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When Liu Xiaoxing went out to buy medicine for her, Bai Yiyan finally picked up her mobile phone. Although she made the decision to let go, it doesn't mean that she even lost the right to care about him.

She wants to see what the woman who will be Ji Yueze's wife looks like in the future. Just need to search Ji Yueze's name, and his dating scandal will pop up immediately, so striking.

Bai Yiyan reaches out to open her hand and sees that under the soft light, the girl has a beautiful temperament and a slender smile. Sitting together with Ji Yueze, he is surprisingly well matched. His temperament and beauty will not be inferior to Ji Yueze at all. As expected, he is a rich family. This kind of calm and generous temperament makes people like him. Bai

Yiyan looks at it stupidly. She is still in a crazy pain.

Tears instantly wet her eyelashes. She found that she didn't care about her mouth, but she cared about her heart. People should not deceive themselves, which is the most ridiculous and painful thing.

Bai Yiyan suddenly had an impulse to disappear immediately. She walked out of jiyueze's life completely, which did not prevent her from seeking other happiness. For the rest of her life, she only needed to pay close attention to him secretly. Bai

Yi Yan slowly turns to look at the box beside her. If she leaves without saying goodbye, will she disappoint Xiao Xing and Leng Fei? But

she really shouldn't leave room for herself. The more nostalgic she is, the more reluctant she is to give up, and finally she will fall into a more crazy circle.

Bai Yiyan has been cruel once. This time, can she be cruel again? Bai

Yiyan stands up and is dizzy. Unexpectedly, she is so ill that she starts to get hot. But she can't use illness as an excuse. If she continues to contact with Ji Yueze, it will only interfere with his relationship with that girl. Every time she hears his voice, she can't help but want to be greedy for his tender concern, which she can't even restrain herself.

Only cut off all these relations, no more relations. Bai

Yi Yan quickly drinks a cup of warm water beside her, which makes the whole person a little clearer. She randomly stuffed her clothes into the box and zipped the lock. Before leaving, Bai Yiyan decides to write a note to Liu Xiaoxing and lengfei. It's also impolite for those who don't want to leave quietly.

Bai Yiyan takes a pen, writes a few words on the hotel note paper, drags her box and leaves the room. Because she has always lived in a room by herself, lengfei and Liu Xiaoxing live together. Because of their trust in her, they did not limit her behavior. Bai Yiyan went in and out, and they would not interfere.

At the moment, this gives Bai Yiyan a chance to leave. Liu

Xiaoxing runs downstairs, buys medicine, and goes back to the hotel quickly. "

Xiaoyan, you have bought the medicine. Take it quickly!" Liu Xiaoxing finds that the door is not closed tightly. She pushes it in directly and says eagerly. "

Xiaoyan?" As soon as Liu Xiaoxing went in, she was stiff. She went to the bathroom and found no one. She was all in a hurry. Hurry up and knock on lengfei's door. Two women run in and find Bai Yiyan's box is missing.

"She left a note!" Leng Fei was the first to find out. Liu

Xiaoxing steps over and sees the words above: "Xiaoxing, lengfei, thank you for your company and care during this period. I think I should leave now. I'll have a chance to see you later. Don't look for me. Please transfer a word to jiyueze for me. He loved me. I'm very lucky. I'll take care of myself for the rest of my life."

Liu Xiaoxing's face turned white: "Xiaoyan Is this going? " Cold

Fei frowned: "it seems that she is going to leave alone again. It must have been stimulated by the matter of young master Ji's blind date." "

let's call Mr. Ji right away. Lengfei, go out and find her." Liu Xiaoxing's heart is burning at the moment. She has no master. She didn't expect Bai Yiyan to leave alone again. Her heart must be cold.

It's also true that no matter who they are, when they know that they are not destined to be with their loved ones and hear that they have better choices, they will resolutely let go, that is, don't delay and don't owe. Let's settle down. "

you call!" Leng Fei has rushed out. Liu

Xiaoxing shudders to unplug Ji Yueze's mobile phone. "

Hello!" Man's voice, the first time.

Liu Xiaoxing's tears all burst out: "young master Ji, Miss Bai has left. She left us a note."

"Gone? Where did she go? " Ji Yueze's voice suddenly became tense and asked urgently. "

I don't know. She was still in the hotel just now. She was ill. I went downstairs to buy her some medicine. Unexpectedly, when I got the medicine back, I saw the note she left. I sent you a picture of her note. I felt that she had made a decision to leave this time." Liu Xiaoxing said anxiously. "

go to find her. She is ill and can't leave alone!" Ji Yueze was confused and hurried.

"Lengfei has gone down to find her. I'm going now. I'm sorry, young master Ji. We can't take care of her!" "

I don't blame you. I sent you there, not to watch her!" Although Ji Yueze is anxious, he will not blame anyone for nothing.

"OK, I'll send you a picture later!" Liu Xiaoxing hangs up her mobile phone, takes a picture of Bai Yiyan's note, and sends it to Ji Yueze. When

she rushed down the stairs, she saw lengfei was in the middle of a taxi. "

lengfei, wait for me!" Liu Xiaoxing rushed over.

Leng Fei quickly said, "just now I asked the guard at the door. He said that Miss Bai is going this way!" "

and where might she go?" Liu Xiaoxing asked blankly. "

maybe she will go to the airport, let's split up two ways! You go to the airport, I'll take another way! " Leng Fei said quickly. However, when their taxi went away, Bai Yiyan dragged a suitcase and walked out of the opposite road.

"I'm sorry, Xiaoxing, lengfei!" Bai Yiyan sighs. It can be seen that they are very concerned about themselves. However, she believes that even if she leaves, Ji Yueze will not blame them. Bai

Yiyan bought cold medicine, drank it in a cafe, and sat in the cafe until it was dark.

As long as you want to see the new season, click on your mobile phone, and you can see his overwhelming news and photos. Every day when she looks at his new development, she seems to have become Bai Yiyan's spiritual food. She feels that she can hold this food for the rest of her life. Season

Yueze's fingers flicked to open the photo. The photo was taken in a hurry, a little fuzzy, but the words could be seen clearly. "

stupid!" Ji Yueze can't help cursing. Isn't he so untrustworthy?

"If you have the ability, you can hide from me all your life. Let me find you again. I want you to look good!" Ji Yueze is biting his teeth.