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LAN Yanxi packed up his things and went to the archives to report. He was promoted inexplicably. Does that have anything to do with Ling Mo Feng sleeping in her bed last night? Is a man responsible for her? That's why I promoted her early in the morning? Blue

Yan Xi's head is full of wild thoughts. At last, she even giggles. Although she doesn't value promotion and salary increase, she is not short of money in her life. What she lacks is love.

Although Ling didn't say hello to her in advance, lanyanxi knew that it had something to do with him.

As expected, the archives is much quieter and more leisure. Besides, there are not many staff. They will not be as nervous and ready as the place where she worked before. Their nerves are always straight.

Her office is a corner position. She is in charge of a small area. She is responsible for all kinds of work records and documents left by the last person. At present, lanyanxi's most important thing is to master how to compile books, and how to sort and file them. Next to him was a little brother. Although he was ordinary, he was warm-hearted and so boring. Suddenly a beautiful girl came to the office. The whole office seemed to bring sunshine. LAN Yanxi became a national treasure. Around him were several middle-aged aunts and some young boys. When LAN Yanxi was a public enemy, there was no crisis I feel it.

So, lanyanxi enjoyed the most leisure time of the day in the general office, reading, writing, numbering, all around is quiet, occasionally someone comes to get the documents, but not too many people.

LAN Yanxi is not familiar with her job. Someone came to ask for her documents. She was so anxious and sweaty that she didn't find them for most of the day. Fortunately, two little brothers beside helped her warmly, which solved her dilemma.

Lanyanxi was born in a business family, and he was very smooth. He was good at communication and maintaining interpersonal relationships. Therefore, at noon, everyone of lanyanxi invited a cup of coffee and immediately got a heart.

LAN Yanxi also learned from her grandfather about this kind of interpersonal strategy. When she was a child, she saw that her grandfather would invite friends to dinner every few days, invite subordinates to dinner, and take her to the customer's home for a visit on New Year's day. At that time, she was very strange. If she wanted to please customers, she should. Why should even his subordinates please? I just explained to her that people in the world have their own interests. It's the same thing to respect people. Can we give preferential treatment to others? We can draw close to each other's relationship while respecting each other. We can give roses to others. We can learn to be clever and please others. It's better than offending others. In

Yes, lanyanxi has learned a truth since childhood. If you want others to treat you well, you must first learn to treat them well. Relationships are mutual. Being friends is better than being enemies. LAN

Yan Xi's relationship is still very good. In school, she is recognized as a good student, with a wide range of communication and popularity. In addition, she also contacts a group of like-minded friends. However, after graduation, all of them are rushing for their future. The time for everyone to get together is short, which may be everyone's helplessness when they grow up. Once so good, they should After going out of the society, each has its own business, and it is hard to get together again.

One day's work is over. Lanyanxi's off duty time is more than an hour earlier than before. Moreover, she belongs to the administrative class now. Unlike in the reception room, she is ready to wait for orders at any time. No matter how late she is, as long as the work is not completed, she may arrange overtime work.

LAN Yanxi drove her little sports car home happily. She has become more and more homesick recently. She doesn't know what's going on. Is it because of her old age?

But on second thought, she is only twenty-three years old. She should be the age to let herself go. "

what happened to me? It's not my home, but I want to go back every day! " LAN Yanxi stops at the traffic light, sighs softly, taps on the music, a low male voice rings slowly, which turns out to be a love song. The lyrics are direct to people's hearts, touching and touching, which makes people fancy. After listening to such a love song, lanyanxi's car stopped at the gate.

She doesn't know whether Ling Mo Feng will come today. She dare not call to ask. He always feels that he is deliberately avoiding this relationship. She should also be more sensible and not make trouble for him. "

LAN Yanxi, is this your chosen love? How is it like a conspiracy drama? " She smiled bitterly in her heart and thought, but no matter how many conspiracy dangers there were, the only thing she could realize now was the warmth and love that the man gave her.

He keeps all the dangers and fears behind him, leaving her a peaceful pure land. How can such a man not love her? Even though she knows that it may be dangerous to fall in love with him, she still wants to turn into a moth to put out the fire and rush to his side recklessly. Is this a lack of love? That's for sure. She is greedy for the man's full love. There is no snow in the evening, only the cold wind blows, and the dinner is delivered.

Lanyanxi thanked the man for a long time. She also sent a bag of fruit that she had just bought in the supermarket. The other party pushed and pushed it. Lanyanxi ran straight to his car and left. The man just accepted it. Dinner is very rich, halo element collocation is very good, a look is very nutritious meal, it's very thoughtful. Blue

Yan Xi watched the mobile phone news and ate at the same time. As expected, a person's dinner, the mobile phone is the best company.

"Ling Mo Feng, I'm going to fall in love with you on my cell phone!" In fact, to say that she is watching the news, it's better to say that she only stared at the mobile man without blinking. She didn't hear a word of what the news said, so she only stared at the man's unique face. I don't know. LAN Yanxi is full of food. She reaches out and touches her bulging stomach. She immediately gets angry and says, "it's all your fault that I'm so full." There are beautiful men who can't stop eating.

Lanyanxi decided to digest the food quickly, so she rolled up her sleeves and decided to clean the living room. Say

just do it, never be vague. LAN Yanxi is wearing earplugs, listening to music, holding a rag, and going up the stairs, clean.

The wind and snow rolled the city again. There was a sudden power failure in one area. The whole road was dark. From time to time, there was the swearing voice of pedestrians, and the sound of cars rushing home, honking constantly.

"Where shall we go, sir?" At the same time, Ling Mo Feng's motorcade also drove to this rush repair road section. The adjutant Chu sat on the copilot and asked him.

"Have you lost your tail behind you?" Ling Mo Feng stretched out his hand to wring his brow. His handsome face was hidden in the dark. A light came in from the window. Occasionally he would print his deep and distinct face. His eyes were cold, his thin lips were slightly pursed, and his momentum remained unchanged. "

it's off at the Third Avenue. The power in this area is affected. They can't keep up with it." Adjutant Chu couldn't help sneering. Those people were becoming more and more insane. Such a mentally retarded behavior was performed every day.

"At the intersection ahead, I'll change my car. You can accompany me to the other side. The rest of the motorcade, go back to Ling's old house!" Ling Mo Feng suddenly asked.

"Is Mr. Wang going to see Miss LAN? OK, there's a road ahead. Let's park there. " As soon as deputy Chu heard this, he couldn't help laughing. The spring of vice president really came.

Silent, Ling Mo Feng sat on the last car, from another road, quickly left. The wind is getting heavier and heavier, and the fog on the road is getting heavier. Ling Mo Feng is leaning on his position, not tired at all. His eyes, far away from the wind and snow, look towards his home.

When the distance is getting closer, you can see the lights on the sentry box vaguely, and the thin lips of the man are slightly raised. Never like this moment, crazy want to go home, all this mood change, is it really because of the little woman? The charm of love can make a man like steel become tender. It's really a beautiful thing. Car

car through the sentry box, you can see the door of the ancient building from afar, there are lights in the living room.