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C1700 Something went wrong

Lin Bo came here with a few fresh peaches in his hand. Seeing Ling wennuan, he hurriedly walked over and asked her to eat with a smile. Ling wennuan couldn't refuse. He reached for one.

"The peach is naturally grown up, small but sweet." Lin Bo said while others were eating.

Ling wennuan hands one to Xiaoyu, who blinks at the group.

Under the arrangement of the headmaster, Ling wennuan teaches music, and Xia ninglan teaches painting. After the division of labor is clear, the big guy has a lunch in the school canteen. In the afternoon, Ling wennuan sees his students for the first time. Today is a weekend. The children originally went home. They heard about the new teachers. Everyone came to watch the fun. Ling wennuan looks at these pure clothes Simple, clear eyes of primary school students, inexplicably have a sense of heartache, they are more timid than the children in the big city, but also more sensible, looking at them with timid eyes, even if they want to take something to eat, it is also very careful.

However, Ling wennuan and these college students are enthusiastic people. Soon, they are familiar with these children.

Xia ninglan is obviously a little absent-minded, although she is also very good to these children, but she is not so warm-hearted, she stared at the next road, dazed, and her mind drifted away.

LAN Yanxi is working in the office. Suddenly, her mobile phone rings. She takes a look. It's a person in charge of a charity. She answers quickly.

"Miss LAN, I'm so sorry. Something's wrong with me. Someone just brought a group of people into our company and smashed it. He injured several of our staff. He said that as long as we continue to do this job, we have to come and smash things." The other side's voice is urgent and obviously helpless.

"Do you know who it is?" LAN Yanxi's expression was also tense.

"They call themselves former employees of the blue group." The other side replied immediately.

LAN Yanxi immediately asked with concern, "did the injured staff go to the hospital? You do the work of appeasement first. I'll contact my two uncles to see what's going on. "

"OK, thank you, Miss blue." The other side was relieved at last. As long as LAN Yanxi came out to solve it, it means that this matter will definitely be solved.

After LAN Yanxi hung up, he called LAN Bai directly.

Lambert answered her phone, but the tone was not very friendly: "Lan Yanxi, what's the matter?"

LAN Yanxi didn't want to be polite to him either. He asked him directly, "do you know why the former employees of LAN's group went to smash the charity?"

"How can I know? Maybe people lose a bowl of rice and don't get satisfactory subsidies. Of course, they have to make trouble. The world is really ridiculous. Everyone says to be fair, but in fact, it's not fair at all. " Lambert sneered.

LAN Yanxi's heart was shocked, and he expected the seriousness of the situation and found the cause of the problem.

"You didn't ask them to do it, did you?" Asked LAN Yanxi in a calm voice.

Lamberton was angry and snorted, "don't blame others for everything. You and the dead old man are to blame. Once the old man closed his eyes, he couldn't take care of it. You kind-hearted blue lady can't ignore them. They don't get the benefits they deserve. They can't eat the losses."

LAN Yanxi's heart was shocked. It seems that she is still in fault for this matter?

After hanging up the phone, lanyanxi stood up and explained to her colleagues. She asked the driver to take her to the charity. She saw the smashed hall, which was in a mess. Beside the broken glass, there were bloodstains. Several staff with slight injuries were cleaning it.

"Miss LAN, you are here at last. We feel wronged about this matter. As soon as they came in, they broke things without saying anything. They also threatened that we must compensate them for their losses, otherwise, this matter is not over." Responsible for a few pieces of bandages on the face, rushed to say.

LAN Yanxi can't help caring about him when he sees him like this: "Mr. Wang, are you ok? Do you want to go to the hospital for a phase examination?"

"No, I'm a little hurt. It's just miss LAN. What do you think of this matter? If they come here and smash things every day, our charity won't work." The person in charge asked her anxiously.

"Don't worry, I will find someone to deal with this matter. It's hard for you." LAN Yanxi said, then turned around and left, standing outside the gate. She looked at the road where the cars came and went. Suddenly, she thought of a person who might help her.

LAN Yanxi immediately called Uncle Yu. Uncle Yu heard that she needed help and rushed over at the first time.

"What's the matter, miss?" Uncle Yu asked.

"Uncle Yu, you've been with my grandfather for several years. You should know some senior figures of the company. I'm going to ask someone today. There seems to be something wrong in the company." Lanyanxi knew nothing about the company before. She only knew several senior and middle-level employees. She didn't know any of them.

"If the eldest lady wants to go to them, I can take you there. I know the home addresses of some of them." Uncle Yu replied immediately.

"OK, please take me there. I need to know something about it." LAN Yanxi has no grandfather to rely on behind her, so she can only deal with the affairs of LAN's group company by herself, and the two uncles take part of them, and then they will no longer be in charge of the company's affairs.

Uncle Yu brings LAN Yanxi to a very senior family. The other party is just about to go out. When he sees LAN Yanxi and uncle Yu, he is stunned.

"What's up with the big blue lady?" When the other side saw LAN Yanxi, his face changed and he was very unwelcome.

Lanyanxi now has a feeling of backwardness. Grandpa decides to donate the company. Lanyanxi just has no objection. Now, when the old man goes West, it becomes her responsibility.

"Uncle Liu, I'd like to come here to know about today's smashed charity. Do you know why? Or, can you find those people for me? I want to talk to them face to face. " LAN Yanxi said the meaning directly.

"Don't call me so kind. I can't bear your honorific title now. You are the wife of the president. I'm just an incompetent who was swept out of the house by Lan Shi. Please come and ask me for help. To be honest, I can't really help you." At present, this is Liu Yi, the senior director of the business department of Lanshi group. When he saw LAN Yanxi, he was full of resentment. He felt that this woman had destroyed Lanshi. Now, he has the face to come to him for help.

Uncle Yu saw the other side's attitude was so impolite, he immediately went forward, and coldly reminded: "Liu Yi, since you know that she is the president's wife, then you should be polite. This matter is of a bad nature. If it has something to do with you, when the evidence is confirmed, you are going to eat a good meal. Now it's clear that everyone can find a way to solve it, which is not harmful to you Loss. "

When Liu Yi saw Uncle Yu, he was still afraid of him. Uncle Yu followed the old man and had some sense of authority.

"Huh, threatening me? I'm not afraid. Anyway, I have nothing now. Barefoot people are not afraid to wear shoes. They want to catch me? Come on? " Liu Yi immediately straightened up his back and said angrily.

LAN Yanxi saw that he was a pedant at first sight, so she had to cool her voice: "uncle Liu, this matter is always to be solved. Beating and injuring people is not the solution. If you think the company owes you benefits, we will find a lawyer to make it clear. If we owe you money, I will find a way to make up for it. If you make trouble without reason, You don't have a reason to look for something on purpose. "

Liu Yi saw the deterrent power in front of the girl. His expression was not as casual as before. He took three points seriously: "after the old man donated to the company, he drove out our business backbones. He said that we checked the company's accounts, and our department's accounts had loopholes. We were really wronged. How could we work diligently What about the matter? "

"Are you sure you didn't steal the company's money? What about the accounts? It's impossible to lose money for no reason. " LAN Yanxi is not stupid. If there is something wrong with the account, there must be someone behind.