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She says she likes money

Chen Hai saw that she was giving the roses to everyone, so he was a little happy in his heart. He walked over to Pei An Xin and asked, "An Xin, you don't like roses, so what flowers do you like? I'll buy one for you tomorrow as well, for the one you like! "

Pei An Xin looked at Chen Hai, and politely shook his head: "No need, I don't like anything right now!"

"An Xin, are you free at noon?" "I know there's a new restaurant nearby. I heard the dishes inside are pretty good. Let's go and compensate the taste!" Chen Hai did not give up and did not give up. He invited her immediately.

Previously, Pei An Xin would have rejected his invitation because he felt that his colleagues shouldn't be too close to her.

But today, she inexplicably wanted to anger Mu Shi Ye.

"Sure, we make it AA!" Pei An Xin agreed with a smile.

"Why do you want to make it AA? I want to treat you to a meal!" Chen Hai was very happy that she agreed to it, but she was also very sad that she said she wanted an AA system.

"If you don't want to go with AA, then I won't go!" Pei An Xin's real purpose was to anger Mu Shi Ye, so she did not really have to agree to Chen Hai's goals. Thus, she felt that if they were to make a A-list meal, Chen Hai would not have any thoughts about the matter.

Chen Hai could only nod his head, "Alright, as long as we can have a meal together, I will be satisfied!"

After the two of them finished chatting for a few days, the assistant in the CEO's office suddenly sent a message to the company's internal email.

The title was about the company's new regulations coming out.

Everyone was surprised, but Pei An Xin found it funny, what kind of joke was this Mu Shi Ye again?

Not long after he sent the mail, Pei An Xin received an internal call. It was from Mu Shi Ye, who requested for her to come to his office to talk.

Coincidentally, Pei An Xin also had something to say to him. Last time, he said that he wanted to see his daughter, but she didn't agree with him.

Pushing open the door of the CEO's office, Mu Shi Ye felt as if he had matured within a few days. His handsome face was no longer as friendly as before, it was dyed with a layer of depression.

Seeing her enter, Mu Shi Ye turned his head to look at her, his voice low and hoarse, "The rose I gave you, do you like it?"

"I don't like it. I'll give it to my colleagues!" Pei An Xin answered very straightforwardly.

"You're lying, this is clearly your favorite flower!" Mu Shi Ye saw through her heart instantly.

Pei An Xin laughed coldly: "People's preferences will change. In the past, what I liked were flowers, that's because I was still filled with yearning for love, but now, what I like was money, because money can give me and my daughter a sense of security and a better life."

Mu Shi Ye was startled, it seemed that the gift he gave was not sent to the other party's heart.

"Alright, tomorrow, I'll send the money!" Mu Shi Ye immediately changed his mind.

Pei An Xin was angered by his words and laughed: "I don't want your money. The money I want, is earned by my own abilities."

"My money is not for you, it's for my precious daughter's milk powder. You must accept it, okay? Don't reject me! " Mu Shi Ye knew that she was stubborn, giving her money for free would hurt her self-esteem, so he could only use his daughter as an excuse.

Pei An Xin still shook his head, and said coldly: "I can still earn money for my daughter's milk powder by myself, so there's no need for you to share it. In any case, this daughter is mine, and it has nothing to do with you."

"An Xin, do you have to reject me so completely? You know how much I love this child! "How much you cherish every second of your time with her, you cannot ruthlessly take away my power and responsibilities." Mu Shi Ye was truly hurt, his handsome face was in pain.

Pei An Xin listened to his heartfelt sincerity, and his expression stiffened.

"An Xin, you can hate me, but don't stop me from loving my daughter, okay?" Mu Shi Ye walked in front of her with a pleading look in his eyes.

Pei An Xin's eyes looked a little sour for some reason. She had never thought about following Mu Shi Ye to this step, but unfortunately, some injuries had already been caused, so it was impossible for his to return to the innocence of his youth.

Fine, I promise you that I won't stop you from seeing your daughter, but you must also promise me that your role is just that of her father. Don't have any other thoughts, you are the Great Young Master of the Mu Family. Pei An Xin's heart finally softened. She felt thahee was really too ruthless at times, he hated the rules and regulations of the Wealthy Class, she did not really hate Mu Shi Ye.

The sorrow on Mu Shi Ye's face disappeared in a second, and was replaced with happiness, as if he wanted to embrace this woman.

When he took a step forward, Pei An Xin took a step back in time, and said indifferently: "Did you understand what I'm saying in the end?"

Mu Shi Ye's expression stiffened once again. In the end, his hands hung down powerlessly and he sighed softly, "Do you have to draw the line so clearly with me? You really don't have any feelings for me anymore? "

Pei An Xin looked into his eyes and nodded, "Yes, I have no desire now!"

"But I see that you are fighting very passionately with Chen Hai in your office!" When Mu Shi Ye heard her say that he was heartless, he immediately used the truth to prove it.

Pei An Xin lifted his lips and laughed: "Mubai shouldn't be going to meddle in my business again, right?"

"I have to care!" Mu Shi Ye said in a domineering tone, "This is a great matter that concerns my daughter's future stepfather!"

Pei An Xin sneered: "Don't worry, I have eyes of my own. If I really want to look for her, I will definitely look for a man who is good to my daughter!"

"Women are sometimes easily blinded by love. I must personally check on every man you interact with in the future. If I don't like it, you can give up on it all!" Mu Shi Ye was still unreasonably tyrannical. Of course, he was already at the edge of collapse, and every time he thought of another man touching Pei An Xin's body, he really wanted to beat that person up.

Pei An Xin wasn't truly a stone-hearted person, but she could feel the strong feelings this man had for her from his words.

Unfortunately, she still couldn't get through that barrier in her heart. She kept feeling that the gulf between her and him was too deep, that she should be more rational. Even if her heart still loved him, she should not touch that forbidden line.

"Mu Shi Ye, so many years have passed, you still seem to be very childish!" Pei An Xin didn't know what to say to him anymore.

Mu Shi Ye nodded, admitting: "That's right, I'm still that childish man that you loved deeply in the past!"