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At the same table, the female guests and the male guests sat separately on the table beside them. LAN Yanxi only knew Tang Youyou, so she sat beside her. The two little guys politely greeted LAN Yanxi.

Tang youyou also immediately introduced LAN Yanxi to Mu Lin and Pei Anxin. Because they are all women and all famous flowers have their own masters, the atmosphere is quite harmonious, and there is no sense of rivalry.

"It's so lively."

LAN Yanxi looks around and feels that today is really a happy day.

Tang youyou nodded: "yes, it's a good day."

Mulin suddenly turned her head and asked Tang Youyou, "didn't your sister-in-law come?"

Tang youyou is stupefied for a while, and then finds that Ji Yueze's husband and wife haven't been present. They should be on the invitation list. Ji Yueze is Yang ChuChu's boss.

"Probably not yet."

Tang youyou replied casually.

However, as soon as her words fell, she saw Ji Yueze's figure appeared at the door, greeting Luo Jinyu to send his blessing. Bai Yiyan was not followed by her. Tang youyou was surprised.

When Ji Yueze came to see Tang youyou looking at him, he had to go over and explain: "Mo Mo is not comfortable. Xiaoyan is at home with her."

"Don't worry."

Tang youYou can't help worrying.

"Just a little cough. It doesn't matter. The doctor has seen it."

After Ji Yueze finished, he went directly to find a seat beside elder brother.

A table of handsome men, each very eye-catching, various types of temperament, attracted many women to watch.

Of course, they only have the share of envy, because, although the table is full of handsome men, they are all masters. Even if they want to have a perfect encounter, they can only imagine it in their mind.

At the table next to them, there are a lot of beautiful women, all of them are rich and rich wives. No one can stir them up. The man looks at them thoughtfully, but he doesn't get a response from Sihao. After all, the woman who is being favored by the lion doesn't dare to provoke other men. She doesn't want to die.

When the auspicious time was coming, Yang ChuChu walked out of the dressing room with his mother's warning.

At the moment, outside the dressing room, Fang Yang is standing there at a loss. Although he is inviting guests today, he would like to see his daughter dressed in wedding dress.

"Well, you're married today. Dad just came to see you."

Fang Yang said with a smile.

Yang ChuChu looks at Cheng Ying. Cheng Ying turns his face aside.

"Thank you for coming. It's almost time. Go down and sit down."

Said Yang ChuChu.

"Well, I'll go down first."

Fang Yang turns around, but his eyes are a little hot. However, he dare not ask for anything. Although he wants to send his daughter through the red carpet, he hands her over to a man who will depend on her for life in the future.

Fang Yang still left. Cheng Ying looked at her daughter and asked softly, "you can't blame me for being ruthless. Today is your wedding day. I really don't want to be talked about by someone else about my relationship with him. So, in a moment, on the red carpet, you will go alone."

Yang ChuChu shook his head: "Mom, I don't blame you. At the beginning, he chose not to let our mother and daughter go. Although I could accept that he was my father, he still didn't fulfill his father's responsibility. I didn't need him to lead me. I could also walk to Luo Jinyu's side."

"Well, if you think so, mom will be relieved."

Cheng Ying wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and was satisfied.

The opening music, romantic and warm, is full of joy. Yang ChuChu, accompanied by six bridesmaids, stepped on the red carpet and covered her amazing face with a white veil. But through the falling veil, her perfect side face can be seen vaguely. At the moment, she is like a fairy in a dream. The beauty is amazing.

People's eyes looked at her, Yang ChuChu held his breath, as if this moment even time has slowed down, perhaps, her pace slowed down.

Through the gauze of Haobai, she saw the end of the red carpet. On the high platform, the man was tall and straight.

All around suddenly there was smoke. Under the illumination of colorful lights, it seemed to be a colorful auspicious cloud. Everything was romantic and dizzy.

The women sitting next to each other are envious and open their eyes. Is that what it looks like to marry love?

What a beautiful memory. It's so precious.

But there are also some people will feel that this is the way to marry money. Only absolute giants can give a woman such a grand wedding. If there is no support of money, is it possible?

But no matter it's sour or sincere blessing, this moment is more unforgettable to Yang ChuChu than any movie and TV play she has ever played. She finally married the God she secretly loves, or was pregnant with the crystallization of two people.

From the sound of the live music, in the eyes of Luo Jinyu, the little woman who walked slowly towards him was about to become his real wife. Under the witness of the guests and the blessing of the elders, he and she were real husband and wife.

In fact, Luo Jinyu is still worried at the moment, because he always feels that Yang ChuChu will step on her wedding dress, which is not for fun. She is still pregnant with a baby.

Finally, the long red carpet is gone. Yang ChuChu stands steadily in front of Luo Jinyu. The pretty face under the tulle is now full of happy smile. She is shy and charming. In Luo Jinyu's eyes, she can't express her beauty.

Next to the wedding is a very famous host, at this moment, he took out the Manifesto, began to read a speech, until two people said that I would like to exchange rings, the ceremony was completed.

Under the guidance of the host, Luo Jinyu raised her veil and printed a kiss on her delicate lips.

At this moment, the men and women under the seat all sent the applause of blessing.

LAN Yanxi is patting the palm of his hand. He can't help but look to the left. Unexpectedly, he just looks at Ling Mo Feng with a smile. His eyes are touching each other, tender and watery.

When LAN yanshiton felt embarrassed and blushed, she didn't know where Lingmo Feng and she had come from. Even peeping at each other, they all chose the same time period.

I feel that lanyanxi is shy, but Ling Mo Feng is in a very good mood. It seems that she can't wait to get married with him.

At the end of the ceremony, Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu went to change a set of toast service, and the two began to salute the guests at each table.

Luo Jinyu must be drunk today, but Yang ChuChu only drank a few cups of boiled water.

Lohnin, as his younger brother, helped the elder brother to get along with him. Soon, his face turned red and he was drunk.