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C1168. He needs her

When Ji Xiaohan came to the bedroom door, he saw that the lights in the bedroom were all turned on. On Nuo's big bed, there were dolls. Ji xiaonai was wearing a cream Pajama, with a loose and straddling little ball hairstyle on her head. A lot of playful hair fell off, outlining her delicate and beautiful face. She was giving her a dolls in class, and there were dolls beside her A small drawing board, she is holding a brush, seriously painting a small flower. "

xiaonai..." Season owl cold sees this bed messy toy, instantaneous head is big. "

Daddy!" Ji xiaonai raised his head, threw the brush and the sketchpad away, got out of bed at full speed, and ran towards him.

Ji Xiaohan crouches down, holds his daughter tenderly in his arms, and curiously asks her, "what are you doing?" "

I'm waiting for you. Why don't you come back earlier? Are you not obedient when Mommy is not at home Ji xiaonai's mouth was small, and he taught daddy a lesson like a little adult. Season

Xiao Han couldn't help laughing: "you can keep it secret for daddy, don't tell mommy, or daddy will be scolded!"

"I've been waiting for you for a long time. I'm almost asleep. Dad, you go to the bath, and I have to finish this painting lesson for my doll." Ji xiaonai is not the baby with the milk. She likes to imitate the behavior of the adults very much now. "

OK, daddy will come here after taking a bath!" Ji Xiaohan kisses his daughter's forehead and lets her go.

When he took a bath, he found that this bed was full of traces left by paintbrush.

This bed, can you still sleep? Season

Xiao Han can only comfort himself in his heart, his own! Ji

xiaonai takes the basket, picks up her toys one by one, and then moves to the bedside, holds her favorite doll and lies on the bed, blinking at Ji Xiaohan with black eyes: "Daddy, when will Mommy come back!" The aggrieved little eyes are painful. Ji Xiaohan gently touches her little arm and taps: "she will come back the day after tomorrow. Then you can see her. Go to sleep."

"Daddy, would you miss her? Or just me? My brother said he didn't want to Ji xiaonai blinked his sleepy eyes and asked as he laughed. "

don't you really want to? He must have lied! " Ji Xiaohan thought of his son, and he couldn't help but laugh. As he grew up, he had more and more small thoughts. He was less close to his father, which made him a little shocked. It's better for him to be a daughter. He has a small, clingy appearance, which makes people happy. "

well, I think so, too!" Ji xiaonai laughs, then holds one of daddy's arms and closes his eyes.

Ji Xiaohan turns off the lights. Ji xiaonai leans back to his arm and whispers, "Daddy, I'm afraid!"

"What are you afraid of?"

"Just afraid!" for nothing.

Ji Xiaohan holds her small body in his arms and pats her back with his hand: "don't be afraid, daddy will protect you!"

Ji xiaonai is willing to sleep peacefully. Ji xiaonai breathes in a cold voice. Sure enough, there is no woman at home. Everything is not so stable.

At first, he only wanted to have children. Now, he found out how wrong he thought.

Just a few days after she went abroad, the child lost his sense of security. Even he was worried about her every day. If he had only brought up the child by his side, now, how timid his daughter would be.

I can't imagine. Blue

Yan Xi lies on the grass and looks at the sky above her head. She has lived here for three days. Ling Mo Feng doesn't have much communication with her. Moreover, he is too busy to go out early and come back late. It seems difficult to meet him.

Is this way of getting along good or bad? Well, she doesn't want to marry him anyway. If she gets along with him coldly for three months, the man will directly propose to give up marriage. "

he's not that scary either!" LAN Yanxi sat up, grabbed a piece of grass and put it in his mouth. He bit the tender place at the grass root, but also got a sense of sweetness.

I used to think of him as a wolf who can eat people. Now it seems that I have too much imagination. How can people have time to hurt her every day?

LAN Yanxi thought Ling Mo Feng would come back very late, but heard his voice from behind: "how can I sit here alone?"

LAN yanximeng turned around and saw that the man was wearing black trousers and a simple white shirt. In leisure, he was wearing the noble spirit of his body. Against the light, his facial features were still three-dimensional.

Her heart, slightly jumped. "

here I am, starving you? I'm so hungry to eat grass here! " Ling Mo Feng came to her side, sat down with her, picked up a small stone beside her and threw it towards the lake ahead.

"You Why did you come back so early? " You know, it's noon now. He's back before lunch. It's unexpected. "

don't you like me to come back earlier?" Ling Mo Feng reached for her hand and pulled off the grass at the corner of her mouth. "

of course not. I'm just curious. What are you busy with every day?" LAN Yanxi frowned. Although he got along with him, he didn't know him at all. "

of course, it's state affairs. If you want to tell you one by one, you'll be very upset. Of course, state secrets can't be divulged. You'd better not ask!" Ling Mo Feng replied with a smile.

"Leakage? Is it because I'm an outsider to you? " LAN Yanxi turned his mouth.

"Isn't it? When you become my wife, I will tell you one by one! " Ling Mo Feng made fun of her humorously. "

who is going to become your insider? I think we are still suitable for being outsiders. There is no common ground in the world between us. It will be very tiring to get along!" LAN Yanxi's pretty face suddenly turned blushing. Unexpectedly, Mr. vice president would not be serious.

"Who says we have nothing in common? We all want to stay away from each other, don't we? But fate still binds us tightly together. Next, it's up to us to change our lives against the sky, or to admit our lives! " Ling Mo Feng laughed at himself.

"Do you have a solution to this dilemma? You're so smart, you're sure to solve it? " Lanyanxi immediately put his hopes on him. Ling

Mo Fengjun's face slightly changed, and his eyes turned to her. It was as deep as the sea bottom, making people unable to see through.

"I need the support of the blue family. Your grandfather can speak on the political situation!" Ling Mo Feng put up his relaxed voice. Blue

Yan Xi's face went white, bowed his head and sneered: "what do you value or your presidency? Yes, what am I? I've never had a life with you. It's just a cornerstone of your stable political power, a chess piece. That's my life! "

"Your grandfather is very smart, in fact, he can exchange for other benefits, but he decided to marry you to me, my glory, you enjoy it, not good?" Ling Mo Feng said lightly.