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C769. She regrets it

With Ji Lin's permission, Ji yunning's heart seems to fly to the sky happily. She is always afraid that Ji Lin will stop her from seeing Ji Xiaohan. In front of Ji Lin, she is always the image of a good girl. If Ji Lin is angry against her father's wishes, Ji yunning has no such courage.

At this moment, Ji yunning immediately ran back to his room. Entering her huge cloakroom, there are all kinds of big brands of clothes hanging in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and countless luxuries. She has been enjoying a princess like life since childhood. Even if Ji Lin is locked in, the allowance given by Ji's second eldest brother is enough to meet her wishes. Moreover, Ji Shangqing is also very generous to her sister For a while, it will give her gifts that many women love.

In my opinion, Ji yunning is very lucky. He was picked out by Ji Lin from the orphanage and stepped into the rich circle. He squeezed into the upper class society without any pressure and achieved a woman's dream of being a rich man.

"How could I have bought this kind of clothes?" Ji yunning picked out all the clothes and didn't find a beautiful one suitable for her mood at the moment. She angrily dragged out some ugly clothes and threw them on the ground directly. She stepped forward and stepped on her feet without being angry and dissatisfied.

Pick to choose, Ji yunning suddenly a Leng.

Yes, at this moment, she should abandon her own style of dressing. You can imitate Tang youyou's dressing. Ji Xiaohan likes her so much, and certainly likes her style of dressing. Thinking of this, Ji yunning had no pressure to choose. She directly took a set of professional style clothes and put them on her body. Then she took care of her long hair. When she saw the curly end of her hair, she frowned and thought that Tang youyou's hair was straight. As soon as she clenched her teeth, she immediately took the electric

stick and ironed it straight.

Finally, she looked in the mirror and tried to recall Tang youyou's dress. In her memory, this woman painted a light make-up, with a fresh and pure breath.

Besmear the lipstick of light color, Ji yunning looked at that very different oneself in the mirror, frowned.

If it's not for jixiaohan's liking, I believe that no woman is willing to dress up as her rival.

This humiliation, Ji yunning in the bottom of the heart hate oath, one day, she must let Tang youyou pay more humiliating taste than her.

Although the heart with resentment, Ji yunning or this dress out.

Jixiaohan's branch office building in country m is located next to the prominent street in the center of the city. It is like a towering tower, which is pulled up one layer after another. It has distinct characteristics and attracts people's attention. Ji yunning used to come in and out of the building before, because when Ji Xiaohan stayed in the headquarters company, Ji Laozi often worked in the building. Ji yunning used to work here as an assistant of the Laozi, so when she came in, the guard at the door was respectfully called

she was Ji assistant.

Ji yunning ascends the bar slightly, the momentum is very sufficient to step on the high-heeled shoes, walked into the open hall.

She walked directly in the direction of the elevator. Moreover, she planned to take the direct elevator and go upstairs to see Ji Xiaohan.

However, when she passed the front desk, suddenly, a blonde at the front desk stopped her and said in English: "Ji assistant, who are you looking for, please?"

Ji yunning turned around and gave the man a cold look. He said lightly, "I'm the eldest miss of Ji family. I don't need your consent to see who I am."

The blonde is also brave, still with a professional smile: "President Ji just told me that if someone wants to see him, they must make an appointment through the front desk!"

"You can see clearly. I'm his sister!" Ji yunning would be blocked downstairs in the hall, which is another kind of shock and humiliation to her, so her tone is very angry. "Of course I know your identity, but general manager Ji has also made a special statement. Even if Miss Ji comes, he must get his permission to go upstairs to see him." The blonde turned ugly at the sight of Ji yunning's face. She immediately had a feeling of exaltation and a more difficult tone.

Ji yunning's face was completely white, so she had to walk to the front desk reluctantly, and still raised her chin and said, "then you can connect me with the president's office now."

"Just a moment!"

Ji yunning can't say what it's like in her heart. When he was sitting here, she came and went freely and was respected by outsiders. But now, after a new generation of heirs, Ji yunning can't enjoy such treatment.

"Ji Xiaohan, in your eyes, am I really an outsider?" Ji yunning thought of sadness and resentment in the bottom of his heart.

The phone is connected. It's Lu Qing's voice.

"Miss Ji, the young master asked you to come up. However, the young master is in a meeting. It may take half an hour to see you!" Lu Qing's voice is very professional.

"Good!" Ji yunning just wants to see Ji Xiaohan now. Don't say half an hour. Even if it's two hours, she is willing to wait.

Ji yunning went upstairs and was arranged by an assistant to wait in the lounge.

Ji yunning looks lonely and stands in front of the floor to floor window, looking at the street view in front of him, and his heart is turning over with pain.

At the beginning, if she didn't promise Ji Lin, she would be the hostess of Ji's family.

Thinking of this, Ji yunning regretted that she had given the medicine, but she didn't own the man, but Tang youyou picked up a big bargain, and let her give birth to two children successfully, so she would sit firmly in the position of Jijia's little grandma.

Thinking of fate's teasing, Ji yunning clenched her fist to death. If there is any regret medicine, she must be the first one to buy it. She really regrets it.

In the president's office, Ji Xiaohan sits on the office chair and carefully looks at the documents at hand.

Lu Qing came in and said softly, "young master, what you expect is true. Ji yunning is really here."

Season owl cold but light ha: "season Lin definitely will send her to play again."

"Ji Lin wants too much of it. You and Ji yunning have been in the past for a long time, and they want to play a beauty trick." Lu Qing can't help sneering. He feels that Ji Lin is crazy. It seems that he can't let go of any tricks.

Ji Xiaohan's eyes and color remain the same, and his expression is cold: "let her come, even if the door of my company is flat, I'm not interested in her!"

Lu Qing nodded, admiring and approving: "young master, you are the most manly person I have ever met. Miss Tang is really blessed." "Is it?" Season owl cold thin lips a Yang, to express the use.