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Want to spoil them

"Ai …" "Don't hug …" When Pei An Xin saw that Mu Shi Ye had actually gone to hug his daughter, wanting to stop him, it was already too late.

Mu Shi Ye felt a warm feeling from his chest down, and then, a strange smell made him frown.

He looked down and saw that his daughter had pulled him again … Straight on his shirt and trousers.

"I'll go …" Mu Shi Ye looked like he was about to collapse. His handsome face looked like it was about to cry.

Seeing him in such a sorry state, Pei An Xin couldn't help but laugh. This was the first time since they met that she had smiled so sincerely.

Seeing that she was only smiling and did not even try to help, Mu Shi Ye immediately became displeased: "Are you done laughing? If I'm done laughing, then I should hurry over to help. This little fellow must have been too excited to control himself! "

Pei An Xin had no choice but to put down the cup and help him. However, during the process of helping, he burst out laughing a few times.

When Mu Shi Ye saw her, he finally smiled happily. Even though his entire body had been pulled by his daughter, the sense of satisfaction in his heart was extremely obvious.

In the bathroom, he first washed the little guy and then changed his clothes. This time, Pei An Xin had to wet her clothes.

The little guy had done all sorts of bad things, but he was completely oblivious to everything.

Mu Shi Ye had no choice but to take off all of his shirt and pants. In the end, he realized that his shorts also seemed to be stained with the smell.

When Pei An Xin decided to go in and wipe the little guy's hands with a handkerchief, he saw Mu Shi Ye calmly standing in the bathroom and washing his hands.

"Ah …" What are you doing? " Pei An Xin was immediately shocked.

"Wash it clean!" Mu Shi Ye was not the least bit embarrassed. Instead, he asked openly, "Find a bag and I'll throw away all your clothes!"

"Why did you throw it away? Your clothes will be clean after you wash them! "

After Mu Shi Ye heard it, his thin lips hooked up into a smile: "Will you help me wash it?"

"Then just throw it away!" After Pei An Xin finished speaking even more directly, he then quickly left.

Mu Shi Ye's handsome face was filled with disappointment. When he changed his clothes and came out, the little fellow extended its hand out towards him: "Daddy … "Hug!"

After making sure that she was already in her diapers, Mu Shi Ye once again hugged her in his arms and kissed her on her little cheek.

Pei An Xin took the medicine and came over, then said to Mu Shi Ye: "Hold her down, I'm going to forcefully feed it to her!"

"Why did you forcefully feed it? My daughter is so young, can she bear it? "

Pei An Xin rolled his eyes and said, "This pill is not sweet, do you think she will drink it like milk?"

Mu Shi Ye had no choice but to listen to her arrangements. When he saw his precious daughter pitifully waving her small hands and kicking her legs, yet swallowing the entire pill without any resistance, Mu Shi Ye couldn't even describe his feelings with the words heartache.

If he could, he truly hoped that his daughter would always be healthy and healthy. He hoped that she wouldn't get sick, otherwise, the adults would feel too much heartache.

"Why are your eyes red?" Pei An Xin realized that after his daughter had finished feeding him the medicine, Mu Shi Ye was in a daze for a long time. Then, she lowered her head and looked.

Mu Shi Ye quickly blinked his eyes: "What nonsense are you spouting, who's eyes are red?"

"So much for your daughter!" Pei An Xin was truly amused by him.

Mu Shi Ye looked at his daughter who had already struggled to the point where she didn't have any strength left, and was only squashing her small mouth and crying nonstop. He subconsciously pulled her into his embrace, tightly hugged her, and then stood up.

Pei An Xin leaned on the wall at the side and watched everything that he had done to his daughter.

Actually, she had always felt that the person her daughter relied on the most would be her own father. As for her, she should return her father to her.

The little guy's tears came and went quickly, and it stopped crying right away. It began to pull on Mu Shi Ye's short hair, and after Mu Shi Ye made a face that looked like he was in pain, the little guy laughed until he became a little fool.

"Oh, right. You don't need to cook tonight, I'll order takeout!" Mu Shi Ye Tu Ran said to Pei An Xin as he thought of something.

Pei An Xin was stunned, and said with a frown: "Why are you ordering takeouts? I bought vegetables at home! It's not healthy outside! "

"It's very healthy, I called the cook at my house to prepare it and send it over! He'll be here every night, and all we have to do is spend all our time taking care of the kids. " Mu Shi Ye replied with a smile.

Pei An Xin was even more speechless now. The Great Young Master was indeed the Great Young Master. No matter where he lived, the treatment of the Great Young Master would not be reduced.

"Alright, I'm too lazy to do so. I'll just follow you around from now on!" Since he already had food to eat, Pei An Xin was happy and at ease.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Three young men came in, and after they placed the warm and fresh dishes on the table one by one, they said respectfully to Mu Shi Ye: "Young Master, the dishes are here.

"Thank you for your troubles!" Mu Shi Ye said in a low voice.

After they left, Pei An Xin noticed that there were five dishes and a soup on the table.

"Eat, you've become skinnier recently, you have to eat more!" Mu Shi Ye immediately gave her a bowl of fragrant chicken soup.

This was the soup he specially instructed the chef to make, precisely to replenish Pei An Xin's vitality. The matter of her fainting due to malnutrition had always been Mu Shi Ye's greatest remorse.

Pei An Xin looked at the delicious chicken soup in the bowl and started to eat silently.

This feeling returned to the feeling of being spoiled by him. Whatever food he had, it would be given to her at the first moment. If anything was fun, it would be given to her to play with.

Mu Shi Ye didn't know that Pei An Xin's thoughts had gone through hundreds and thousands of twists and turns. He was currently just a gentle father who personally brought his daughter's nutrition porridge, and blew small spoonfuls of it to cool her down before feeding it to her.

The little fellow seemed to be hungry, as if it had a good appetite, it stared at Mu Shi Ye with its big eyes, then opened its mouth and took a sip.

The atmosphere was very quiet. Pei An Xin sneaked a peek at the man beside him. His father's aura had spread out completely, completely ignoring her.

After the little guy had eaten and played for half an hour, he was drowsy. Mu Shi Ye carried her and went to lie on the bed.

In the past, Mu Shi Ye would feel that a little girl like his couldn't walk. But recently, her daughter seemed to have become more and more adept at walking and even running, but she would often fall and fall.