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"Go!" Ji Xiao Han saw that her face was red, and his thin lips were curling up. Then, he turned around and walked towards his bedroom.

Tang You You was in the bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror. He took a deep breath and exhaled.

At this point, she could only break through the barrier in her heart. She could not let herself continue to be empty.

I heard that women need the nourishment of men to become more and more beautiful. For the sake of beauty, for the sake of the more beautiful me, today I must open my heart and accept him.

Tang You You seemed to have washed herself clean with this courage.

Stepping into the bedroom, he saw that the lights in the room had dimmed. The atmosphere created by the dimmed lights was exactly like when he was about to do that.

With the dim lighting, it was able to cover up the uneasiness in his heart. Tang You You became a bit bolder, directly walking to the bedside, removed the blanket, and buried himself inside.

Ji Xiao Han looked at the bulge on the small bag under the blanket, and immediately after, he felt the small bag moving towards him, and when she stuck his head out, it accidentally knocked onto Ji Xiao Han's arm, and she acknowledged it.

Ji Xiao Han Gan Jin pulled her into his embrace and, without any hesitation, kissed her.

Tang You You was dizzy from being washed by the hot water just now. Right now, the man's kisses were sometimes overbearing and sometimes gentle and careful, causing her to be stunned.

Tang You You could not concentrate at all, until the man depressingly switched off the television. All that was left was the sound of each other's breathing.

In this quiet night, Tang You You's only thought was Ji Xiao Han.

Prelude, very slow …

Tang You You felt that he had turned into a puddle of water … He couldn't use any strength at all with cotton and cotton.

"Can I?" In his ears, he heard the painful voice of a man who was about to prostrate himself.

Tang You You reached out and hugged him, replying!

Finally, Ji Xiao Han's wish was granted!

Everything had gone according to logic!

Two hours later!

Tang You You was extremely tired as she laid on the bed, feeling drowsy. Looking at the mark on her snow-white skin that belonged solely to him, her thin lips curled up in satisfaction.

In fact, she was still too weak for him to handle.

However, tonight was like opening a door. He should be able to enter and exit completely now.

At the very least, to Ji Xiao Han, it would belong to another stage of his life. He had to marry her, he had to marry her and become her wife.

At the moment, Tang You You was so tired that she only wanted to sleep, there wasn't any time to sigh and sigh. Of course, she still experienced the happiness of being a woman.

When the two of them left the hotel, it was already past 10 pm. Tang You You continued to sleep on the carriage.

Originally, Ji Xiao Han meant not to go home. However, even though Tang You You was tired, she insisted on going back, because her daughter would definitely look for her.

When Ji Xiao Han thought of his daughter, his heart immediately softened. The two of them took advantage of the thick night sky to rush back.

The moment he returned, Tang You You saw Tang Xiao Nai sitting on the bed and playing sleepily.

"Mummy, you're finally back. I really want to sleep!" Tang Xiao Nai hurriedly threw away the toy by his hand and ran out of the bed. He hugged Tang You You's legs at the door, "Mummy, where did you and Father go to play? Why didn't you bring me along! "

Tang You You hurriedly crouched down and hugged her daughter tightly. She softly coaxed, "Next time, I'll bring you out to play.

"Where's Daddy?" I haven't said good night to Dad yet! " Tang Xiao Nai blinked her eyes wide.

Tang You You had no choice but to put her daughter down. Tang Xiao Nai immediately ran to the room next door, pushed open the door and said to Ji Xiao Han who had just came out: "Daddy, good night!"

Ji Xiao Han looked at her daughter's pretty face and immediately said gently, "Darling, good night!"

Tang Xiao Nai ran back happily, then ran to the bed by herself and slept inside her blanket.

After Tang You You finished showering, she saw Ji Xiao Han sitting on the bedside, gently reaching for the little toy in his daughter's hand.

"Fortunately, I insisted on coming back. Otherwise, I'm afraid that my daughter wouldn't dare to sleep for the whole night!" Tang You You said in a low voice.

"It's my fault for being inconsiderate!" Ji Xiao Han turned around and looked at her gently. Then, he stood up, lifted her chin, and kissed her with his thin lips.

Tang You You did not resist, she endured his kiss for two seconds, then pushed him: "Alright, don't let my daughter see it, it's so embarrassing!"

Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but chuckle, and then he touched her face: "Rest well, you're too tired tonight!"

Tang You You inexplicably thought of what happened just now and lightly pushed him. "Isn't it all your fault?"

Ji Xiao Han nodded. "Yes, it's all my fault. You should hurry up and go to sleep!"

"You should hurry up. The sky is getting cold now. You must remember to cover your son with a blanket tonight!" Tang You You warned.

Ji Xiao Han replied, "Of course, I've always been paying attention to him. Don't worry!"

Ji Xiao Han gently closed the door and laid down, turning his head, borrowing the faint light aura to look at his daughter's sleeping face, his heart was filled with satisfaction.

The night was quiet, but Tang You You was not sleepy at all. She could not help but think back to what happened in the hotel.

Little by little, as if even his breathing could be heard.

So this was how the game between men and women played.

Just thinking about it caused Tang You You's face to turn red, and her entire body to start burning.

She had never dared to take the first step, but today, this first step had become the deepest memory in her mind.

In comparison to Tang You You's insomnia, Ji Xiao Han did not immediately sleep. Instead, he sat in the study room and swirled the wine cup in his hand, feeling satisfied and happy.

Although he had always known that Tang You You's figure was very good, only after he had truly compensated for it did he have a bad taste.

After returning from the hotel for more than an hour, Ji Xiao Han had the urge to pull her into his arms again.

He was no longer a hot-blooded boy, but why was that strong impulse making him almost lose control?

Ji Xiao Han could only continue drinking and suppress the excitement in his heart. After all, he had already taken this step with her, and what awaited them in the future would be an even better life.

It was already past ten in the night. On the white bed, Luo He Ning lied down together and smiled at each other.

"Your cell phone is ringing!" Mu Lin suddenly reminded him.

Only then did Luo He Ning realize that his phone was ringing. It really rang, he took a white shirt from the side and put it on, when he saw the number, he took his phone and rushed out of the living room in a panic.

It's Mu Shi Ye!