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After getting off the cruise ship, the family ran to the square to feed the pigeons.

The two little fellows were really happy as they reached out and fed their fodder to the pigeons. Tang You You and Ji Xiao Han, who were standing behind them, couldn't help but smile as they watched the two little fellows get closer to the Peace Angel.

"Let's take a photo together, a bit closer?" The man suddenly raised his phone. The moment Tang You You raised his head, he pressed the button.

Tang You You really did not want to play with him anymore, he only knew how to tease her.

Ji Xiao Han was already very satisfied, the two photos were stored in his phone, it was enough for him to be proud of for a while.

Following that, Ji Xiao Han took out his phone and took pictures of his two baby children.

His daughter's every move was quickly caught by him.

Even though the little guy was still small, he was already at a new height in terms of beauty. Any angle would be able to create an extremely beautiful scene.

It was no wonder that his brother wanted to look for this little guy to make a movie. It was because the Tang Xiao Nai under the camera was as beautiful as a little angel, cute and sweet.

"Daddy …" Tang Xiao Nai immediately ran over to his side and slapped the father and daughter pair hard from various angles.

"Little Rui, come here!" Ji Xiao Han realized that he seemed to have forgotten his son. When he felt his son's resentful gaze, he immediately waved at him.

"Big brother, come over quickly!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately shouted to her brother.

Only then did Tang Xiao Rui quickly run over. The father and son duo, under the lens, were laughing exceptionally brilliantly.

Tang You You never thought that Ji Xiao Han would have such a sunny side to him. She thought that this man only knew how to put on ice like a big ice cube.

He had to admit that this kind of masculine and easy-going Ji Xiao Han was very charming!

Tang You You's eyes were almost glued onto his body. The man was tall and slender, and wherever she stood, she would give off a noble aura.

Adding on the fact that their son and daughter pair was outrageously beautiful, the combination of three people was extremely pleasing to Tang You You's eyes.

If there really was such a thing as happiness in this world, then the scene that played out in front of him right now was enough to describe him.

The three of them had similar facial features. Tang You You was too embarrassed to beat them up, maybe this whole family was too ordinary in appearance.

Sigh, fortunately the child didn't look like herself, otherwise, it would really be a waste of Ji Xiao Han's excellent genes.

"Mummy, you also came along. What are you standing there for!" Tang Xiao Rui felt that this was a rare opportunity, and immediately shouted at Tang You You.

Tang Xiao Nai also flew over. Two little fellows, one holding her hand, forcefully dragged her in front of Ji Xiao Han.

A red glow rose on Tang You You's small face as she stood by Ji Xiao Han's side, embarrassed.

"Daddy, why don't you take a picture with Mummy?"

"Exactly, you guys can come a little closer." Tang Xiao Nai also said with a smile.

Ji Xiao Han directly reached out his hands and pulled Tang You You into his embrace, as his soft and hot breath sprayed onto her neck. "Children, look!"

If Tang You You could not do anything about him, he would only use his children as an excuse.

As a result, she could only move closer to his embrace. Ji Xiao Han's thin lips curled up as her smile became extremely charming.

"Mummy, why are you not laughing?! How can you be so serious?!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately realized that the Mummy seemed to be too serious.

Tang You You could only grin.

"You look even better when you smile than when you don't!" Ji Xiao Han saw that she had revealed a row of dense snow-white teeth, and immediately praised beside her ear.

Being praised by him, Tang You You's face reddened, and she no longer dared to laugh.

The family played a few more games and the sky gradually darkened.

"The sky is getting dark, let's leave first!" Ji Xiao Han said in a low voice.

"Daddy, why are you leaving at night? Look, it's so beautiful with the lights on." Tang Xiao Nai was not done yet.

Ji Xiao Han immediately said patiently, "Father brought you guys to eat! Come out tomorrow to play! "

"Why don't we eat somewhere nearby? There will definitely be a good show later on. It's rare for us to come here!" Tang You You felt that it was a pity that he missed out on such a scenery.

Ji Xiao Han said in a calm voice, "That won't do, it's very dangerous when it's dark, so let's leave first."

Tang You You heard the worry in his words and immediately nodded his head, "Then let's go back to the hotel now!"

As long as it was related to the safety of the children, Tang You You would basically not have any objections.

The family took advantage of the darkness of the night to walk out of the amusement park, and Lu Qing withdrew his bodyguards from his surroundings.

The two little fellows were obviously exhausted. They were unable to hold on in the car and fell asleep.

Tang You You carried his son and daughter, and played with the children for an entire afternoon. The two of them looked exhausted.

"Why don't we take the children back to the hotel and have dinner in the room later?" Ji Xiao Han asked for Tang You You's opinion in a low voice.

"That's good too!" Tang You You was also very tired, she just wanted to go back and take a bath quickly, so that she could have a good night's sleep.

When they got back to the hotel, the two little guys were fast asleep on the bed again.

"You should go take a bath first!" Ji Xiao Han looked at the exhausted little face and said gently.

Tang You You nodded, then walked towards the bathroom and closed the door.

When she finished her shower, she suddenly realized that she had forgotten to bring her pajamas along with her when she came in with a fever. She even forgot to take her underwear.

She knocked on her head in frustration. Her brain could now be replaced.

What should he do?