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The low and dumb warning of the man rang in his ear, which surprised Tang youyou.

When she turned her eyes, she could feel the man's warm lips. She brushed them on her cheek. The heat in her breath made her face hot.

"What are you talking about? Who saw him? " Tang youyou's conscience guarantees that in addition to Ji Xiaohan's eyes, she really has no room for other men. He has occupied her heart strongly. Where else can she see other men?

"I know you don't have it. You can't have it in the future. Remember?" Season owl cold thin lips from her cheek, kiss to her slightly raised mouth corner.

Tang youyou only felt the palpitation in her heart. She nodded her head coyly and cleverly: "don't worry, no matter when, I won't look at him. I swear!"

Hearing her assurance, Ji Xiaohan's mood was a little better. But Tang youyou didn't quite understand why Ji Xiaohan would eat Ji Shangqing's vinegar. It didn't make sense. She had nothing to do with Ji Shangqing until she met him for the first time.

Maybe this man just likes to eat vinegar out of nothing. Thinking of this, Tang youyou chuckles.

"What are you laughing at?" The man gently pulled her small body over, and found the frowsty smile on the corner of her mouth, a pair of quiet eyes, as one of the heavy, tone with a few dissatisfaction.

He is warning her seriously. How can she still have a smiley face?

Tang youyou immediately did not dare to laugh again, seriously said: "nothing, just feel that you don't need to be jealous."

"You don't understand things between men. You're my woman. I'm not happy to see more of other men." Season owl cold thin lips once again swore their sovereignty.

Tang youyou is speechless. Is it necessary for this man to be so domineering?

However, she did not hate his bullying at all, but felt warm and sweet in her heart.

"I took a bath!" Tang youyou suddenly turns around to leave.

But Ji Xiaohan grabbed one of her wrists and said in a low voice, "I'll wash it for you!"

"No, I can wash it by myself. Today, I called the doctor and he said it's OK to take a bath." As soon as Tang youyou thought of him standing by her side, her heart would tremble. Where else would she want to take a bath.

"Oh? If it's OK to take a bath, is it OK to do something else? " The thin lips of the man raised a smile, and the dangerous breath in the dark came to her. Her ears were red with shame.

"Well, wait until I take a bath!" Tang youyou pushed him away with coquetry, but the man with the appearance of being hard to get was palpitating. So, is it OK?

Tang youyou enters the bathroom, props up his hands in front of the white jade table, looks at himself in the mirror, and recovers well. The wound on his body is healed. He can go to the hospital to remove the gauze tomorrow. His head doesn't hurt much, so he should calculate the recovery.

Fortunately, this face has not been seriously hurt, otherwise, she really does not have confidence to face the future life.

After a bath, Tang youyou came out wearing a white nightgown.

Ji Xiaohan is not in the room. She is slightly shocked. At this time, where has he gone? Did you go to play with two children?

Tang youyou frowns and plans to go out to have a look.

When she walked into the children's toy room, she did not find the existence of Ji Xiaohan. Instead, Ji Shangqing squatted aside and watched Tang Xiaorui assemble a toy plane.

Seeing Tang youyou come in wearing only a white nightgown, his eyes are slightly darker.

Tang youyou's skin is naturally white and shining. After taking a bath, the long hair on both sides of her cheek is moistened with moisture and curled slightly. Her small and delicate face is outlined. It looks more pure and innocent.

"Miss Tang, why are you here?" Seeing this elegant Tang Youyou, Ji Shangqing really has a primitive feeling of male. However, he well disguised that ambition under his gentle smile.

Tang youyou is actually looking for Ji Xiaohan. Seeing him here, she has to say, "I'm looking for two children to go back to the room and take a bath."

"Xiaorui, xiaonai, hurry up to clean up the toys and go to bath and sleep with me." Said Tang youyou in a low voice.

The two little guys were very obedient and put the toys away and stood up.

Ji Shangqing said with a smile: "Xiaorui is so smart. He can assemble an airplane in such a short time. When I was so young, I was not so powerful."

"Of course, my brother is the best in our school!" Tang xiaonai immediately burst into a triumphant smile. Ji Shangqing's heart was shocked. To be honest, he just saw Tang Xiaorui's serious efforts in assembling toy airplanes, and instantly thought of the way he was when he was a child. He was extremely attentive and serious when he did anything. Moreover, he was very intelligent. At a young age, he could see the extraordinary potential

. In the future, he must be a strong opponent again.

Thinking of this, Ji Shangqing is more certain that he must take Ji's family back from Ji Xiaohan's hands. Otherwise, when his next successor grows up, he can only fail like his father.

"Xiaonai is lovely. Her eyes are really like yours. They are black and beautiful. They are the most beautiful children I have ever seen!" Ji Shangqing looks at Tang xiaonai and smiles.

Tang youyou said lightly: "I'm sorry, it's late. They have to go to school tomorrow. Hurry, say goodbye to uncle!"

The two little guys immediately waved their hands to Ji Shangqing, and then left with Tang youyou.

Tang youyou's indifference, Ji Shangqing has seen it, but he doesn't care.

It can only be said that Tang youyou is a woman worth fighting for. She is too active and enthusiastic. He has seen so much that he has no desire to conquer. However, the stubbornness and paranoia in Tang youyou's eyes have aroused Ji Shangqing's interest.

When Tang youyou leads two little guys to the bedroom, he sees Ji Xiaohan coming from the balcony with a mobile phone.

Tang youyou is slightly stunned. It seems that he is going to the balcony to answer the phone.

"Daddy!" Tang xiaonai immediately rushed to Jixiao cold.

Season owl cold also dotes on to hug the daughter to be full of, Tang xiaonai sits in daddy's firm arm place, holding the man's cheek, small mouth kissed two: "Daddy, like me?"

The season owl cold one Leng, afterward laughs out a voice: "why to ask like this?"

"Just want to know!" Tang xiaonai said with a small mouth. "Yes, daddy likes you best!" Ji Xiaohan immediately satisfied his daughter's little complacency.