yang ChuChu takes off her coat involuntarily. Her eyes are intoxicated. Everyone looks like Luo Jinyu. She wants to rush to embrace her.

She was in a bad condition. She didn't know what was wrong. A foreign man came to talk to her. Her hand couldn't help touching his arm.